Success Brain Tumor Treatment in India: A Case Study of Nazneen From Mauritius

  • April 9, 2018
  • MediGence Team
Success Brain Tumor Treatment in India: A Case Study of Nazneen From Mauritius

Being diagnosed with a brain tumor is a life-altering experience. It can possibly contribute to depression, emotional distress, existential issues, and fatigue, apart from the other discomforting symptoms of the condition. Such patients are required to consult only an experienced neurosurgeon and a renowned hospital for treatment.

Nazneen (name changed) from Mauritius is one such example of an informed patient who decided to take her chances and travel to India on our guidance for state-of-the-art treatment at one of the globally renowned hospitals in the country.

Patient Introduction

Nazneen is a citizen of Mauritius. She works as a manager with one of the most reputed organizations in the country. At the age of 56, she was diagnosed with brain tumor. Initially, she complained tilting towards one side and not being able to control her body. This is when she opted to go to the doctor for evaluation.

Nazneen was diagnosed with an ill-defined lesion in the brain. The neurosurgeon advised a few medications to her to see if her condition improves. She was reviewed again after one month and started looking out for a second opinion from an experienced neurosurgeon in New Delhi, India after her condition did not improve much.

A simple random search landed her up on the MediGence’s portal, through which she sent an inquiry directly to the team. She also sent her latest MRI reports to the company. The Director of Patient Care at MediGence, Dr. Divya Nagpal, contacted Nazneen directly to understand her medical condition and guide her further.

About Patient’s Medical Condition (Pre-treatment)

Nazneen suffered from a type of brain tumor called glioma. It is one of the most common types of malignant brain tumor among adults. Nazneen’s symptoms and health had started to deteriorate further by the time she decided to travel to India. She felt completely disoriented and was not able to balance or control her body any longer.

Travel Period

Quickly within a day, Dr. Nagpal and her team came up with a treatment plan for Nazneen so that she can look at the options and select one as per convenience and budget. She selected BLK Hospital in New Delhi for her treatment, which ranks among one of the best hospitals in the country. The hospital issued a visa invitation letter to her and she booked tickets to reach India on February 18, 2018.

As soon as she reached the county, Dr. Nagpal and her team went to the airport to pick her up and admitted her to the hospital. The next day, Nazneen had an appointment with a neurosurgeon at the BLK hospital. Several investigation tests were carried out at the hospital and the treatment was initiated under the guidance of Dr. Vikas Gupta and Dr. Shikha.

Her treatment lasted for a period of six weeks, following which she flew back to Mauritius on April 08, 2018.

Treatment Details

During the initial few days, Nazneen was made to undergo a series of tests including an MRI and CT scan so that the doctors can decide the next plan of action. The doctors decided to go for radiation therapy directly after looking at their work profile. After a few sessions, Nazneen was placed in a comfortable hotel near to the hospital by MediGence team so that she does not face any challenges traveling to-and-fro. The patient care team at MediGence remained in direct touch with Nazneen at all times and accompanied her to doctor appointments for support.

The doctors recommended Nazneen to undergo a surgery for brain tumor removal. However, being at an influential position in her own country, Nazneen was reluctant to undergo a surgery and decided to stick to a non-invasive treatment. The team at MediGence held several in-depth discussions with the medical team at the BLK Hospital to make them understand the patient’s needs. Accordingly, Nazneen was recommended to undergo radiation therapy for five days a week lasting over six weeks.

Treatment Challenges

She completed her treatment at BLK Hospital and was assisted by the MediGence team at every step of her treatment journey. She was comforted and assisted at every challenge that she experienced during her treatment cycle – from managing the discomforting symptoms of radiation therapy such as hair loss and excessive fatigue to arranging and booking local transport to her visit to some of the malls and nearby must-visit places.

Dr. Nagpal went on to purchase a wig for Nazneen when she was afraid to step out after her hair loss. The radiation therapy affected her eyesight. As soon as she complained about her vision being affected, the team at MediGence quickly fixed her appointment with an ophthalmologist at BLK Hospital.

She looked up to the MediGence team with confidence and trust for a solution for all her challenges. The relationship that has developed between the patient care team and Nazneen empowered her to successfully strive through the otherwise challenging and emotionally distressing treatment phase.

Patient’s Medical Condition (Post-treatment)

Nazneen’s health significantly improved during radiation therapy. She slowly started to take control of her body and all the other symptoms of brain tumor that she experienced, including disorientation, balance and vision-related problems, dizziness, vertigo, and problems with coordination, were relieved.

At the time of her last visit to the hospital, Nazneen was advised to undergo an MRI three months after her last radiation cycle. The reports will be sent over to the doctor who treated Nazneen. The doctors will then analyze the effectiveness of treatment administered and future treatment needs if any.

Nazneen, all charged up to return to her managerial job, flew back to Mauritius on April 08, 2018. The team at MediGence is in her constant touch to make sure that she is doing fine back in her own country.

Patient’s Comments

“My medical experience with Medigence started when I tried to seek for a second medical opinion in New Delhi. Dr. Divya contacted me through WhatsApp and took over my case in BLK Super Speciality Hospital. Shen requested for all relevant documents which were submitted on time. Within three days, I was able to travel to Delhi and all formalities were made for my admission at BLK Hospital.

The personal commitment of Dr. Divya was most remarkable and she paid me regular visits and ensured that the treatment I received at the hospital was appropriate. She is certainly dedicated to whatever she is doing, and I would highly recommend MediGence as a facilitator for international patients seeking medical treatment in India.”

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