Patient from Nepal underwent a Neurological Checkup India

Patient from Nepal underwent a Neurological Checkup India
  • Patient Name : Uday Basnet
  • From Country : Nepal
  • Destination Country : India
  • Procedure : Neurology
  • Hospital : Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi

The patient named Uday Basnet, aged at 35, and a citizen and an individual with his home town at Nepal, was diagnosed with mild discomfort and headaches and seizures and then was finally diagnosed with cavernoma.


The patient named Uday Basnet, aged 35, and a citizen and an individual with his hometown in Nepal was diagnosed with mild discomfort and headaches, and seizures and then was finally diagnosed with cavernoma.

They got in touch with MediGence via the patient’s nephew, as the doctors and the physicians they went to earlier could not diagnose it properly and passed it off as a normal headache and gave some medications for the seizures. The threat of it becoming serious and after serious regular occurrence enabled them to visit MediGence and get in touch with us to know what was happening for assurance and confirmation.

Since the patient’s nephew wanted to take his uncle to Delhi for treatment; we gave him the names and contacts of several very good neurosurgeons who were based in Delhi and who could help him get the proper and careful treatment that was needed for this condition. He chose Dr. SK Sogani, who was in the Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi. Dr. SK Sogani is one of the best neurosurgeons in Delhi, and he is reputed for his precisions and his dedicated surgeries with immense care.


The arrival of the patient was supposed to take place on the 22nd of June 2018, after which he was diagnosed and seen by MediGence first. In MediGence, the patient’s nephew explained everything about the patient’s history and also whatever happened and was going on in his family, for better understanding by MediGence. The nephew was detailed and thorough and was also careful enough to mention that his uncle had a history of seizures, which is why he was on antiepileptic medications for a long time. They were also wise enough to bring and show the MRI scan that had been taken by the uncle when advised, that showed and diagnosed Cavernoma in the brain.

After this encounter with MediGence, the nephew was keen enough to take his uncle to Delhi where there would be proper equipment and procedure that would help his uncle heal. After which they chose the hospital in New Delhi.


Cavernoma is a highly critical condition that needs to be diagnosed soon if acquired, and it is a fatal condition once it gets beyond repair. Hence, when somebody is diagnosed with Cavernoma, all the factors need to be thought-about earlier,

  • Bleeding, which during the Cavernoma generally does, within a fixed time. If it bleeds slowly, then the body is likely to absorb it fast, and if it bleeds fast, then the risk of more pressure on the brain and hemorrhage is there.
  • The more the number of Cavernoma, the more the risk of hemorrhage.
  • The presence of other dangerous abnormalities under the skin or other kinds of endovascular abnormalities or venous malformations might make surgery very difficult to take place.
  • Location is also a major factor, because if the Cavernoma is attached to the medulla or any other place in the spinal cord, then the surgery and operation of that place become a challenge for the surgeons operating.

So, based on all these factors, the decision of the doctor was made as to what is to be done with the patient. So as per Dr. SK Sogani, the appointment was fixed with the patient and the nephew. After the proper information was exchanged and by taking a look at the history of the patient, Uday Basnet was suggested a change in medications and then to sit back and watch and observe as to what the effects were and what were the changes that were taking place after the medications.


After the patient was thoroughly checked, diagnosed, suggested, and advised, the patient returned to Nepal after he was satisfied with a good discussion with the doctor about the condition. The patient was then asked to come back for a second diagnosis and follow-up after a gap of 6 months. We wish him very well, and we wish his condition is treated very fast with a complete speedy recovery.

Reference: Apollo Hospital, Delhi  

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