Mamadou T. Underwent Medical Management at BLK Max Hospital, Delhi India

Mamadou T. Underwent Medical Management at BLK Max Hospital, Delhi India
  • Patient Name : Mamadou T.
  • From Country : Gambia
  • Destination Country : India
  • Procedure : Medical Management
  • Hospital : BLK Max Hospital, Delhi India

My interactions with my doctor, Dr. Sunil Prakash & Dr. Ajay Kumar, have been excellent. The attentive and kind medical personnel at BLK MAX Hospital have my sincere gratitude. I also want to express my gratitude to the members of the MediGence team who have supported me throughout the process, from choosing the proper doctor to scheduling their consultations to organizing hospital visits, follow-up appointments, hotel stays, and airport transfers.

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Mamadou T, a 39-year-old patient from Gambia, had a choking in his food pipe. He suffered from Gastritis and Hep B. Over time, he began to experience discomfort in his esophagus, and eventually in his digestive tract.

While looking for medical tourism businesses online, Mamadou T. came upon MediGence. Mr. MAmdou thought the MediGence health plan was really all-inclusive and reasonably priced. He sent an inquiry to MediGence. Mr. Mamadou was soon called by the MediGence case manager, who asked her to provide some information. Following submitting the required information, the patient was contacted by MediGence to learn more about his condition.

He emailed them information about his case and medical records. To discuss the problem he was having, Madeleine sought to speak with a reputable nephrologist and a gastroenterologist in India. He received a directory of India’s top medical facilities and practitioners from the MediGence team. Dr. Sunil Prakash & Dr. Ajay Kumar in Blk Max Hospital were the doctors Mr. Mamadou selected to see. The hospital includes state-of-the-art equipment, cutting-edge operating rooms, and other contemporary amenities. It boasts doctors with extensive training and expertise.

Pre-Treatment and Surgical Procedure

Within a few days, Mr. Mamadou T. acquired the visa. Several lodging options were suggested to him based on his spending limit and the hospital’s vicinity. He made the decision to stay at a hotel close to the hospital so that the care she would receive at the daycare center could be completed efficiently. Mamadou T left for India on 2 Sep 2022 . The MediGence Team met him at the airport and drove him directly to the hotel that had been reserved. The designated case manager made sure the patient had access to the hotel’s top amenities. For a doctor’s appointment, MediGence drove the patient to the hospital. The doctor’s appointment with the patient was scheduled in advance.

Mr. Mamadou T. met the top doctors and their staff at BLK MAX Hospital in India on his very first visit to the hospital of choice. He received blood testing, radiology imaging, and examinations after which he was given prescriptions for Hep B. Mr. Mamadou received assistance from MediGence to complete all advised tests successfully.

He eventually began to improve when her ailment was treated medically. She was able to fully heal while staying in the nation for around 10 days. For all of the criteria for the patient’s treatment, the MediGence team cooperated with the hospital and the doctors. There were no significant difficulties during the course of the treatment.

Post Treatment

Ms. Ngodibe had nothing but praise for the physician and the facility. She was extremely pleased with the services offered by the medical team at the BLK MAX Hospital in India. The services offered by MediGence were very well-liked by Mr. Mamadou T. He was grateful for the manner MediGence got in touch with his and assisted her in scheduling his appointments and treatment. She also spoke highly of MediGence’s professionalism and assistance with his medical treatment requirements.

The patient also appreciated MediGence for their outstanding assistance during every stage of his treatment, from picking the top hospital and nephrologist and gastroenterologist to obtaining a visa and scheduling visits. Mr. Mamadou T. is given the best wishes of Team MediGence for a bright future.


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