Patient from Kenya underwent Myomectomy Procedure in India

Patient from Kenya underwent Myomectomy Procedure in India
  • Patient Name : Claudia Boke Chacha
  • From Country : Kenya
  • Destination Country : India
  • Procedure : Myomectomy
  • Hospital : Jaypee Hospital, Noida

Patient Claudia Boke Chacha, aged at 41 from Kenya, had a history of having multiple surgeries for fibroids in Kenya which were poorly done and the fibroids (big ones) that keep on coming back.


Patient Claudia Boke Chacha, aged at 41 from Kenya, had a history of having multiple surgeries for fibroids in Kenya which were poorly done and the fibroids (big ones) that keep on coming back. Owing to which she has been complaining of pain in her pelvic area since 4 to 5 years.

No other investigations had been done to look into the reason. Since Ms. Claudia had been to India before, she was keen on coming here for the investigations and the surgery, and started researching for the same.

Ms. Claudia got in touch with team at MediGence by filling the query form. She was contacted by the patient relationship manager at MediGence to know more about her ailment, expectations out of treatment and what exactly was she looking for.

The patient relationship manager guided her about the options available and what to expect in terms of treatment while she is in India. She was provided the options of best options of hospitals for her check-ups, investigations and procedures based on her preferences.

Ms. Claudia chose Dr. Sandeep Chaddha, Obstetrician & Gynecologist, Jaypee Hospital, Noida for her evaluation and treatment. Dr. Chaddha is one of the best Gynecology physician and Surgeon in Delhi NCR region and is renowned for his precision and dedication.

Pre Treatment

Ms. Claudia arrived in Delhi on Sunday 21st July, 2019. He was received and safely accommodated to the hotel by the Patient Care team at MediGence. He was picked up by the patient care manager from the MediGence team next morning i.e. on 22nd July 2019 from the hotel and taken to the hospital for his first consultation with Dr. Sandeep Chaddha.
Her check-up and review of her investigations revealed that Claudia had one large fibroid and this was the reason behind the pelvic pain that she had been suffering from for so long. However, she was also explained by the doctor that she has a few small ones as well, which needs to be looked into. Dr. Chaddha advised Ms. Claudia for Myomectomy surgery and scheduled the for same to be 8th August 2019.

Myomectomy is the medical surgical procedure to remove uterine fibroids — also called Leiomyomas. Most commonly these noncancerous growths appear in the uterus during the childbearing years, however they can occur at any age.


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Ms. Claudia’s Myomectomy surgery was performed to remove the fibroid and a biopsy test on it was performed as well. The biopsy confirmed that the fibroid growth was not cancerous, however, it was a type that cannot be treated 100%, suggesting that the chances of fibroids growing again a few years down the line are high. She was explained that she may ultimately have to get her uterus removed to get rid of the issue forever.

Also, during the surgery, it was realized that the smaller fibroids are too risky to be removed and therefore, they were left as is. Those can only be taken care of through Hysterectomy (Uterus Removal).

After keeping Ms. Claudia under medical supervision for one day after the surgery, she was discharged on 10th August 2019.


Ms. Claudia’s Myomectomy surgery was done successfully. She was happy with the overall patient care experience as received by the doctor, hospital facility and team MediGence.

Ms. Claudia returned to Kenya on 17th September 2019 but she will be again coming back to India after 6 months for Hysterectomy surgery(Uterus Removal).

Team MediGence wishes Ms. Claudia a happy and healthy future!

Best Hospitals for Myomectomy in India

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Fortis FHKI Max Super Specialty Hospital, Vaishali Indraprastha Apollo Hospital in New Delhi

Best Doctors for Myomectomy in India

Geeta Chadha Birbala Rai Shilpa Ghosh
Sonia Malik Gunjan Sabherwal Dr. Sonia Malik


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