Success Rate of Liver Transplant

Success Rate of Liver Transplant

Our liver performs many functions such as processing nutrients, producing bile, and removing toxins from the body. Issues with the liver can often go unnoticed. When a liver disease progresses and is not treated at the right time, it can lead to liver failure. In such a situation,  a liver transplant is the only solution for combating the problem.

A liver transplant is a surgical procedure that involves replacing a diseased liver with a part of a healthy liver from a living donor or a healthy liver from a deceased donor.

If you are considering a liver transplant then you must be thinking about how successful a liver transplant is. Read below to find the answer

Does the success rate of liver transplants vary by country?

Due to the difference in the quality of medical infrastructure and the availability of trained liver transplant surgeons, the success rate of liver transplants can vary from one country to another.  However, there are many countries like India that offer successful liver transplants at affordable costs.

In India, the success rate of liver transplants is over 95% for hospitals that offer well-equipped transplant centers for their patients. This means that if 100  liver transplants are performed then about 95 patients are healthy and recover fully after a liver transplant. In addition to the high success rate of liver transplants, patients can expect survival rates of 65-70% in the next 15-20 years after the liver transplant in India.

Most patients can lead a normal life after their liver transplant.

In countries like the US, the survival rates for patients who received a liver from a deceased donor in liver transplant surgery are:

  • 1 year after the transplant, 86% of patients were still alive
  • 3 years after the liver transplant, 78% of patients were still alive
  • 5 years after the liver transplant, 72% of patients were still alive
  • 20 years after the liver transplant, 53% of patients were still alive

In other countries like Turkey, transplant centers have reported a success rate of above 80%.

Due to the presence of skilled surgeons and high success rates of liver transplants, such countries have become attractive choices for liver transplantation for many people.

Choosing a liver transplant center with high success rates

To ensure that you have a successful liver transplant, you should choose a liver transplant center with high success rates. When choosing a center for your liver transplant, you should consider various factors:

  • The one-year survival rate of the transplant center for liver transplant
  • The experience and qualifications of the transplant surgeons
  • Availability of post-operative care
  • Cost of the transplant procedure and if it is covered by insurance or not

These factors will help you make the right decision when it comes to choosing a liver transplant center that can guarantee a high success rate.

Avail Liver Transplantation Across the World

Liver Transplant in Different Countries Starting Treatment Cost in USD
Liver Transplant in India $25090
Liver Transplant in Turkey $52710
Liver Transplant in South Korea $65000
Liver Transplant in UAE $290000
Liver Transplant in Israel $350000
Liver Transplant in South Tunisia $250000


A liver transplant is a serious surgery that requires careful consideration before proceeding with it. Ensuring that you are receiving the best care is important for the liver transplant to be successful. If your region lacks adequate infrastructure and quality transplant surgeons, then you can consider liver transplantation in other countries.

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