UK National Underwent Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG) Surgery in India

UK National Underwent Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG) Surgery in India
  • Patient Name : William Ian Foster
  • From Country : United Kingdom
  • Destination Country : India
  • Procedure : CABG
  • Hospital : Venkateshwara Hospital, Dwarka

I am extremely relieved and happy to have made the right decision for my surgery. Thank you

Pre- Treatment

UK National William Ian Foster, 60, was diagnosed with a complete blockage in his left and right artery and was advised to undergo Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG) surgery by the local physician.

Ian had been suffering from episodes of chest pain and breathlessness since many months. He decided to go to Vietnam to get angiography, wherein angioplasty was suggested to him to the two blockages. However, during the procedure, there was some complication as he passed out and therefore, the entire plan to do angioplasty had to be aborted.

It was then that he decided to consult the local doctor in the UK. After visiting different specialists and getting different opinions leaving him confused, Ian knew in his heart that he had to look for the options for surgery abroad. This is when he ended up contacting MediGence by sending an inquiry form.

The Patient Advisory team got back to him to discuss his medical history. He was really worried about his health and disappointed with the opinion and treatments he had been advised and went through in the past. He specifically requested to find a surgeon who would be comfortable doing a keyhole CABG since angioplasty was not an option for him.

He also shared a copy of his angiography report from Vietnam. After having quite a few email exchanges with Ian to understand his requirement, the team started to discuss his treatment with handpicked surgeons from India, Thailand, and Turkey. Cost was also a decisive factor for Ian to consider.

Going by the recommendations and the profiles of the specialists shared, Ian decided to go ahead with Dr. Bikram K. Mohanty from Venkateshwara Hospital, Dwarka, New Delhi for his treatment.


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Ian arrived in India on the 30th of January where he was picked up at the airport by the PA team and comfortably accommodated to his hotel. The next day, he went for his first appointment with Dr. Bikram K. Mohanty on the 31st of January. After closely reviewing Ian’s previous angiogram report, Dr. Mohanty discussed the different approaches with him to perform CABG.

Understanding that Ian had a complete blockage in both his left and right arteries, the doctor suggested that he should undergo conventional CABG but on a beating heart considering for better success rates. Although he could perform a keyhole procedure as well, he clearly informed that bypassing the right artery may pose a challenge during the procedure. Ian was satisfied by the doctor’s rationale for the selection of the treatment procedure and decided to go ahead with it. His coronary angiogram was done on 3rd of February, followed by the surgery that was performed on 4th of February. The surgery was successfully performed.

After staying under medical supervision for the next week, he was discharged on 10th of February after getting approved by the doctor.


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Post- Treatment

Ian has come a long way since his surgery. He is doing very well now and is able to perform normal activities that he was unable to do earlier. He says that he feels much better now and no longer experiences any chest pains.

He is extremely satisfied with the treatment and care received by Dr. Mohanty and relieved to have made the right decision. The services by MediGence were also highly appreciated for the diligence, expertise, agility, and smooth management of his overall medical travel. Ian will be flying back to the UK on 24th of February.

MediGence wishes Ian a happy and healthy life ahead!

Last modified on at Feb 19, 2020

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