Hip Replacement Surgery Costs: Global Comparison and Key Factors

Hip Replacement Surgery Costs: Global Comparison and Key Factors

Hip replacement surgery is a popular orthopedic procedure. Earlier, doctors advised only the aged and the elderly with hip injuries or osteoarthritis to undergo hip replacement surgery for improved mobility and quality of life. However, it is now being observed that an increased number of younger individuals are also undergoing hip replacement. This explains the drastic spike in the number of surgeries that doctors conduct in a year.

Early-onset of osteoarthritis due to lifestyle factors, childhood disorders related to the hip, and sports injuries are some of the leading factors that explain the increasing incidence of hip replacement surgeries. Unlike knee replacement surgery people often end up delaying, hip replacement is a critical procedure that cannot be delayed, no matter what the age of the patient is. A hip injury can severely affect the quality of life of an individual. Therefore, doctors advise such individuals to be open to surgery, irrespective of how old or young they are.

Over last few years, the cost of hip replacement surgery has become more affordable. Additionally, this procedure is now being covered by a majority of insurance schemes and policies. Nonetheless, many patients travel to another country for hip replacement surgery for reasons such as better quality of treatment and affordability. The hip replacement surgery cost is one of the main considerations of people who do not have insurance.

Comparing Hip Replacement Costs Around the World

The following table highlights the average cost of hip replacement surgery in some of the top medical tourism destinations in the world:

The average cost of hip replacement surgery in Western countries may start from $39000. Further, the hip replacement cost greatly varies from one city to another within the same country. In some cities in the US, the total hip replacement surgery cost can go as high as $120,000 or more.

Country Cost (single hip) Cost (both hips)
India $4200 $5500
Thailand $7000 $19000
South Korea $8000 $30000
Hungary $6500 $29333
UAE $10000 $15458
Poland $7200 $9000
Turkey $13000 $16000
Singapore $14000 $20000

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Factors Influencing Hip Replacement Costs:

>>Type, Material, and Manufacturer of Implant

There are different types of hip implants available today. The quality of the implant has improved tremendously in the last few decades. Because of the improved quality, the chances of complications arising out of implant failure, infection, and wear and tear have become next to negligible.

Several medical device companies manufacture hip implants. The cost of surgery, therefore, depends on whether the implant has been sourced from a company based in the country or from a manufacturer abroad.

Additionally, there are different materials for hip implants available today. Metal ball and polyethylene liners, ceramic ball and polyethylene liners, metal ball and metal liner, and ceramic ball and ceramic liner are some of the types of implants available. While the choice of implant largely depends on the condition of the patient and the doctor’s recommendations, certain points must be kept in mind.

The following are some of the things that should be kept in mind while selecting a hip implant:

  • Will it allow for normal motion and activities?
  • Will it last for at least 15 to 20 years?
  • Is it a familiar brand or manufacturer?
  • Does it have a good track record or used popularly for hip joint replacement?
  • Does it meet your medical condition or requirements?
  • Is it bio-compatible?

 >>Type and Extent of Surgery

The total cost of hip replacement also depends on the type of hip replacement conducted. Total hip replacement surgery costs more than partial hip replacement surgery. This is not just because of the greater number of implant components used but also because of an increase in the surgeon’s fees, hospitalization days, anesthesia charges, and OT charges.

Additionally, the total cost that a person has to pay for hip replacement depends on whether a single hip is being replaced or both. Bilateral hip replacement is conducted in two parts. First, the surgeons replace the hip joint on one side. After a gap of 7 to 10 days, the second side of the hip is operated upon. This has a direct impact on the length of stay at the hospital, OT charges, ICU charges, anesthesia costs, and surgeon’s fees.

>>Expertise and Education of the Surgeon

A surgeon’s experience and education have a direct impact on the cost of surgery for the replacement of the hip joint. The more experienced the surgeon, the greater his or her charges. However, that does not mean that all credible, educated, and experienced surgeons charge a skyrocketing cost for hip replacement surgery.

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>>Type of Hospital

Treatment at a private hospital that offers world-class services and environments to patients is always costly. The increase in the number of patients deciding to travel abroad for medical treatment has led to the establishment of several hospitals that offer five-star services to patients.

>>Rehabilitation Cost

Rehabilitation is an important aspect of recovery after hip replacement surgery. Patients are advised to attend physiotherapy sessions regularly for a speedy recovery. Each session of physiotherapy costs extra.

>>Incidental Costs

Like any other surgery, there are a few risks associated with hip replacement as well. Management of any complications associated with the surgery such as deep vein thrombosis, implant failure, or an infection costs extra.

>>Hip Replacement Surgery Cost Itemized Breakdown

Pre-surgery Costs

Surgery Cost

Post-surgery Costs

  • Physical hip examination
  • X-rays
  • Bone mineral density (BMD)
  • MRI
  • Liver function test
  • Blood tests
  • ECG or EKG
  • Urine test
  • Surgery team fees
  • Anesthesia charges
  • OT charges
  • Hip implants
  • Other consumables and medicines
  • Blood transfusion, if needed
  • ICU charges
  • Use of technology
  • Physiotherapist charges
  • Medications for pain
  • Other consumables such as a walker, crutches, or dressing
  • Hospital bed charges
  • Any additional service availed
  • Any other consultation
  • Complications management
  • Unanticipated care
  • Follow-up cost

>>Dental Examination Requirements and Pre-surgery Medications: 

Before the surgery, the doctors may even conduct a dental examination to check for any oral infection. This is done to prevent post-surgical complications. Pre-surgery medications such as anticoagulants and antibiotics also form an important part of the hip replacement cost breakdown as they cost extra.

Tips To Choose A Hospital Overseas For Hip Replacement

  • Choose the country where you are comfortable traveling to and the one that has JCI-certified hospitals for hip replacement.
  • Choose the surgeon wisely. Do not choose someone who is experienced but charges a huge amount. Some surgeons charge a reasonable fee but are equally qualified and experienced.
  • Select a surgeon who is not too busy so that you get personalized treatment from them. Busy surgeons do not tend to spend much time with their patients.
  • Seek help from a medical tourism facilitator for all your trip arrangements and hospital coordination.
  • Check the reviews and credibility of the hospital and the doctor online before final selection.
  • Ask for all the information beforehand about the implant, surgery duration, and the risks involved.
  • Seek an estimate for potential costs associated with airline tickets, hotel, food, and other expenses.

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