Ms. Ngodibe Underwent Medical Management in Saudi German Hospital, Dubai

Ms. Ngodibe Underwent Medical Management in Saudi German Hospital, Dubai
  • Patient Name : Madeleine Ngodibe
  • From Country : Cameroon
  • Destination Country : Dubai, UAE
  • Procedure : Medical Management
  • Hospital : Saudi German Hospital, Dubai

My experience with the treating doctor Dr. Mohamed Hanafy Salama has been exemplary. I am truly thankful to Saudi German Hospital and its responsive and caring medical staff.
I would also like to thank team MediGence who have helped me from the very beginning, from finding the right doctor, arranging her consultations, managing hospital visits, follow-ups, hotel stay, and airport transfers.


Madeleine Ngodibe, 35, from Cameroon, was suffering from joint pain and bone pain which affected her mobility and ability to perform everyday activities. Over the period of time, these pains spread to all the joints in her body including the ankle, knee, hips, elbows, and neck.

Madeleine Ngodibe came across MediGence while searching for medical tourism companies on the internet. Ms. Ngodibe found MediGence’s health package really comprehensive and affordable. She left a query on MediGence’s website. The case manager from MediGence contacted Ms. Ngodibe quickly and requested her to share a few details. After the submission of all necessary details, the patient received a call from MediGence to know more about her condition. She sent her case details and medical reports to them. Madeleine wanted to consult a good Rheumatologist in Dubai to discuss her problem. The MediGence team provided her with a list of the best doctors and hospitals in Dubai.

Ms. Ngodibe chose to consult Dr. Mohamed Hanafy Salama at Saudi German Hospital in Dubai. The hospital has high-end equipment, advanced operation theaters, and all modern facilities. It boasts of highly experienced and skilled doctors. Her treating specialist has vast experience in the field of Rheumatology.

Pre-treatment and process

Ms. Madeleine Ngodibe received the Visa within a few days. A few accommodations were recommended to her as per her budget and the location of the hospital. She chose a hotel near to her hospital so that the treatment process which was to be completed in the daycare facility could be done seamlessly. Ms. Ngodibe traveled to Dubai on June 28, 2021. She was greeted at the airport by the MediGence Team and taken straight to the pre-booked hotel. The assigned case manager ensured that the patient was provided with the best facilities at the hotel. MediGence took the patient to the hospital for consultation with the doctor. The patient’s consultation with the doctor was pre-booked. During her very first visit to the chosen hospital, Ms. Ngodibe met one of the best doctors and his team in Saudi German Hospital, Dubai. After the completion of all checkups and examinations, she underwent radiology imaging and blood tests and was advised medications for her pains. MediGence helped Ms. Ngodibe to have all suggested tests done successfully.

After the medical management of her condition she gradually started recovering. She stayed for around 10 days in the country and was able to experience a full recovery. The MediGence team coordinated with the hospital and doctors for all the requirements regarding the treatment of the patient. The treatment process was completed without any major hassles. Post her stay in the country for 10 days, she flew back to Cameroon to continue her medication.


Ms. Ngodibe was very happy with the doctor and the hospital. She was particularly impressed with the services provided by the Saudi German Hospital, Dubai, and the medical staff. Ms. Madeleine Ngodibe was very happy with the services that MediGence provided. She appreciated the way MediGence reached out to her and helped her in availing her treatment and appointments. She also mentioned how professional and helpful MediGence was with her medical treatment needs.

The patient also thanked MediGence for their excellent support at every step of his treatment journey- right from choosing the best Rheumatologist and the hospital to getting the visa to booking appointments. Team MediGence wishes Ms. Madeleine Ngodibe a happy and healthy future.

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