Ishmael Jalloh Underwent Laparoscopic Left Uretic Re-Implantation in BLK-Hospital, Delhi, India

Ishmael Jalloh Underwent Laparoscopic Left Uretic Re-Implantation in BLK-Hospital, Delhi, India
  • Patient Name : Ishmael Jalloh
  • From Country : Sierra Leone
  • Destination Country : India
  • Procedure : Laparoscopic Left Uretic Re-Implantation
  • Hospital : BLK-MAX Hospital, Delhi

My wife and I are utterly grateful to Dr. Aditya Pradhan and the medical staff for their excellent care and service. I feel joyful and energized following the surgery. My satisfaction with the services that MediGence offers is likewise quite high. I really appreciate how fast MediGence got back to me in order to assist me and manage my hospital appointments, follow-up visits, airport pickup, hotel, etc. Additionally, I want to emphasize how professional and helpful MediGence has been during my search for a doctor in India.

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A 31-year-old man named Ishmael Jalloh has problems with the urinary bladder. Episodes of pain (pain crises), inexplicable numbness, weariness, and fatigue were among the medical symptoms.

Hafsat decided to go to India with his wife for the procedure. He searched the internet for a health advisor and discovered MediGence. He asked for a good doctor to chat with about his issue on their website. One of MediGence’s case managers called him to inquire further about Hafsat’s health. He was required to provide all of his personal information as well as his medical records by the case manager.

After receiving the results, MediGence thoroughly reviewed her medical history and gave her a list of treatment options in India. One of India’s top hospitals for patients seeking laparoscopic left uretic re-implantation is BLK-MAX Hospital in Delhi, which he and her family selected.

Dr. Aditya Pradhan was selected by Jalloh and her family from among the top medical professionals at BLK-MAX Hospital. In the Delhi-NCR area, Dr. Aditya Pradhan is regarded as one of the best urologists. He is one of the leading surgeons treating urological problems and has more than 24 years of clinical expertise. He is currently employed as a Senior Consultant, Urology and Renal Transplantation, at BLK Super Speciality Hospital at Pusa Road, Delhi. Kidney transplant surgery, surgery for cancers of the urinary bladder, kidney, and prostate, and kidney stone removal are all specialties of Dr. Aditya. He is particularly interested in urology using laparoscopy. He received robotic prostatectomy training abroad and has produced numerous research articles in reputable journals.

As soon as the patient decided to travel to India, the MediGence team got to work on the patient’s wife’s visa application. The hospital gave the MediGence team a letter of invitation for a visa. In a short period, he obtained his visa. Additionally, MediGence offered them a selection of hotels from which they could choose in accordance with their budget.

Pre-Treatment and Surgical Procedure

Ishmael Jalloh and his wife left for India on 18-Jan-22. The MediGence Team met them at the airport and handled all of their housing arrangements. The patient received access to the best hotel amenities thanks to the case manager’s efforts. MediGence brought the patient and her sister to the hospital for a meeting with Dr. Dharma Choudhary. Hafsat and her family had an appointment with Dr. Aditya Pradhan that was planned in advance. The patient and his wife were quickly taken to the hospital. The doctor encouraged Ishmael to undergo a few diagnostic procedures to ascertain his current health after concluding all medical exams.

The MediGence team worked with the hospital and doctors to complete the necessary preparations for the procedure. There were no significant problems, and the procedure went ahead without any difficulties. The procedure went smoothly, which pleased the patient and his family. They spent two weeks in India and 3 days in the hospital, as advised by the doctor.

Post Treatment

Ishmael Jalloh received the necessary treatment and rehabilitation before being discharged from the hospital. Dr. Aditya Pradhan recommended the patient and her family adhere to all instructions and precautions in order to recover quickly. He was given a rehabilitation schedule to adhere to during the ensuing several months before returning to his regular routine. His recovery was closely monitored while she was a guest at the hotel.

The patient and her family were quite happy with how everything turned out. They conveyed their appreciation to the doctor for her exceptional post-procedure care and guidance. They particularly appreciated MediGence for handling every aspect of their treatment process in a way that addressed their worries about receiving medical care abroad.


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