Successful Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) Surgery in Singapore: A Case Study (Mimi Daryati From Indonesia)

Successful Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) Surgery in Singapore: A Case Study (Mimi Daryati From Indonesia)
  • Patient Name : Mimi Daryati
  • From Country : Indonesia
  • Destination Country : SIngapore
  • Procedure : ACL Reconstruction Surgery
  • Hospital : Gleneagles Parkway Hospital

An anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is an important component of the knee that helps stabilize it. However, this ligament may rupture due to an

An anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is an important component of the knee that helps stabilize it. However, this ligament may rupture due to an injury or any other trauma thus warranting a need for ACL repair or reconstruction.

Such was the case of Ms. Mimi Daryati from Jakarta. She suffered from an injury that ruptured her ACL. She contacted MediGence to seek medical help in Singapore.


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Mimi is 36 years old. She sent an inquiry to MediGence as she was looking for good quality and quick treatment for her ACL rupture injury. As soon as she sent an inquiry, one of the Patient Care Team members contacted her to know more about her clinical status.

Mimi explained to the Patient Care executive how she suffered from terrible pain and difficulty in walking because of the ACL rupture. She was firm that she needs to undergo treatment in Singapore but did not have any idea where to go. She had already booked her tickets to Singapore and wanted an appointment with a good surgeon who could fix her knee.

The team asked Mimi to share her medical scans so that they can confirm the diagnosis and quickly arrange her appointment in Singapore.

Treatment Decision

The reports shared by Mimi were analyzed by the in-house team at MediGence. The team asked Mimi to share the exact location where she planned to stay in Singapore during her trip.


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The Patient Care team quickly came up with two options in Singapore where Mimi could go for a consultation and then decide on the treatment – at Mount Elizabeth Hospital and Gleneagles Parkway Hospital. Both the options were close to her place of residence.

The profiles of the specialists at both the hospitals were shared with Mimi for her review. She ended up selecting Gleneagles Parkway Hospital for consultation and treatment.


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Travel Duration and Treatment Details

Mimi traveled to Singapore on August 13th and met the orthopedic specialist, Dr. Ambrose Yung, at Gleneagles Parkway Hospital on the same day. Her surgery was planned for August 15th and within two days, she was discharged from the hospital. She returned to Jakarta on August 18th.

Dr Ambrose Yung, Gleneagles Hospital
Dr. Ambrose Yung, Gleneagles Hospital

The treatment went smoothly and Mimi was able to walk perfectly fine by August 20th. She returned to her usual daily routine in no time.

The professionalism of the medical staff, courtesy of the supportive staff, and absolutely no waiting time were some of the things that pleased Mimi the most during her treatment at the hospital. She was awed by the fact that everything was clearly explained to her and in a very professional manner.

Even though on short notice, the surgery was conducted in a very professional way and without any hassles. Mimi returned to Jakarta, all happy with her overall treatment experience, and thanked MediGence for arranging things on short notice.


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DOCTORS in 14 Specialties


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Last modified on at May 16, 2022

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