Lap Gastric Band Surgery in India: Affordable Option for Weight Loss

Lap Gastric Band Surgery in India: Affordable Option for Weight Loss

In India, Lap gastric band surgery costs USD 5000 to USD 8000. It is estimated that lap gastric band surgery cost in India is at least 60 to 70 percent of the treatment cost in Western countries. While the lap band cost may vary from city to city, the difference in the cost persists

Lap gastric banding in India involves the use of an adjustable band, which is also known as gastric band or lap band. This band, mostly made of silicone, is an inflatable structure. During the lap band surgery, it is placed around the top half of the stomach. This creates two halves of the stomach – a smaller half and the larger half.

The new smaller half of the stomach now has much less capacity. Because the person now eats much less than before because of reduced capacity, weight loss starts to take place.

Thus, lap band surgery aids in weight loss through the following mechanism:

  • Reduced Appetite: a Decreased capacity of the stomach restricts the amount of food that a person can eat at a time due to an early feeling of fullness.
  • Decreased Storage: The smaller portion of the stomach is now able to hold much less portion of food at a time.

Lap gastric banding surgery is different from gastric sleeve operation, which is another weight loss procedure. In gastric sleeve operation, a large portion of the stomach is stapled to create a banana-shaped sleeve.

Therefore, sleeve operation results in the creation of a small pouch through which the food passes. The reduced size of the stomach results in suppressed hunger and less production of the hunger hormone called ghrelin.

Lap Gastric Band Surgery: Advantages

Lap band surgery has several advantages over other surgical procedures for weight loss, such as gastric bypass and sleeve operation. Some of the guaranteed advantages of lap band surgery include the following:

  • Adjustability for Improved Weight Loss: Surgeons can actually control the rate at which the patient loses weight after the surgery. The lap band around the stomach is placed through a stoma, which can always be controlled externally. Thus, the rate of weight loss can be increased and increased after lap band surgery.
  • Easy Reversibility: Lap band surgery is not a permanent procedure. The surgeon can remove the band after months or years of the surgery when no longer required.
  • Wonderful Results: A patient can expect to experience as much as 40 to 50 percent loss of excess weight within the first 12 months after the surgery.
  • Quick Recovery: The patient recovers as quick as less than two days after the surgery.
  • Negligible Complications: Lap band surgery is a simpler procedure that may rarely result in any side effect or complications.

Top Hospitals for Lap Gastric Banding in India

Following is the list of top hospitals which provide Lap Gastric Banding in India:

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Lap Gastric Band Surgery: Best Candidates

The most suitable candidates for lap band surgery can achieve amazing weight loss results within the initial few months. Any individual who fulfills the following criteria are considered as the perfect candidate for gastric lap band surgery:

  • Body mass index greater than 40
  • Body mass index greater than 35, in addition to health conditions such as hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol
  • Twice the ideal body weight
  • Age between 18 and 60 years
  • Looking for an improvement in the quality of life

Lap Gastric Band Surgery: Laparoscopic Procedure

Lap Band Surgery: Laparoscopic Procedure

Lap gastric band surgery is conducted with the help of a special instrument called a laparoscope. Such a surgery sometimes referred to as “keyhole” incision surgery. It offers several benefits over open surgery, including shorter recovery period, minimal healing time and minimized risks after surgery.

During laparoscopic lap band surgery, the surgeon makes two to five small incision around the abdomen. These incisions make it possible to insert the laparoscope and other instruments. The surgeon secures the deflated gastric lap band tightly around the stomach.

The lap band remains connected to a tube that has an opening just below the skin of the patient. The surgeons use this opening to inject saline into the gastric band, which inflates the band while constricting the stomach. Similarly, the surgeons use the opening to withdraw saline as well, thus deflating the band. Lap band surgery lasts for over a period of 40 to 60 minutes.

Lap Gastric Band Surgery: Recovery and After Care

You must stay in the hospital for at least two to three days after the surgery. Medical tourists should plan for at least a 10-day stay to avail lap gastric banding in India.

You may expect to feel a little uncomfortable during the initial few days after the surgery. However, this discomfort lasts for over a period of a few days. Recovery after lap band surgery is rather quick as the patients are able to return to their normal routine within the first 10 to 14 days.

You must follow the instructions given by the surgeon about activities and certain foods to avoid. To facilitate quick recovery, it is advised that you follow the guidelines given by the nutritionist.

Conducting specific activities may lead to cramping and nausea. You must contact the doctor immediately in case of any side effects or complications. Exercising must be avoided for at least first six months after lap band surgery.

Lap Gastric Band Surgery: Cost Variations and Factors Affecting Price

Lap gastric band surgery cost varies from one country to another. The lap band cost is usually high in the Western countries such as the US, UK, Russia, and the Arab nations.

On the other hand, the lap band surgery cost is cheap and highly affordable in Asian countries, specifically in India and Thailand. Despite the low cost of lap band surgery in these countries, the quality of treatment is still maintained.

Lap gastric banding cost in India is one of the lowest in the world. The world applauds India for offering no risk and high-quality weight loss surgical treatment. The best surgeons for weight loss surgery in India help achieve positive results while making the patient understand the limitations of the procedure.

The average lap gastric band surgery cost on several factors. The final cost may vary from one city to another, depending on the following factors:

  • Type, material, and brand of lap band
  • Lap band cost
  • The overall health of the patient
  • Doctor’s fees
  • The approach used – open surgery or keyhole surgery
  • Duration of stay at the hospital
  • Type of hospital

Benefits of Lap Gastric Banding in India

There are several factors that make India one of the best destinations for lap gastric banding. Some of the benefits of opting for lap gastric banding in India include the following:

  • Certified Quality: The best hospitals for weight loss surgery in India are certified by domestic and international bodies such as National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) and Joint Commission International (JCI). These certifications are proof of fact that the hospitals maintain highest quality standards.
  • Cost Savings: Lap gastric cost in India is one of the lowest in the world. By traveling to India, a medical tourist typically saves 60 to 70 percent of their lap band surgery cost.
  • Tailored Packages: The best hospitals in the country offer attractive treatment packages, tailored as per the individual needs. The hospitals assign a personal case manager to each patient. The case manager creates a personalized treatment plan that best suits the needs and requirements of the patient.
  • Medical Tourism Companies: The availability of several credible and certified medical tourism companies in India further make things easier for the patient. Such companies take care of all your extra needs – from negotiated rates to discharge, inland transfers, appointment booking, and medical visa approval.

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