Tifeoluwa Obiye Underwent Knee Replacement in Saudi German Hospital, Dubai, UAE

Tifeoluwa Obiye Underwent Knee Replacement in Saudi German Hospital, Dubai, UAE
  • Patient Name : Tifeoluwa Obiye
  • From Country : Nigeria
  • Destination Country : Dubai, UAE
  • Procedure : Knee Replacement
  • Hospital : Saudi German Hospital

I sincerely want to express my appreciation for the exceptional care that was provided to me. With my treating physician and the results of the operation, I am quite pleased and delighted. Speaking of the shift doctors, attendants, and hospital staff, they were all very kind and considerate to my companion and me.

I feel a lot better now that I’ve received treatment at Saudi German Hospital, and MediGence is the best travel companion for your healthcare journey there is. Team MediGence goes above and beyond to ensure that your trip is hassle-free, pleasant, and ideal for you! As they have taken the finest care of everything so that I could concentrate on my health, I would highly suggest MediGence to anyone in need of any type of therapy.

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Living with knee pain can be quite difficult and challenging, especially while going through daily tasks. When something is not as serious, it often gets better on its own. However, there are times when discomfort worsens and the body tries to alert the person—especially those over 40—that something is wrong with their knee. Tifeoluwa Obiye, one of our most valued patients, experienced the same thing. Tifeoluwa, 60, has been dealing with intense knee pain and swelling.

Years went by, and the discomfort grew worse. As the waiting list for treatment in Nigeria was too long and she could no longer take the distress, she began looking for options for the best care in other nations. She eventually got in touch with MediGence after looking online for organizations that could help her plan her medical vacation overseas.

Team MediGence got engaged right away and started providing her with the best diagnosis and care as soon as we received her case. The clinical background and medical summary were carefully reviewed, and it was determined that the patient needed knee replacement surgery. She was given a number of options from India, but she decided to work with Dr. Omar Sabri at  Saudi German Hospital, Dubai.

The MediGence team always makes an effort to assist patients as much as we can! In order to prevent any further misunderstandings or confusion, we gave her all the treatment-related information, including the length of her stay, the cost, and other pertinent prerequisites. Additionally, we organized all the necessary consultations, hospital coordination, medical appointments, and logistical arrangements.

Pre-Treatment and Surgical Process

Tifeoluwa left her native Nigeria on 7 February 2022, to travel to India with a companion. Every appointment and lodging arrangement for her had already been made, and our staff welcomed them at the airport to begin the process. After she had checked into the hotel, our devoted case manager drove her to the hospital, where a doctor gave her a comprehensive examination. She was later admitted, and the process of preparing for surgery began. The services and safety measures that were properly and proactively implemented during her treatment stay at the hospital particularly impressed her.

However, it is a reality that every operation calls for a pre-operative assessment of the patient’s health. Medical specialists can discover physical disorders (both known and unknown) that can potentially result in surgical complications (such as respiratory or heart issues) thanks to this in-depth evaluation.

Her complete physical examination included a number of diagnostic procedures, including an MRI, CT scan, blood test, BUN, and ABG. After being determined to be a candidate for the procedure, she was brought into the operating room where her vital signs were carefully monitored, anesthesia was administered, and eventually, the doctor performed the procedure, which was a tremendous success. She had to stay in the hospital for 5 days and a total of 3 weeks in Dubai.

Post Treatment

She was transferred to the recovery area after the procedure and kept under close supervision. Her blood pressure, respiration, pulse, and other vital indicators were all still being observed by the medical team. She was later transferred to a private inpatient room at the hospital when the post-operative pain was appropriately handled. After three days, she was given written instructions to follow and was allowed to leave the hospital. She was provided with the necessary advice and suggestions by the doctor and the medical staff, who also booked a follow-up appointment.


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