Stem Cell Therapy for Anti Ageing

Stem Cell Therapy for Anti Ageing

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According to the United Nations study on Ageing-

  • The world’s population is ageing. Almost every country in the globe is seeing an increase in the number and proportion of people over the age of 65.
  • The population of people aged 65 and older is expanding at a greater rate than any other age group around the world.
  • As per the World Population Prospects: the 2019 Revision, one in every six persons in the world will be over the age of 65 (16%) by 2050, up from one in every eleven in 2019 (9%)

Anti-aging has been described in a variety of ways by different groups and individual researchers, resulting in a variety of common meanings and connotations. Anti-aging is described as the process of slowing, preventing, or reversing the ageing process in the human body. However, there is no proven and available medical technique that can halt or reverse ageing in humans at this time.

Anti-aging is a myth for some people in some communities. They believe that ageing is a natural process that can’t be stopped in any way. The anti-aging process or medication, as defined by the medical and reputable business communities, refers to the early detection, prevention, and treatment of age-related disorders. A variety of factors are likely to contribute to ageing. Some theories believe that cells have a set lifespan, while others claim that it is governed by error and damage. Other hypotheses attribute ageing to genetic, evolutionary, or biological processes.

The disease can be exacerbated by ageing cells. Many diseases could be better handled if cell ageing could be prevented, delayed, or even reversed. Stem cells may be able to slow down the ageing process and treat certain age-related diseases. Stem cells have the unique ability to move to areas of injury and inflammation in the body. The ability of stem cells to coordinate the repair and regeneration of degraded tissues, as well as modify the immune system to promote improved health, has been demonstrated in studies. The benefits of stem cell therapy can include a reduction in undesirable symptoms, a slowdown of disease development, and an overall improvement in quality of life, depending on the sickness or the patient’s starting condition. Stem cell therapy as anti-aging therapy replenishes the body’s supply of stem cells, allowing it to repair and rejuvenate all of its organs. The success rate of the treatment is proportional to the patient’s age, and the patient’s condition.

The global anti-aging industry is expected to reach $422.8 billion by 2030, up from $194.4 billion in 2020, with an 8.6% CAGR between 2021 and 2030. The primary elements driving this growth would be the increase in the awareness of the available goods via conferences and seminars, growth in the medical tourism industry, increase in the number of anti-aging cosmetic treatments, and a rise in disposable income worldwide.

Symptoms & Causes of Aging


There are a variety of indications of ageing that one may notice. Here are a few readily obvious signs or indicators of growing old-

  • Dark spots
  • Sagging skin
  • Dull glow-less skin
  • Lines & wrinkles
  • Dry skin
  • Patchy skin
  • Open pores
  • Impaired vision
  • Impaired hearing
  • Loss of strength in muscles
  • Loss of bone density
  • Decreased immune system function
  • Decreased cognitive ability
  • Less efficient metabolism.
  • Loss of energy
  • Hair loss
  • Decreased balance and overall mobility


Aging can be categorized into two types and due to two types of factors, intrinsic and extrinsic.

  • Intrinsic ageing is a naturally occurring, genetically established process.
  • Extrinsic ageing is caused by things outside of your control, such as where you reside, your stress levels, and your lifestyle choices (like smoking).

Types of Aging conditions treated by Stem Cell Therapy

Cellular Aging- 

Cellular ageing is described as a gradual loss of cellular functioning and eventual cell death caused by a cumulative fall in resistance to stress and other cellular damages. Intrinsic factors cause cellular ageing. It is related to the biological aging of cells. The basic building components of the body are cells. Your cells are set up to divide, proliferate, and carry out essential biological duties.

However, the more cells that divide, the older they become. Cells eventually lose their ability to operate correctly as a result of this. As cells age, they become more vulnerable to harm. This makes the cell less healthy, leading biological processes to fail. Cellular damage builds up with time as well.

Damage-related and environmental aging

Among the many components that affect the ageing process, one of the modifiable risk factors is environmental exposure. Environmental contaminants and chemicals severely influence the homeostatic status of ageing, frequently leading to the development of some diseases at an earlier age than expected.

Extrinsic factors are linked to damage-related and environmental ageing. It relates to how our circumstances and lifestyle affect how we mature.

This includes factors like:

  • air pollution
  • tobacco smoke
  • alcohol consumption
  • malnutrition
  • ultraviolet radiation (UV) exposure

These factors can damage our cells and speed up the ageing process. Both types of ageing affect everyone. However, each aspect of ageing differs from person to person, which explains why we age in diverse ways.

Importance of Stem Cell Therapy for Anti-Aging

The value of stem cell therapy for anti-aging is divided into three sections; in order to give you more clarity on the subject-

The Problem:

It has been determined by WHO that in the coming period (by 2050), 80% of older people will be living in low- and middle-income countries, and the speed of population ageing is significantly higher than in the past. At the biological level, ageing arises from the influence of the accumulation of a wide variety of molecular and cellular damage over time. This results in a gradual loss of physical and mental capacity, as well as an increased risk of disease and, eventually, death. These changes are not linear or consistent, and they are only tangentially related to a person’s chronological age. The variety seen as people become older is not random. Apart from biological changes, ageing is frequently linked to other life transitions such as retirement, moving to more suitable housing, and the death of friends and partners.

Hearing loss, cataracts, and refractive errors, back and neck discomfort, and osteoarthritis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes, depression, and dementia are all common conditions among older people. People who are older are more likely to suffer from prevention of chronic diseases at the same time.

The ongoing treatment:

There are risks associated with using topical medications, swallowing pills, chemical peeling, or derma fillers/treatment; some are major, while others are minor. You can also grow hooked to these medications, and taking them on a daily basis can slow down the ageing process and protect you from certain risks. As a result, you require a low-risk, effective treatment that does not require surgery or long-term daily medication.

Treatment with stem cells appears to be an emerging option for all of your costly & and risk-full treatments. Also, stem cells are not a surgical process, rather it is an injectable process that takes about 45 mins only in a single session (2-3 sessions required as per the condition).

The Solution- Stem cell therapy:

Stem cells have the potential to slow down the ageing process. Stem cells, when combined with anti-aging genes, can form a complex barrier that protects against the consequences of ageing. Increased cellular damage and accelerated ageing due to increased wear and tear of the body’s endogenous stem cells. The cells in our bodies suffer damage as we move through life due to regular wear and tear. Luckily, our bodies have systems in place to heal this damage and keep us looking young; nevertheless, we lose this ability throughout time at a rate set by our “genetic clock.” Our cells suffer irreversible damage as the “genetic clock” ticks down, and we age. The existence of the “genetic clock” previously made it appear impossible to slow down ageing. Fortunately, developments in stem cell therapy have allowed us to postpone this process while also extending our lives.

Read out some of the major reasons why you should avail of stem cell therapy as an anti-aging treatment-

  • Stem cells have the power to transform into the cells that they come into contact with. As a result, stem cells are used in the Rejuvenation treatment.
  • The quantity of cells to be delivered is calculated based on the patient’s age. Mesenchymal stem cells  (derived from the patient’s own adipose tissue or bone marrow) are used in the treatment.
  • The treatment of the patient is decided according to the condition of the patient. It can be performed in 3 sessions 45 days apart or in 3 consecutive days.
  • Stem cells are injected intravenously (by vascular access), while fibroblast autologous cells forming the connective tissue of the face are injected into the face.
  • The treatment protocol is precisely adjusted according to the patient’s condition and a different protocol may be applied for each patient.

Eligibility of Stem Cell Therapy for Anti-Aging

There is no age limit for stem cell therapy. As an anti-aging treatment, stem cell treatment is available at any suitable or relevant age. People in their 40s and 50s are more likely to begin anti-aging treatment in order to manage their prospective old-age problems.

When you first start to age, you should start wearing sunscreen/shields. When the time is perfect, you can start looking into anti-aging treatments like stem cell therapy.

Stem Cell Treatment Protocol for Anti-Aging used by GAIA (in association with CEMAB) 

It is scientifically possible to delay ageing and improve both health and lifespan using our existing knowledge of stem cells. Stem cells have the potential to slow down the ageing process. Stem cells, when combined with anti-aging genes, can form a complex barrier that protects against the consequences of ageing. Increased wear and tear on the body’s natural stem cells leads to cellular damage and speeds up the ageing process. Stem cells paired with anti-aging genes may be able to slow down the ageing process. Injecting “youthful” stem cells into the human body can renew existing cells, allowing the body to age gracefully and even reverse some of the symptoms of ageing.

During your therapy, CEMAB will use Mesenchymal stem cell technology. Adipose tissue (fat), bone marrow, umbilical cord tissue, blood, liver, tooth pulp, and skin are all good sources of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). For anti-aging treatment, MSCs are extracted from the umbilical cord tissue.

Due to their self-renewable, differentiation, anti-inflammatory, and immunomodulatory capabilities, MSCs are frequently used in the treatment of a variety of illnesses. In-vitro (in a lab setting) and in-vivo (in a living organism) studies have aided in the knowledge of MSC therapy’s mechanics, safety, and efficacy in clinical applications.

CEMABS’s (in association with GAIA as the logistic partner) protocol aims to reduce the overall levels of chronic low-grade inflammation in the body. The effects are expected to last for a very long time.

Treatment Protocol- 

  • Our two-day protocol centers on the intervenous transplant of stem cells: a minimum of 120 million cord tissue-derived MSCs (Mesenchymal Stem Cells) are injected intravenously.
  • The procedure takes approximately 45 minutes, is minimally invasive, and has very little downtime.
  • Patients normally travel home two days following their scheduled appointment.

Ultimately, GAIA’s, CEMAB (in collaboration with MediGence) anti-aging services and stem cell rejuvenation therapies focus on helping our consumers look their best, feel younger, and live the life they’ve always wanted.

Advantages of Stem Cell Therapy for Anti-Aging

None of us has the ability to travel back in time. So, what exactly is anti-aging and rejuvenation? To address this question, we must first comprehend the ageing processes.

When we get older, our bodies’ natural functions don’t work as well as they did when we were younger. In addition, diseases become more widespread as people get older.

At a macroscopic level, both functional impairments and illnesses present themselves, affecting tissues and organs such as the skin and heart. However, genetic, metabolic, inflammatory, immunological, and neoplastic diseases come from changes at the cellular and molecular levels. As knowledge advances, new anti-aging strategies emerge. One is stem cell research & and development, which is considered the future of medicine.

Since ageing is an ongoing process, CEMAB takes pride in treating the majority of anti-aging patients with MSEC. This is especially beneficial for anti-aging treatments that last a long time.

Stem cells are “youthful” cells, and as we get older, we have fewer and fewer of them. By replacing damaged cells that the body can no longer mend, an infusion of these “youthful” cells can help you age gracefully. They can also operate as a barrier, delaying the onset of some of the impacts of cellular ageing.

You can restore your body’s supply of stem cells using stem cell therapy, allowing it to repair and replace damaged tissue and organs. Stem cells have special capabilities that help our bodies renew biological tissues like skin, joints, bones, and organs, which helps in anti-aging.

Patients who receive anti-aging stem cell therapy might expect to experience the following benefits:

  • A feeling of vitality and rejuvenation
  • Improved capacity for physical activities
  • Thickening and improved quality of hair
  • Increased libido
  • A decrease in pain
  • Increased strength, balance & and overall mobility
  • Enhanced immunity
  • Overall improvement in the quality of life
  • Immune system regulation

How To Apply For Stem Cell Treatment for Anti-Aging?

Applying for stem cell therapy is very convenient and hassle-free for you through MediGence-

  • Step1– Send us an inquiry with relevant details of your condition
  • Step2– Our team of experts will validate your case
  • Step3– A dedicated patient care manager will be assigned to your case
  • Step4– Once validated, you can also avail a teleconsultation with our stem cell specialist

Frequently Asked Questions

It is technically possible to delay ageing and improve both health and lifespan using our current understanding of stem cells. Stem cells have the potential to help people age more slowly. Stem cells, when combined with anti-aging genes, can form a complex barrier that protects against the ageing process. For many patients, Stem Cell Therapy provides pain relief that can last for years. And in some soft tissue injuries, stem cell therapy can facilitate permanent repair.

Stem cells contain unique components that assist our bodies renew biological structures such as skin, joints, bones, and organs, which assists in anti-aging.

To begin, it’s crucial to note that stem cell applications provide varied effects for different people. As this is regenerative medicine, the success of each patient is highly dependent on their specific traits and habits. Physical ailments such as headaches, dry skin, and pain in the arms or legs are some of the common ageing indications that stem cells can assist in alleviating. It may also help in the reduction of fatigue and the restoration of skin flexibility. This cutting-edge treatment may be able to restore tissue that has been damaged by stress, injury, or the environment. With stem cell therapies, you refill your body’s supply of stem cells, allowing it to repair and regenerate all of your organs.

  • You can restore your body’s supply of stem cells using stem cell therapy, allowing it to repair and replace damaged tissue and organs.
  • Stem cells have special properties that help our bodies renew biological tissues like skin, joints, bones, and organs, which aids in anti-aging. This ground-breaking treatment has the potential to repair tissue that has been damaged by stress, injury, the environment, or ageing.
  • Stem cells are sent to the entire body by an injectable process making us feel younger, boosting our libido, and enhancing our ability to participate in sports and other physical activities. The skin will become more elastic and bruising will be reduced.

MediGence is a health-tech organization that specializes in improving quality healthcare accessibility using its innovative set of tools and technology. With a global network of internationally certified and recognized healthcare providers, we strive hard to simplify the complexity in availing the expert second opinion (named thinkTWICE), online virtual consultation (Telemedicine), Treatment overseas (multiple options), Treatment with complimentary additional benefits & discounts (Prebundled packages), and Post-operative care (comprehensive patient care with post-op packages). Many other services are still in progress.

Following the HIPAA and GDPR compliances, MediGence became one of the first companies certified by TEMOS for upholding international quality standards.

MediGence has always placed a premium on gaining and maintaining the trust of its patients and the physicians with whom it works. We’ve always strived for excellence and expanded our service offerings to our patients in order to increase healthcare accessibility and quality of life for them. We’ve formed a number of useful and reputable partnerships with world-class hospitals and doctors all over the world. We, like the others, have brought GAIA from Colombia (a world-renowned stem cell advanced laboratory in association with CEMAB) on board, as we recognize the importance of stem cells in the future. Stem cells are often regarded as the medicine of the future.

Some major values that we follow are-

  • Our focus is safety, efficacy, and patient-­centric care when providing access to superior stem cell therapy and other treatment techniques
  • We utilize only board-certified surgeons, physicians, and accredited clinicians to provide care for patients.
  • A clinical team with expertise in practicing stem cell therapy for various conditions at GAIA & CEMAB
  • Methods of administering stem cells that steer them to certain conditions
  • Skilled Patient Advocates/Advisors who are trained to provide truthful, realistic expectations resulting from stem cells therapy. We do not make outlandish promises of cures or inaccurate claims related to improvement rates

We have numerous reasons as to why choose us for your medical accessibility partner-

  • Patients’ convenience is our motto and for that, in these years of our existence, we have launched patient-centric services & products such as Telemedicine, thinkTwice, Prebundled & Prenegotiated Packages for availing treatment abroad with additional benefits, our network of 4000+ doctors in 20+ countries, our exploring platform for multiple treatments overseas, our logistics arrangement, and much more.
  • MediGence ensures that you receive complete attention and a stress-free medical experience in addition to delivering products and services. Keeping this in mind, we’ve assigned specialist case managers to your case, who will handle all of your coordination with the doctor, healthcare staff, and hospital, as well as any other necessary logistics arrangements.
  • Not only do we have a large network of healthcare providers visiting or connecting with us from all over the world, but we also have a wide network of patients who have complete faith in us to handle their entire medical journey. We have been the most popular healthcare providers among patients from Turkey, India, Russia, Spain, Singapore, Lithuania, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, the United Kingdom, and a variety of other countries.
  • We chose to work with GAIA for stem cell therapies because we wanted to broaden our service offerings and help suffering people all over the world avoid invasive surgical procedures.
  • Together, we are providing stem cell treatment for successfully treating autoimmune or inflammatory diseases like Aging, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Arthritis, Lupus, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Diabetes, Psoriasis, Graves’ Disease, and many others – often with breathtaking results.
  • We have a network of several doctors from Central and South America. who have helped thousands of patients restore their health with STEM CELL therapies. They have demonstrated an impeccable safety profile, and the results have often been breathtaking, utilizing these advanced treatments that are not available in the world.
  • We work with pioneers of stem cell science who have bought this cutting-edge technology in the world and that too at affordable rates.
  • Many celebrities have benefited from stem cell therapies and they have also encouraged people in many talk shows by telling them the advantages of stem cells.
  • There is no compromise on the treatment quality due to reduced prices, as we have already established beneficial mutual collaborations with the hospitals & doctors.
  • Before undertaking the stem cell treatment, MediGence always prefers you to consult with the specialists via phone consultation or teleconsultation, which can help you with more clarity regarding your condition and treatment eligibility, possibilities, durability, & other factors.

Providing an epilogue to the above benefits with MediGence, we have-

  • 150+ years of collective healthcare and technology experience
  • Patient-centric approach with a focus on well-being
  • Affordable healthcare options worldwide
  • Ease of access of the world’s best healthcare
  • Patients’ data privacy by complying to HIPAA and GDPR compliance

Stem cells is completely a safe & effective anti-aging treatment. Treatment with stem cells is a non-surgical, injectable method for treating both elective and non-elective illnesses. As a result, most adult stem cell therapy is deemed safe because the stem cells are taken from the patient, lowering the likelihood of an adverse reaction. Temporary swelling and discomfort are the most prevalent side effects. As a result of the bone marrow harvesting surgery, patients usually have some stiffness and bruising for about a week. There haven’t been any further issues discovered. Over a hundred investigations and clinical trials have shown that stem cell therapy is safe and has a low risk of negative effects. The safety and efficacy of stem cell therapy for this issue has been proven in studies and trials. Other benefits of stem cell therapy for Aging treatment are No hospitalization required, No side effects found, and No delayed recovery.

As GAIA already stated the procedure (followed by the CEMAB stem cell advanced laboratory), that the procedure takes approximately 45 minutes, is minimally invasive, and has very little downtime. Patients normally travel home two days following their scheduled appointment. Results are typically noticed four to six weeks after injection. It usually takes 3 to 12 months for your immune system to recover from your transplant. The first year after transplant is like your first year of life as a newborn baby. Therefore, you need to really take care of yourself with a good & regular follow-up consultations with your treating stem cell expert or team.

Yes, before opting to visit, you are invited to speak with one of our stem cell experts.

You can schedule an online consultation with one of our highly qualified “Stem Cell Treatment” experts, who will review your medical history and walk you through the treatment process and possible outcomes. He or she will determine your treatment eligibility and answer any questions you may have based on your medical information. Your call will be scheduled with stem cell experts via our teleconsultation platform if you simply follow the booking instructions.

In order to book your appointment for a virtual consultation with an stem cell expert, you will need to visit Telemedicine platform, initiated by MediGence under HIPAA secured & safety protocols for your healthcare accessibility. You can have hassle-free, easy to use and quite affordable one-to-one virtual conversation with the doctor/stem cell specialist via Telemedicine.

As everyone’s profile and goals are different, it’s vital to have a thorough conversation with your doctor before considering surgery. MediGence is a prominent medical travel technology company that offers a single, integrated platform for all of a patient’s medical needs, from browsing and comparing to booking and reviewing. Our team of experts takes into account every detail of their journey and keeps them on a safe path to recovery. Our specialists help our patients choose the best destinations with the greatest medical care, and our experts (in collaboration with GAIA) consider every aspect of their journey and follow them on a safe route to recovery.

The following is the response to the question of how we can help you with the complete stem cell process-

  • MediGence connects you with a network of certified & most recognized doctors and our patient-centric services
  • MediGence is in charge of your complete stem cell treatment process, from booking to recovery.
  • MediGence- Walks you through the full treatment process as well as the benefits you’ll receive.
  • Transparently displays the cost of stem cell therapy for each disease/condition
  • In just a click, we will established your contact with one of our ‘Stem cell specialists’ for a quick chat about your eligibility and treatment protocol.
  • Make an appointment with your doctor for an online consultation before you travel.
  • Make an appointment with GAIA for your treatment.
  • When you’re ready to fly for treatment, make your plans.
  • Your treatment plan includes follow-up consultations.

MediGence will ensure that you receive all required answers during consultation before beginning a treatment/procedure.

The following topics will be discussed during your anti-aging consultation with the stem cell specialist:

  • Your desires and objectives for the anti-aging procedure.
  • You must disclose any medical conditions, allergies, and/or any treatments you are currently receiving.
  • Your current prescriptions, vitamins, supplements, as well as your use of alcohol, cigarettes, and other drugs.
  • Previous surgeries you may have had.

During the consultation, your doctor will also:

  • Examine your general physical condition.
  • Assess your psychological and emotional well-being.
  • Examine, measure, and take clinical pictures of your face and neck (with your agreement)
  • Discuss the likely outcomes of your anti-aging treatment, as well as any risks or side effects associated with the stem cell operation.

That’s why we recommend giving us a call and speaking with one of our skilled professionals. To find out if stem cell anti-aging treatment is suitable for you, schedule a personal, one-on-one consultation to discuss your issues and learn more about our cutting-edge treatments. Get in touch with us right away!


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