Patient Story: Patient from Nigeria underwent Craniotomy in Sharjah, UAE

Patient Story: Patient from Nigeria underwent Craniotomy in Sharjah, UAE
  • Patient Name : Samuel Uba Udechukwu
  • From Country : Nigeria
  • Destination Country : U.A.E
  • Procedure : Craniotomy
  • Hospital : Zulekha Hospital

Samuel Uba Udechukwu, a 35-year-old male, a resident of Nigeria underwent Craniotomy surgery in U.A.E after bein diagnosed with brain tumor.


Samuel Uba Udechukwu, a 35-year-old male is a resident of Nigeria. In Sep 2018, he was experiencing severe headache, slurred speech and was repeating the same sentences again. He was diagnosed having Glioblastoma multiforme (brain tumor).


Samuel’s sister, Ifeoma, got in touch with MediGence through the inquiry form on the website. The Patient Medicare team of MediGence swiftly responded to Samuel’s family with various treatment options available at different hospitals all over the world along with costs. The best option, chosen by them was Zulekha Hospital, Sharjah. They shared all his reports. The patient’s symptoms worsened recently with other symptoms as well. Dr. Ravi Dadlani, a neurosurgeon who has performed more than 2500 surgeries, carefully examined the reports. It showed that the patient had a very large tumor that required immediate surgery, at least within a few days to weeks maximum. As his speech/language was also affected, the doctor did not guarantee that his speech will not be affected after the surgery.

A video call of the doctor was arranged with the local doctor of the patient to discuss treatment approach and risk of complications of surgery etc. They agreed to come and get it done. The patient and family arrived on 04 April 2019. Craniotomy and excision of intra-cranial space occupying lesion (ICSOL) were done successfully and he remained in the hospital for 13 days.


The patient is now recovering well. However, he will need chemo and radiation as per biopsy results, which they will continue to get in Nigeria. We, at MediGence, thanks to the expert neurologists for diagnosis and management of this neurological condition and wish Samuel a happy and healthy life.

Last modified on at Oct 08, 2019

Guneet Bhatia

Guneet Bhatia is an avid reader, healthcare writer, and is currently Director of Patient Care Department, MediGence. She has also been featured on many prominent Healthcare portals such as IBTimes, HCIT Expert, Clinician Today.

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