Patient from Nigeria Underwent Spine Surgery in UAE

Patient from Nigeria Underwent Spine Surgery in UAE
  • Patient Name : Monsuru Oladipupo Akanbi
  • From Country : Nigeria
  • Destination Country : UAE
  • Procedure : Spine Surgery
  • Hospital : Burjeel Hospital, Dubai

I am very satisfied with the treating doctor and the surgery outcome and am grateful to the doctors at Burjeel Hospital for the counselling and consultations which were done before surgery.
I thank MediGence which has helped me from the very beginning, from finding the right doctor, arranging my consultations, managing hospitals, and airport transfers.

Monsuru Oladipupo Akanbi, 51, a resident of Nigeria, was suffering from immense pain and discomfort in the Spine. This was limiting his options to lead a normal daily life, he felt that he was dependent and was looking for a solution regarding his condition for a while. This was when he came to know about MediGence and approached the organization to get treated for his health issues. The organization was with the patient all through the treatment journey right from the first consultation with the spine doctor, planning the treatment process, travel to Dubai, through the time in Dubai for the procedure, and post-treatment follow-up consultations. Monsuru Oladipupo Akanbi accompanied by his wife traveled from Nigeria to Dubai for a Spine procedure on 15th Jan 2021.

He chose to get the procedure performed in Burjeel Hospital, Dubai which is a premier healthcare institution with world-class infrastructure and is equipped with the latest technologically advanced diagnostic and surgical equipment. The healthcare professionals working in the hospital are not just well educated but have immense experience and are exceptionally skilled. Prof. Dr. Basil Ammori who was the doctor working on getting the patient better and back on his feet is a knowledgeable and talented doctor who is much sought after by patients owing to the good work he has been doing. The procedures completed by the good doctor have high success rates and really low chances of complications and carry low risks.

Pre-Treatment & Process

The preparation for the surgery including the presurgical evaluation began a few weeks before the surgery. When the patient reached Dubai, he was admitted to the Burjeel hospital for two to three days for the tests and the procedure to be done on the Spine. Prof. Dr. Basil Ammori and his team conferred with the patient and his wife and asked them to be prepared for the procedure.

The medical history of the patient was reviewed, diagnostic tests were prescribed and the results discussed in detail with Monsuru Oladipupo Akanbi and his wife. A thorough neurological and physical examination was followed so as to evaluate the overall health parameters of the patient. Every factor was considered from the allergies, patient’s sensitivity to various medications, list of medications, supplements that Monsuru Oladipupo Akanbi had been taking, any other health conditions that the patient was suffering from, his family history, his history of alcohol as well as tobacco usage, and details regarding any procedures that he may have had prior to this surgery. Parameters related to pulmonary, cardiac system and Ear Nose Throat, Head were checked. Sensory, motor functions, and the patients’ mental health were all part of the neurological exam.

The aim of this entire pre-treatment checkup and evaluation was complications and risk assessment for the patient regarding the procedure. Also, it helped in guiding Prof. Dr. Basil Ammori and his healthcare team towards a seamless procedure with all elements taken into consideration at the optimum time such as Anesthesia, Preoperative medical treatment, management during surgery, post-operative pain management, and follow up care.

It was a major Spine surgery performed by Prof. Dr. Basil Ammori completed with a lot of skill and finesse which relieved the patient of his Spinal condition. The surgery started with anesthesia being given to the patient followed by the surgery which took a few hours. Monsuru Oladipupo Akanbi was soon shifted out of the surgical room for observation for a day or so. He was kept under observation and advised regular follow-ups and post-operative care directions were given by the doctor. The patient started feeling immediate relief from the pressure and pain he was feeling in his spine which was the goal of the entire procedure as the doctor and his team had planned.

Post Treatment

The patient stayed in the country 7-10 days post the procedure during the recovery period. The follow-up consultations for the patient were organized by MediGence. All in all, it can be safely said that the procedure was successfully completed without any complications.

The stay of the patient was also arranged by MediGence. The organization shared a few stay options with the patient near the hospital and Monsuru Oladipupo Akanbi chose the best among them as per his budget. There were several other additional services that were provided by MediGence to the patient and his wife and these were coordinating for Hospital Transfer, arranging for and ensuring a smooth and well-coordinated Airport Pick-up, and managing Hospital Appointments for the patient.

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