Maha Underwent a Tummy Tuck in Asia Cosmetic, Thailand

Maha Underwent a Tummy Tuck in Asia Cosmetic, Thailand
  • Patient Name : Maha
  • From Country : Sudan
  • Destination Country : Thailand
  • Procedure : Tummy Tuck
  • Hospital : Asia Cosmetic, Thailand

“Mrs. Maha was very happy with the treating doctor. She is impressed with the doctors and nursing staff at Asia Cosmetics for their outstanding patient care and services.
She is also very pleased with the services that MediGence provided. She also appreciated how quickly MediGence reached out to them and helped them in getting appointments and airport pick-up fixed. He also mentioned how professional and helpful was Medigence with their needs and medical treatment.


Maha is from Sudan and, at the age of 46, has been bothered by her loose stomach. Seeking to restore her confidence and appearance, she decided to undergo a tummy tuck procedure. In her search for an affordable solution without compromising on quality care, she explored the option of having surgery abroad.

In her research, Maha found that renowned surgeons in other countries provided healthcare services aligned with her requirements. Upon browsing the internet, she stumbled upon MediGence and promptly contacted them by completing an online form. Our case manager requested Mrs. Khidir to submit her test results, imaging, and medical records. After a thorough assessment and discussions with the patient advisory team, she was presented with the best available options. Consequently, she chose to undergo her procedure at Asia Cosmetic Hospital in Thailand.

One of the most well-known plastic surgery facilities in the nation is Asia Cosmetic Center, located in Bangkok, Thailand. Thousands of foreign candidates apply to the clinic every year for various plastic surgery operations, including gender reassignment, facelifts, rhinoplasty, breast implants, and eyelid surgery. Thailand’s premier plastic surgery facility is well-known for the high caliber of care it provides to patients from throughout the world. Dr. Tanongsak Panyawirunroj, the center’s chief surgeon, is a well-known plastic surgeon who is regarded for his skill in managing patients seeking cosmetic procedures. He gives each candidate individualized, customized treatment because he fully comprehends their expectations and worries.


Under the expert supervision of a renowned bariatric surgeon, Maha decided to move forward. On November 24th, Maha landed in Thailand with her husband. The medical staff welcomed them and escorted them to the hospital. She had several examinations and consultations. This made it easier for the doctors to diagnose her and create a successful treatment strategy. A sleeve gastrectomy was recommended by the surgeon based on her consultation and medical history. Maha carried out the surgery after fully comprehending it. There was very little danger or problems from the surgery. Thanks to the surgeon, Mrs. Khidir completed the treatment safely and without any problems.

For one day, Maha received the best care possible from the Asia Cosmetic Hospital team. After receiving post-operative consultation and ongoing observation, Maha was allowed to leave the hospital. Maha expresses gratitude to MediGence for its excellent services. MediGence provided not just the hospital stay but also the coordination of his hospital appointments, hospital transfers, and airport pickups. To guarantee Maha full recovery, MediGence also scheduled her follow-up visit. She was in the country for 7 days.

Post Treatment

Maha will receive the best care and be fully immersed in the culture of Thailand during her seven-day stay there. she claims that both the surgical result and the treating physician met his high standards. She is appreciative of all the advice and counseling that the Asia Cosmetic Hospital has given her. She expressed her gratitude to the MediGence team for providing her with great care and for helping her discover the correct physician and schedule consultations and transfers early on. Maha  is wished a very happy and healthy future by Team MediGence!


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