Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey | Top Clinics and Best Surgeons

Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey | Top Clinics and Best Surgeons

Hair transplant involves the removal of hair follicles from a specific part of the body and implantation of the same in the site in question. In simple terms, hair transplantation is the process of transplanting hair follicles from the donor site, which shows dense growth or sufficient growth, to the recipient site which shows the signs of balding. Balding is one of the most concerning conditions that are characterized by loss of hair. The condition is known to affect the largest proportion of the population across the world. As per the statistical records, balding is observed in almost 30 million women, whereas the same has been reported in more than 50 million men. The primary cause for the same is mostly hereditary, however loss of hair can also result from one or more physiological anomalies that either directly cause balding or may interfere with the process of hair growth. Due to the growing need and demand for hair transplantation procedures, the technique is currently being offered in a wide number of countries across the world. Although the procedure can be availed in any of the major countries, yet some of the recent studies suggest that Turkey has shown exceptional progress in the same. The country not only has an array of successful hair transplantation clinics but also has made its mark on the global platform. This has been possible due to a large number of proficient doctors and surgeons providing advanced treatments at an affordable package. Hair transplantation cost in Turkey is comparatively more affordable than that offered in the major countries offering the same benefits, and thus, the treatment can be availed by the common mass without leaving a hole in the pocket.

What is a hair transplant?

Over the past decades, hair transplantation has gained immense popularity alongside other cosmetic surgeries available. Owing to a huge number of affected individuals, the procedure is highly adopted by both young and adults. This is because many people have reported low confidence and lack of acceptance due to baldness. Hence, in order to achieve the perfect physical appearance, most people undergo the procedure. In this, the surgeon removes the intact hair follicles from a specific area (donor region) which shows enhanced or dense growth. The hair follicles, thus extracted, are either stored until the time of application or are directly applied during the procedure, on the recipient site, which is characterized by hair loss or shows signs of baldness. The procedure may be completed in a single session or may require more than one session depending on the extent of baldness and the amount of transplantation required.

What Is The Average Cost Of Hair Transplantation In Turkey?

The cost of a hair transplant varies depending on several factors. Among which, the country or the place from where the procedure is being availed plays a key role in the determination of the same. Though almost every major country is known to offer advanced hair transplants, Turkey has risen among the notable countries on a global scale. Housing world-class surgeons and physicians performing the procedure in the decorated clinics located in the metropolis of the country, Turkey has undoubtedly risen as one of the most favorable destinations for this procedure. Besides, the list of clinics providing the uncompromised treatment procedures here has upgraded to the most advanced centers and are, thereby, furnished with cutting edge technology for the same. Thus, all things considered, the hair transplant cost in Turkey may range from $1500 to $5000. However, the cost of a hair transplant mostly depends on the extent of the procedure required, as well as the type of procedure suitable for the candidate in question.

Among various techniques or types applied for hair transplant procedures, the Follicular Unit Extraction, also known as the FUE, happens to be the most common approach. The approximate cost of $1500 to $5000 has been estimated for a stipulated number of hair follicles which range between 1000 to about 6500 hair follicles (Note: The requirement varies from person to person). The duration of the procedure required depends on the number of hair follicles needed by a person which is determined by the extent of baldness observed.

Besides the FUE hair transplant in Turkey, another popular and sophisticated technique is also available, which is known as the Follicular Unit Strip Surgery. Also known as the FUSS, this procedure involves surgical removal of the entire skin or donor tissues which shows dense growth of hair follicles. The strip of skin or tissue thus removed, is implanted on the recipient site or the area which shows signs of baldness. The cost of the process is supposedly higher than the average hair transplant cost in Turkey and may begin from $1700.

Hair transplant cost in Turkey depends on the number of successful grafts required for the completion of the entire procedure. Thus, the cost may be more or less depending on the number of grafts required by an individual. In general, based on several factors, the cost per graft may range from a minimum of $0.4 to a maximum of $4 for every graft. Thus, for curing the average estimated baldness, 3500 grafts are required, which makes the estimated cost range from as low as $1400 to as high as $15000.

What Are The Factors Affecting The Cost Of Hair Transplant In Turkey?

Hair transplant cost in Turkey, though affordable than most of the countries, is affected by several factors. The range of expenditure, apart from the traveling expenses, is primarily determined by the clinic from where the consultation, as well as the procedure, is being availed from. Apart from that, the other factors that decide the cost are:

  • Proficiency of the Surgeon: The cost of a hair transplant highly varies on the doctor or the surgeon performing the procedure. This is because some of the major procedures involving complications need to be treated by experts who have earned years of experience on their end. Most of the clinics in Turkey have highly skilled doctors who have decades of experience and sharp observing skills supported by their higher degrees duly received from prestigious universities.
  • Type of Transplant Required: The type of procedure required by the candidate is also one of the important factors that affect the cost of hair transplantation in Turkey. The two most common types of procedures are FUE and FUSS. While the former is more suitable, the latter being comparatively more sophisticated requiring better facilities, healing period, and surgical amenities. FUSS also requires an added professional assistance as it involves complete removal of the tissues containing hair follicles, and replacing them at the recipient site. The candidate needs a defined healing period and follow-up care for the same, which affects the cost downright.
  • Number of Grafts Required: Hair transplant cost is determined by the number of grafts required by an individual. The number of grafts is also dependent on the extent of baldness diagnosed. The greater the area of baldness experienced by the candidate, the more the number of grafts implanted. Hence, this is an important factor that affects the expenditure of the procedure.
  • Type of Instrument Required for the Procedure: The type of instruments used for hair transplant procedures vary from regular to advanced. While the conventional instruments which are generally used are mostly affordable, advanced robotic technology can cost more are only available at selected clinics in the country.

Why Choose Turkey As A Destination For Hair Transplantation?

One of the primary reasons for opting for Turkey as a medical travel destination for hair transplants is the affordable packages provided in almost every city here. Among the list of cities, hair transplantation in Istanbul happens to be one of the most favored destinations on a global scale. Turkey has a large number of cosmetic surgery clinics and hospitals where hair transplant procedures are provided at a very affordable price range with uncompromised treatment facilities. The cost of a hair transplant generally ranges from a minimum of $4000 to a maximum of $15000 in the major countries, which is why a huge number of people visit Turkey every year to avail of the procedure. In addition, the country also has the best of the best doctors and surgeons who are favored on a global scale. The success rates of cosmetic surgeons are appreciably higher which makes Turkey one of the best choices for hair transplant.

Which Are The Top Clinics & Hospitals In Turkey For Hair Transplantation?

  • Joint Commission International, or JCI

Situated in Istanbul, Turkey & largest city, the International Hospital is a multi-specialty medical center offering the treatment and care in several healthcare specialties. The 118-bed hospital was recognized in 1989 and it is part of the Acibadem Healthcare Group, which holds 11 hospitals in Turkey.

Medical services and treatment vary from cardiology to neurosurgery, cosmetic surgery, oncology, orthopedics and many more. The hospital was modernized in 2006 and now has comforta... Read More




DOCTORS in 11 Specialties


Facilities & Amenities

  • Joint Commission International, or JCI

Acibadem started its journey into healthcare services as a small vicinity hospital in a district of Turkey. Currently, Acibadem is a great brand, which has taken its correct place amongst the global healthcare leaders. It has 21 hospitals, 16 outpatient clinics and subsidiary service companies. The newest connection in the chain is Acibadem Atakent University Hospital, sited as a general-purpose hospital. Atakent Hospital practises the Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation stand... Read More




DOCTORS in 11 Specialties


Facilities & Amenities

Medicana Samsun Hospital was set up as a result of partnership between Borsan Group and Medicana Health Group as Borsan Group & investment in the healthcare sector. Medicana began operation in 2006 and is the biggest and most modern hospital in the Black Sea region.The hospital is one of Turkey & biggest hospital in terms of volume, function and comfort. Spread over an area of 30,000 square meter indoor area the hospital caters to all medical needs of both national and nternatio... Read More




DOCTORS in 11 Specialties


Facilities & Amenities

  • Joint Commission International, or JCI

The newest connection in the Acibadem Healthcare Group chain, Acibadem Taksim Hospital is an all-purpose hospital. Fortified with a Modular Operating System, the hospital operating rooms have modular wall systems and state-of-the-art technological tools. A latest IT solution called “Insight” for workflow organization and optimization of busy operating rooms is one of the expert systems used in the hospital. With architecture that enhances a distinct touch to the city silhouette i... Read More




DOCTORS in 8 Specialties


Facilities & Amenities

Estetik International


Estetik International Hospital mainly focusses in aesthetic, reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. The clinic has treated over 70,000 patients in closely two decades and is well-known for its expert staff, the high quality of its facilities and state-of-the-art technology. Estetik International pairs the most advanced technological developments and devices with experienced, highly trained doctors to make sure that the patients receive the best treatment possible.

Th... Read More




DOCTORS in 1 Specialties


Facilities & Amenities

Almost every major city in Turkey has advanced clinics offering the best hair transplantation amenities. From supremely qualified support staff to dignified doctors enriched with years of experience, the clinics have ideally made their mark on the global platform. There are several added factors that make some of the clinics unique, among which the infrastructure and amenities offered are the most noteworthy.

Thus, here are some of the best clinics for hair transplantation in Turkey:

  • The Diamond Hair Clinic: The Diamond Hair Clinic is known to house some of the best surgeons who are very efficient in handling various types of hair transplantation activities with astonishing results. Dr. Mehmet Demircioglu has notably made his mark due to his impressive success rates. A graduate of a Turkish university, Dr. Mehmet Demircioglu had also been to the Netherlands to further nurture his experience in his field. Dr. Mehmet is a renowned specialist who has also published several journals, which clearly clarify the hereditary patterns of baldness in males. Ever since its establishment in the year 2012, the Diamond Hair Clinic has performed more than 2500 successful FUE transplantation procedures.
  • Transmed Clinic: This is the place where the primary hair rebuilding treatment was introduced in Turkey in the year 1994. Since then, the facility has decided to have some expertise in a large group of administrations that incorporate dermatology, hair rebuilding, plastic, restorative and reconstructive medical procedures. This clinic has advanced by a wide margin in hair transplantation on the grounds that they have an exploration and improvement department as well. Patients from around 50 nations have stood clear witness to their polished skill and mastery. Transmed Clinic gives different hair relocate bundles, for example, hair relocate-related activities, translator administrations, after medical procedure prescriptions, convenience, and so many more.
  • Dr. T Hair Transplant Clinic: The clinic has been established and named after the most eminent individual who has majestically performed almost all kinds of hair transplantation procedures at this center – Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu. Under his guidance, the clinic has completed more than 7000 medical procedures since 1996, making him truly outstanding in the field. The clinic is backed with all the necessary modern amenities and also gained popularity, mostly for the strict discipline maintained here. Besides, the clinic pays thorough attention to past diseases or history of any medical illness which may interfere with the procedure and thus provides necessary treatment accordingly.
  • Dr. Muttalip Keser Clinic: Dr. Muttalip Keser Clinic stands out as one of the most disciplined clinics functioning in the heart of the country. The clinic not only has a storehouse of modern amenities but also flaunts a record of supremely proficient doctors, consultants, and specialists who have been serving mankind through decades at a stretch. Among the list of proficient doctors of the clinic, Dr. Keser is the most renowned specialist whose tireless service has been praised over years. Dr. Keser is an expert in hair recuperation and provides the patients an option to get their hair back in case of extreme baldness, through the most recent procedures.
  • Capilclinic: Capilclinic is a premier hair transplant center in Turkey, which has leading-edge technology and houses a highly efficient team that is established in hair transplantation, with over 10 years of experience. The clinic functions under the clinical guidance of Dr. Oguz. He is the best hair transplant specialist, who is known for his extraordinary contribution in strengthening the foundation of the clinic altogether. Aiming at preparing the best communities in the United Kingdom, the clinic has established notables successful FUE procedures, which became the most prestigious hair transplantation clinic in Turkey. Dr. Oguz is an active member of The Turkish Medical Association; the Turkish Society of Plastic, Turkish Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery; Reconstructive and Esthetic Surgery; The International Society of Esthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) the Turkish Society of Esthetic Plastic Surgery; and the Turkish Society of Esthetic Face and Nose Surgery. He also received appreciation from the Joint Commission International (JCI), which ensures the implementation of the most noteworthy clinical principles to provide top-quality treatment at an incredibly low cost. It is the best center in the entire nation.
  • Unique ASMED Medical Center: The ASMED clinic has had a decent history of ensuring patient satisfaction when it comes to hair transplantation techniques. The key person is Dr. Koray Erdogan who is efficient in managing the entire clinic single-handedly. The clinic would not have been able to stand without his guidance and support. Over the years, the clinic has received high recognition for delivering satisfactory results attracting a large number of candidates from all across the world. The clinic has received appreciation for its organized approach of handling all the procedures from diagnosis to the completion of the procedure to follow-up treatment. The clinic is very popular among medical tourists on a global platform.
  • Estetistanbul Medical Center: The Estetistanbul Medical Center, established in the year 1994 is recognized for having one of the most high-classed infrastructures. The clinic has consisted as one of the most trusted facilities that deliver effective hair transplantation in Turkey. The medical center has been designed to have world-class facilities that take care of dermatology, restorative medical procedures, with a specific interest in hair transplantation. The clinic has made its mark by performing around seventy transplants every month, adding up to 1500 patients in a year. The clinic is also noted for offering uncompromised treatment facilities in exchange for an affordable package.
  • Dr. Serdar Gökrem Clinic: The prestigious Dr. Serdar Gökrem Clinic is one of the most eminent clinics providing hair transplantation in Turkey. Situated in the heart of the popular city of Ankara, the clinic is run by Dr. Serdar Gökrem, who is perhaps one of the most reputed hairs transplant experts. He also has vast experience in the FUE procedure and has excelled in the procedure using the most cutting-edge techniques. However, the clinic has achieved in ensuring patient satisfaction with the help of its efficient specialists and highly experienced plastic surgeons who perform as a team in case of severe complications or other fatal cases.

Who Are The Top Plastic Surgeons In Turkey Performing Hair Transplantation?

Though there are a large number of doctors, consultants, specialists, and surgeons who are recognized for their promising facilities, specialists in hair transplantation procedures are known to stand out for all the right reasons. The specialists serving in the country are hand-picked from various corners of the world. Thus, the top plastic surgeons with huge experience in hair transplant in Turkey, are:

  • Dr. Mehmet Erdogan: Dr. Erdogan is one of the most prominent hair transplant specialists who is currently associated with the Smile Hair Clinic, situated in the heart of Istanbul. He has more than a decade of experience and is fluent in various languages namely Turkish, English and German. The doctor has expertise in various methods of hair restoration as well as hair transplantation. Besides providing thorough guidance and consultation regarding hair transplant he has also mastered manual FUE procedure. Erdogan started his career in the year 2011 and is currently associated with the Smile Hair Clinic, where he has been serving since the year 2018. He has studied at the Medical Faculty at Yeditepe University and has been an active member of various Medical Associations in Turkey. Apart from this, the doctor has also been appreciated for his high success rates and for handling some of the complications in the history of his career.
  • Dr. Naci Karacaoglan: Dr. Karacaoglan is also one of the most notable doctors who has specialized in the various procedures of hair transplantation in Turkey. His expertise extends deep into both FUSS and FUE procedures which is why most of the candidates prefer him for performing the procedure. Enriched with decades of experience, the doctor is also known to be part of eminent Turkish Medical Associations which makes him attain a dignified position on the global platform. He currently practices in the prestigious Medipol Mega University Hospital, Karacaoglan, and has been thoroughly appreciated for his tireless services.
  • Dr. Omer Alp: Dr. Alp is counted among the senior-most hair transplant specialists in Turkey who is well known for his history of work and success rates. Decorated with years of practice and decades of experience to his credit, Dr. Alp has been appreciated by medical tourists on a global scale. Over the years, the specialist has attained thorough command over FUE technique but is also proficient with the advanced technology as well as FUSS procedures. Currently functioning in the Turkiye Hospital Hair Clinic, Dr. Alp flaunts a history of providing services at the most eminent clinics in major countries across the world. He has performed 5500+ procedures and has a record of satisfied candidates cherishing the results. Till date, he has been recognized for reporting the least number of complications and thus, is the top choice for thousands of medical tourists all across the globe.
  • Dr. Otzan Ozgur: Dr. Ozgur is one of the most experienced hair transplant specialists serving in the major cities of Turkey. Although specialized in FUE procedure, Dr. Ozgur is well accustomed to modern technologies and devices, thereby having an edge over many others. With years of tireless service, the s]doctor has attained an unshakable trust of his candidates and is known to have delivered high satisfactory results post-procedure. Dr. Ozgur has also received noteworthy degrees, and medals and is known to be part of the medical associations in Turkey which makes him a prominent figure among plastic surgeons who have mastered hair transplantation. The surgeon is currently practicing in the prestigious HLC Hairline Clinic, which exists in both the prominent cities of Ankara as well as Istanbul.
  • Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu: Dr. Tayfun is a pioneer doctor for hair transplant procedures in Turkey who has been striving towards betterment ever since the beginning of his professional career in 1996. He is also considered to be one of the first doctors who introduced his own clinic and performed the FUT procedure. Though currently practicing in Turkey, the specialist is known to have completed his training from the major countries and also has worked in several clinics in the United States. With decades of experience, he has been able to sharpen his skills and has developed a keen eye for ideally dealing with all possible complications, if any. He is one of the most responsible specialists who ensure safety and closely monitors the patients till they are completely healed. Moreover, he is also known for his cooperative nature and excellence owing to which he been to cross milestones in his career.
  • Dr. Hakan Doganay: Dr. Doganay is well known for his approach to handling simple to complex cases, a skill that is seldom mastered by most doctors. Attaining specialism in various hair transplantation procedures, Dr. Doganay humbly flaunts thousands of successful cases to his record. Singlehandedly managing the AHD Clinic with his clinical guidance, he has been able to bless thousands of candidates both native and foreign to the country. Although he has specialized in the FUE technique, yet he is well acquainted with the modern advancements, owing to which, he has sharpened his skills and has successfully stayed at par with the fresh doctors. His use of convenient techniques for even the most complex cases is what astounds his candidates, thereby making him one of the best hair transplant specialists in Turkey.
  • Dr. Resul Yaman: Dr. Yaman is known to practice in his own clinic known as the Dr. Resul Yaman Hair Clinic. He is a specialist surgeon who received his degree in surgery in the year 2007. Besides specializing in the FUE procedure, Dr. Yaman is also known to have mastered the FUSS technique of hair transplantation which makes him one of the most versatile surgeons in Turkey. He has not only performed conventional hair transplants to cure baldness but also has mastered his skill on eyebrow transplant and facial hair transplant. The doctor is well versed with both the languages English and Turkish which guarantees smooth interaction with the native candidates as well as the foreign medical tourists. His techniques include the usage of sapphire blades for the clean incision. Besides, for the extraction procedure, he uses an advanced micromotor which is run at low speed to enhance accuracy and a specialized implanter for implanting the follicles.
  • Dr. Koray Erdogan: Dr. Koray is another noteworthy figure in the hair transplant division of cosmetic surgery. He is not only crowned with significant degrees but also is furnished with decades of thorough experience earned from various clinics scattered all across the country. Currently practicing in the Special ASMED Medical Center, he is one of the most prestigious and skilled surgeons in the clinic. Having thousands of successful cases and satisfied candidates to his credit, he is also considered one of the biggest reasons behind the recognition of the clinic. He is also recognized for the introduction of the Sequential Technique, which later proved to be handy in the FUE technique.

What Is The Success Rate Of Hair Transplantation In Turkey?

Turkey flaunts hundreds of hair transplantation centers in almost every nook and corner. Among the most popular cities, Istanbul happens to top the list with almost 350 clinics in total. The huge number of such clinics directly raises the chances of success rates in general. This is because, with increased competition, the hair transplantation clinics in Turkey constantly strive towards building better infrastructure to offer the best facilities to the medical tourists flocking to the country in thousands in number every year. The success rates mostly depend on the amenities provided, correct diagnosis, and treatment by proficient surgeons. Offering the best hair transplantation in Istanbul, Turkey has risen the bar by maintaining an approximately 98 percent of success rate, which is higher than most of the major countries across the country. Apart from that, most of the cities boast a success rate that varies from 95 percent to 98 percent, which is why people suffering from baldness prefer Turkey over their native countries.

What Are The Types And Techniques Of Hair Transplant Which Are Performed In Turkey?

Hair Transplant Types in Turkey

Hair transplantation simply involves the removal of hair follicles from one site to another site which shows prominent signs of baldness. However, the procedure can be performed by two standard techniques which are explained below:

Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS): FUSS, also known as the Follicular Unit Transplantation or FUT, is usually done on men with androgenic alopecia (also recognized as pattern baldness in human males or Ludwig pattern baldness in human females). This particular type of hair transplantation in Turkey involves cutting a strip of the skin meant for the extraction of the hair follicles. The extracted tissue strip is then surgically removed from the areas that show dense hair growth or have a comparatively higher number of hair follicles. The hair follicles thus extracted, are then transferred to the region of the scalp that shows signs of baldness. The technique followed for the completion of this procedure is:

  • The procedure is initiated by a redrawn hairline which prominently marks the area of hair extraction. Photographs of the same are taken for a medical record.
  • The candidate is thereafter given a sedative or local anesthesia, as deemed fit by the surgeon.
  • The hair at the donor area (the site from where the hair follicles are extracted removed) will be trimmed to an approximate measurement of around 2 mm.
  • A strip of tissue or skin with the hair follicles from the donor area, which has been trimmed and outlined, is then cut out and then be used as a graft.
  • Individual hair follicles are removed from the strip of the skin and prepared for transplantation.
  • Post-transplantation, the region of the scalp operated is eventually closed with sutures.
  • The hair follicles thus inserted is completed with such a precision that it undistinguishably mimics the natural lining of the hair that once existed.
  • The region is washed and bandaged to allow the necessary time for healing.
  • The candidate is prescribed antibiotics in order to prevent any possible chances of infection.

NOTE: The process of FUT leaves a scar at the site of the scalp where the hairline has been removed. Though the scar is known to fade with the passage of time, the candidate must know that it is permanent. However, the scar may not be visible, in case, the candidate maintains the length of the hair necessary to conceal it.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): Follicular Unit Extraction, abbreviated as FUE is a standard technique and is also one of the most commonly performed procedures of hair transplantation in Turkey. The procedure includes the extraction of healthy hair follicles directly from a portion of the candidate’s skin that deems suitable. The extracted units of follicles are then grafted or affixed on the regions of the scalp where the hair is thinning or hairline is receding which shows clear signs of baldness. To understand the procedure better, here is a brief explanation of FUE hair transplantation in Turkey:

  • The candidate is first prepared for the procedure. For this, the first step involves shaving of the area or the skin from where the follicles will be extracted. The region around which the hair follicles have to be extracted is shaved.
  • A small or minute device is used for making intricate punctures in the scalp to extract the follicles. The device ensures accuracy and makes the punctures seamlessly possible.
  • Minuscule entry points are made utilizing a needle in the zone where the removed follicles are embedded.
  • >The extracted units of individual follicles thereafter are embedded into the small entry points made by the needle. In this step, the entire zone is cleaned and dressed for eliminating any possibility of infection or septic.

NOTE: The procedure of FUE is more common and preferred by patients all across the world since it does not leave a significant scar on the skin unlike the FUSS procedure. The scar is also termed a “hair plug” as it prominently marks the region and where the procedure is performed. However, one must keep in mind that clusters of minute puncture marks or scars are visible, though not prominently distinguishable. The residue marks also fade away after some time.

Advanced Technique Of Hair Transplant In Turkey: In some of the advanced clinics offering robotic technology or upgraded services, the ARTAS is also preferred for performing FUE hair transplants in Turkey. The use of ARTAS facilitates automated transplantation and thus minimizes manual labor by the surgeons. It is advanced robotic machinery, which, however, needs to be operated by the surgeon. This also encourages accuracy and greater precision and ends up giving a more furnished look to the individual.

Since ARTAS involves a large area of the head of the candidate, at least two sessions for follicle relocation might be required. This is because approximately 3,000 units to 4,000 units of hair follicles are extracted during each session. Transplanting so many follicle units is extremely time-consuming, surviving which in one session will not be humanely possible. Thus, the sessions are broken down, and in each session, a stipulated number of follicle transplantation is performed.

Packages that are offered for Hair Transplantation in Turkey

Which Are The Most Prominent Cities In Turkey Which Have Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplant in Turkey is very popular due to a large number of successful clinics housing skilled consultants and surgeons. Moreover, Turkey has hundreds of cosmetic surgery clinics and hair transplantation centers that offer services at a wide range of costs. The range primarily depends on the city where the procedure is being carried out. However, even after considering all other factors, the average cost of hair transplantation in Turkey is more affordable than that in most of the major countries. This is because of some of the perimeter factors, which are, cost of living, distance from the nearest airport, residential expense, and many more. Some of the prominent cities for hair transplantation in Turkey along with the approximate treatment cost are:

City Cost (USD)
Istanbul $2,100
Ankara A $1,400
Konya $2,500
Adana $1,800
Izmir $2,100
Mersin $1,780
Diyarbakir $1,890
Antalya $2,200
Bursa $1,800
Gaziantep $1,700

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