Mr. Adedayo Musa Underwent LASIK and vitrectomy surgery at Saudi German Hospital in Dubai

Mr. Adedayo Musa Underwent LASIK and vitrectomy surgery at Saudi German Hospital in Dubai
  • Patient Name : Adedayo Musa
  • From Country : Nigeria
  • Destination Country : Dubai, UAE
  • Procedure : LASIK and vitrectomy surgery
  • Hospital : Saudi German Hospital

I am very satisfied with the procedure and the surgery outcome. I am also grateful to Dr. Badla who did my eye surgery and his team at Saudi German Hospital. I thank them for the counseling and consultations which were done before the surgery.

I also thank the entire team of MediGence who have really come through for me in every aspect. It has been a pleasure dealing with them as they made everything easy for me.


A 33-year-old from Nigeria, Adedayo Musa was ailing because of his vision issues. This is when he decided to consult with an eye care specialist and decided to go to the Saudi German Hospital for treatment. Mr. Adedayo Musa traveled to Dubai on 7th Jan 2021 and stayed in the hospital for a day for LASIK and vitrectomy surgery. The patient traveled with and was given complete support by his brother. Dubai, one of the emirates is present nearly at sea level and on Persian Gulf Coast is known for its architecture, shopping opportunities, and varied geography, all making for a spectacular tourist destination. This in addition to its strong healthcare ecosystem makes it an attraction for medical travelers like no other. Saudi German Hospital is a renowned healthcare provider in the MENA region having 11 hospitals, with the one in Dubai being one of the foremost urgent care healthcare organizations. It comprises a wide range of specialties and subspecialties which enables several integrated treatment processes.

The patient chose to be treated by Dr. Abdul Aziz Badla who is a Specialist Ophthalmologist / Vitreo-retinal Surgeon, with nearly three decades of experience in his area of expertise. He also performs LASIK, Macular Degeneration Surgery, Vitrectomy, and Ophthalmology. His education includes MBBCH – Aleppo University-Syria, 1989, and Master’s degree in Ophthalmology – The Ministry of Health-Syria, 1993. The doctor has also completed the certifications of Fellowship in vitreoretinal surgery from El-Maghraby Eye Hospital (Jeddah), 1995, and Fellowship Ophthalmology – The ICO (International Council of Ophthalmology), 2003.

Pre-Treatment & Process

Prior to being admitted to the hospital for the surgery, Mr. Musa was counseled by the doctor as to the preparedness and the risks involved. The risks are Retinal tear, Retinal detachment, Infection, and Bleeding. To prepare well for the surgery the patient was advised to stop wearing his contact lenses (if any) some weeks prior to the surgery and to not take any medications that could have adverse effects. If any medication is to be taken such as antibiotic drops that are to be done a day or two prior and drinking or eating for half a day prior to the surgery.  The procedure was performed in an hour to two hours time. This microsurgery procedure removed the crystalline lens from the patient’s eye along with the correction of vision. There were also no post-procedural complications for the patient and the surgery can be termed as a complete success.

Post Treatment

The patient was helped with the travel post-surgery from the hospital to the place of residence for the three weeks that he spent as a recovery period in Dubai. His brother made sure that he was assisted for 24 hours after surgery. It should be noted that the recovery timeline for improvement in vision post this procedure is within a day but stabilization of vision usually takes up to 4 weeks.

Mr. Adedayo Musa made sure to be present for the follow-up consultations post the procedure which was organized by MediGence. The organization helped him with travel, transfer, and accommodation arrangements.

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Sonam Madan

Sonam is working as the Head of Patient Advisory at MediGence with experience of over 12 years. Her areas of expertise include Patient Advisory and Medical Travel Operations. Travel and healthcare have been her domain for nearly a decade. Her strengths are her ability to multitask, passion for her work, and strong work ethic. Sonam believes in the goodness of people and is a philanthropic soul, helping people gives her great satisfaction. Naturally inquisitive and positive, she enjoys interacting with people and learning about their culture, lifestyles and exploring the world around her through her travels.

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