Finley Underwent Hair Transplantation at Memorial Antalya Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey

Finley Underwent Hair Transplantation at Memorial Antalya Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Patient Name : Mr. Finley
  • From Country : United Kingdom
  • Destination Country : Turkey
  • Procedure : Hair Transplantation
  • Hospital : Memorial Antalya Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey

Finley is 60 years old. In search of hair transplantation possibilities in Turkey but unsure of where to go, he wrote a message to MediGence. He was contacted by a member of the patient care team to learn more about him and what he is genuinely seeking.

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In search of hair transplantation possibilities in the United Kingdom but unsure of where to go, Mr. Finely contacted MediGence. He was contacted by a member of the patient care team to learn more about him and what he is genuinely seeking for. He had a lengthy conversation with the MediGence team to better understand which strategy would be the best for him because he was unsure about his options. Mr. Finelywas asked to send the team some of the images of his scalp for reference.

Mr. Finley was informed of the opinions of the experts and the reasons why the physicians advised the FUE method. He was well informed about the treatment, healing, scars, and aftercare, yet he still had some concerns.

He was given a thorough treatment plan from three separate JCI-certified hospitals in Turkey, along with a package price. He received a detailed explanation of everything that is included and omitted in the bundle. He received a variety of services as part of the package, such as a free first hair wash, blood tests, all local transfers, information on hair care, complimentary lunch on the day of the procedure, printed aftercare instructions, two nights’ lodging in a 4-star hotel (including breakfast), free shampoo, and prescription medication.

For the procedure, he decided on Memorial Antalya Hospital in Istanbul. Mr. Finley immediately purchased his tickets and submitted a copy to the staff at MediGence because he didn’t need a visa to fly to Turkey from the United Kingdom.

Pre-Treatment and Surgical Procedure

He was picked up from the hotel on June 21st, 2022, at 8 in the morning for a consultation and pre-op tests. He was transferred to the hair transplantation center for the procedure after blood testing and results examination. Almost 4,000 grafts are implanted in the recipient area throughout the roughly six-hour process. After the procedure, Mr. Finley was driven back to his hotel.

The staff in Memorial Antalya showed up at Mr. Finley’s hotel the following day to pick him up for a hair treatment and shampoo session. He received very detailed instructions on how to wash his hair and take care of his hair in the coming days. For a month, he received a shampoo, a foam, and an ointment to put on his donor area.

A hair transplant is a procedure that adds hair to the scalp’s exposed or thinning patches. It is frequently used for those who have already tried other hair loss therapies and is also known as hair restoration or hair replacement. Hair transplants are carried out by dermatologists (healthcare professionals who specialize in the skin) or plastic surgeons (healthcare professionals who specialize in reconstructive operations). The medical professional removes grafts, or tiny pieces of skin, from body parts with healthy hair. The donor site is what healthcare providers refer to as here. The area with the thickest hair is typically on one’s head, at the back of the scalp. The medical professional places the grafts in the areas of the scalp that lack hair. The transplanted skin should continue to grow hair after it has healed.

Post Treatment

Mr. Finley had no problems either before or after the procedure. Before leaving, he did have certain concerns about the operation, but the Patient Care staff at MediGence took care of all of them. In order for him to ask all of his questions and make a decision, they even set up a call for him to make with the hair transplant expert in Istanbul. Mr. Finley maintains in touch with MediGence and keeps providing updates on his progress.


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