Susan from Canada Underwent Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery in India

Susan from Canada Underwent Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery in India
  • Patient Name : Susan
  • From Country : Canada
  • Destination Country : India
  • Procedure : Sleeve Gastrectomy
  • Hospital : Pratiksha Hospital

There are several success stories of medical tourists who availed bariatric surgery in India and one such story is that of a patient from Canada. Susan traveled all the way from Canada for weight loss surgery in India.

Successful Weight Loss Surgery in India: A Case Study

There are several success stories of medical tourists who availed bariatric surgery in India and one such story is that of a patient from Canada. Susan traveled all the way from Canada for weight loss surgery in India. Having lost a significant amount of weight, she stands tall as one of the happiest patients who is totally satisfied with her treatment experience.

Susan collaborated with MediGence for her medical trip planning. She sent an inquiry to the company through its Web portal and was immediately contacted by the officials. Susan’s weight loss journey began right there.

Patient Introduction

39-year-old Susan is originally from Malaysia but stays in Canada. Troubled by her uncontrolled weight, Susan decided to undergo bariatric surgery in India after weighing several options. She searched the internet and finally decided to contact MediGence to seek help.


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Susan asked the MediGence case manager about the bariatric surgery cost in India and also informed them of her total budget that she could really afford to spend. The MediGence case manager presented quotations from different hospitals in Delhi/NCR.

Susan readily accepted the quote furnished by Pratiksha Hospital in Gurgaon because of affordability. MediGence case manager contacted the hospital to confirm the arrival of the patient. The hospital chose its most experienced bariatric surgeon, Dr. Madan, for Susan’s weight loss surgery.

About Patient’s Medical Condition (Pre-treatment)

Susan weighed 130 kgs when she decided to undergo weight loss surgery in India. Upon her arrival in India on July 26, 2017, she was transported to the hotel and then to the hospital for her pre-surgery appointment with Dr. Madan.

Susan was advised to undergo a few pre-surgery tests such as an ultrasound, BMI measurement, and physical examination. During the pre-surgery ultrasound, it was discovered that Susan also had stones in her gallbladder.

Upon being informed of her condition, Susan agreed to undergo gallstone removal along with bariatric surgery in India.

Travel Period

Susan stayed in India for a period of 10 days, which included the following activities:

Day 1 – Arrival, consultation, and pre-surgery tests

Days 2 through 4 – Three days and two nights of leisure travel at Agra and Fatehpur Sikri

Day 5 – Surgery at Pratiksha Hospital, Gurgaon

Day 6 – Discharge and transfer to hotel accommodation

Day 7 through 9 – Post-surgical recovery at the hotel

Day 10 – Return journey

Treatment Details

Susan underwent laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy at Pratiksha Hospital in Gurgaon on July 30, 2017. During the same surgery, Dr. Madan also removed the stones from Susan’s gallbladder. The surgery was performed successfully by a team of experienced bariatric surgeons led by Dr. Madan.

Susan was transferred to the recovery unit immediately after the surgery and was made to stay at the hospital overnight. Happy with Susan’s recovery, Dr. Madan ordered her discharge from the hospital on the next day itself.

Patient’s Medical Condition (Post-treatment)

Susan showed no signs of complications associated with bariatric surgery and recovered quickly at the hospital following the procedure. She was able to walk by herself with a day of the procedure and even visited a mall on the third day after the surgery.

During her course of stay at the hospital, Susan continued to receive medical care by the hospital staff. Nurses from Pratiksha hospital visited Susan at her hotel to administer injections and medications. MediGence agents kept visiting Susan on a regular basis to keep a check on her progress and assist her with the completion of hospital formalities.

So far, Susan has successfully lost a considerable amount of weight following laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy. Just two months into the procedure, Susan currently weighs around 82 kgs and is expected tolose more in the coming weeks.

MediGence Assistance Throughout the Treatment

Considering the varying weight loss surgery cost in India, MediGence helped Susan choose the most affordable option that best meets her budget. From travel planning and hotel accommodation to airport transfer and local travel arrangements, MediGence helped Susan at every step of her journey.

The MediGence staff planned every aspect of Susan’s medical trip to India. The arrangements were so extensive that all she had to do was pack her luggage and board the flight to India without worrying about pre-travel arrangements.

Apart from making arrangements for weight loss surgery in India, MediGence also planned a short leisure trip for Susan and her parents upon being asked by them. The three of them went to see Taj Mahal and Fatehpur Sikri in Agra, two well-known historical monuments in India.

The assistance offered by the MediGence staff did not end with Susan’s discharge from the hospital. The MediGence agents continued to visit Susan during her recovery at the hotel and to make sure that she is comfortable with the nursing and non-medical facilities being delivered to her at the hospital.

The following are some of the ways by which MediGence delivers a comfortable traveling experience to medical tourists:

  • Basic facilities: MediGence in an arrangement of a medical visa, to and from the airport service, accommodation, meals, appointment with a surgeon, lab tests etc.
  • Qualified panel: MediGence has a network of the best surgeons and hospitals, providing supreme healthcare in India.
  • Affordable: The expenses incurred in the entire travel for the chemotherapy treatment in India are nearly 30% of that in most Western countries.
  • Professionalism:  maintain highest ethics in providing the treatments and the procedures are followed with transparency.
  • Other services:Our group also takes care of facilities like providing healthy meals as prescribed by your doctor, planning a vacation in India, rejuvenation, rehab facilities.
  • Qualifications:are an ISO 27001 certified company which prioritizes on the security and confidentiality of our patients. have assisted More than 1000+ patients since the inception of the company.

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