Patient from Sierra Leone underwent Spinal Tumor Surgery in India

Patient from Sierra Leone underwent Spinal Tumor Surgery in India
  • Patient Name : Raymond Johnson
  • From Country : Sierra Leone
  • Destination Country : India
  • Procedure : Spinal Tumor Surgery
  • Hospital : Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, India

By the share exigencies of their duties, they are an agency of healers. From my arrival at Delhi airport to my final visit to the surgeon general today these people have made it possible for me. A big thank you MediGence.


Raymond Johnson, 62, National of Sierra Leone suffered from excruciating pain in his lower back and left leg, which had started to impact his mobility.

Raymond struggled with persistent back pain since 2015, which had only gotten worse with time. Things went further downhill when one morning in 2017, Raymond woke up to a shrilling pain emerging from his back which went radiating down to his left leg. He went for an immediate consultation with his local doctor in Central Africa, where he works. The doctor recommended him to undergo an MRI scan. Although the MRI scan was conducted, nothing concrete could be diagnosed from it by the doctor. Instead, Raymond was just prescribed painkillers to control his pain.

The pain was becoming unbearable with each passing, which led Raymond to travel from his home country to Uganda and then Kenya looking to get correct diagnosis and treatment for his condition but to no avail. He finally decided to look out for his treatment outside Africa and began his search online, where he came across MediGence. He contacted MediGence and shared all his medical test reports with the Patient Advisory (PA) Team. After reviewing all his test reports and medical history, the PA team shared a customized, specialty-specific list of some of the best doctors and hospitals for his treatment. Raymond went through the list of proposed options and decided to move ahead with his treatment at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital in Delhi, India under the care of Dr. Rajendra Prasad. Dr. Rajendra Prasad is one of the most well-known spine surgeons in Delhi with an experience of more than 40 years.


Raymond arrived in India on the 9th of January and was received by the MediGence PA team. He was headed straight to the hospital for his first consultation with Dr. Prasad. After the consultation and physical examination, the doctor advised him of an MRI scan and some lab tests. Raymond revisited the hospital the very next day to get the MRI scan done. After the MRI results were out, the doctor diagnosed a large spinal tumor in his back which was compressing his nerves that lead to persistent shrilling pain radiating down to his left leg. Spinal Tumor Removal Surgery was advised to Raymond by Dr. Prasad without any delay. Dr. Prasad also told him that if the diagnosis would have delayed any further, it could have resulted in the permanent paralysis of his left leg. He counseled Raymond to undergo the surgery and addressed all his queries following which, Raymond agreed for the same.

The surgery was performed successfully by Dr. Prasad and the tumor from his back was removed. The biopsy test performed on the tumor confirmed that it was not cancerous that came as a huge relief to Raymond.


After the surgery, Raymond was kept under medical observation in the hospital for three days before getting discharged. He continued to come for regular check-ups and follow-up visits until Dr. Prasad gave him clearance to fly back. The doctor also recommended him to go for regular physiotherapy and exercise in his country for a quick and smooth recovery.

Thereafter, Raymond returned to his country on the 29th of January.

Team MediGence wishes Raymond a very happy and healthy future!

Amit Bansal

Amit Bansal is a serial entrepreneur, Co-Founder, and CEO of MediGence. He has more than 17 years of strong technology experience. Having worked for some of the recognized companies in India, Australia and traveled worldwide to help businesses to grow multi-folded under his leadership and strategic guidance.

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