Patient Testimonial – Olivia Underwent Implant Removal Surgery in Zulekha Hospital, Dubai

Patient Testimonial – Olivia Underwent Implant Removal Surgery in Zulekha Hospital, Dubai
  • Patient Name : Olivia Owoyi Uduak Idibia
  • From Country : USA
  • Destination Country : Dubai, UAE
  • Procedure : Implant Removal Surgery
  • Hospital : Zulekha Hospital

We are very pleased with the services that MediGence provided. We appreciate how quickly MediGence reached out to us for help getting appointments and airport pick-up fixed. We acknowledge how professional and helpful was Medigence with my child’s medical treatment.


Olivia Owoyi Uduak Idibia, a 6-year old girl from the USA, was suffering from Blount disease and had corrective surgery in 2019 in Zulekha Hospital Dubai under the supervision of doctor Dr. Salah Eldin Elghote.

The child now again traveled with her mother to Zulekha Hospital Dubai for the second surgery for the implant removal as it was causing very discomfort and she was in pain.

Olivia’s mother decided to travel to Dubai for the procedure. She searched for a health consultant on the internet, and he found MediGence. She posted her query on their website that he needed a good doctor to discuss his problem. She received a call from one of the case managers from MediGence to seek information about Olivia’s condition. The case manager asked her to share all her details and medical reports. Upon receiving the reports, MediGence did a thorough analysis of Olivia’s medical history and provided her multiple options in India for his treatment. Olivia’s mother chose Zulekha Hospital, Dubai, which is one the best hospitals in Dubai for the patient looking for implant removal. Among a list of best doctors at Zulekha Hospital, Olivia’s mother decided to consult Dr. Salah Eldin Elghote. Dr. Salah is a specialist pediatric surgeon and an orthopedic surgeon with more than 20 years of experience. Zulekha Hospital has performed many joint replacement surgeries, minimally invasive surgeries, and bariatric surgeries.

Immediately after Olivia’s mother decided to visit India, the MediGence team started working on his visa application. The team arranged the Visa Invitation Letter from Zulekha Hospital, Dubai. She received the visa within 48 hours. Also, MediGence shared a few stay options with Olivia’s mother and she chose the hotel as per her budget.

Pre-treatment and process

Olivia and her mother traveled to Dubai on October 31, 2020. They were received at the airport by MediGence Team and all accommodation arrangements were done by the team. The case manager ensured that the patient was provided the best facilities at the hotel. MediGence took the patient to the hospital for consultation with Dr. Salah. Olivia’s appointment with Dr. Salah was pre-booked.

Olivia was directly admitted to the hospital. Completing all medical examinations, the doctor told Olivia’s mother to get a few diagnostic tests done to know his health status. The test report was analyzed by the doctor and suggested that Olivia would have to undergo implant removal surgery. The doctor prescribed medications and fixed the date for the surgery.

The MediGence team coordinated with the hospital and doctors for all the requirements of the surgery. The surgery was successfully performed without any major complications. Olivia’s mother said she could not believe the surgery was done so easily without causing much pain. He stayed in the hospital for 3 days and in India for 15 days.


After proper care and rehabilitation, Olivia was discharged from the hospital. Dr. Salah asked Olivia’s mother to follow all the guidelines and precautionary measures for a speedy recovery. She was told to follow a rehabilitation plan for the next few months after which she could lead a normal life. Her rehabilitation was carried out by a close aide during his stay at the hotel.

Olivia’s mother was very satisfied with his overall experience. They were thankful to Dr. Salah for her excellent treatment and the care and guidance he provided after the procedure. Olivia’s mother especially appreciated MediGence for coordinating their entire treatment journey in such a good way that it addressed all worries they had linked with their medical travel overseas.

Olivia’s mother is much satisfied with the treating doctor and the surgery outcome. He is too grateful to his treating surgeon Dr. Salah for the counseling and consultations before surgery.

She also thanked MediGence who helped them from the very beginning, from finding the right doctor, arranging their consultations, managing hospitals, and airport transfers. As per Olivia’s mother, Medigence is the right option for every patient traveling across the world for treatment.

Mr. Johnpaul got back to the USA after she recovered completely.

MediGence wishes Oliva a happy and healthy future ahead!

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Reviewed By :- Amit Bansal

Dr. Mrinalini Kachroo

Dr. Mrinalini Kachroo is a Patient Advisory Executive at MediGence. A dentist by education,she excels in communicating with patients and providing them with the best possible healthcare available all around the world. Her experience as a dental professional provides an advantage to the patients by providing an colloquial medical assistance.

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