Successful Breast Cancer Treatment in India: A Case Study (Christiana Montgomery from Saint Lucia)

Successful Breast Cancer Treatment in India: A Case Study (Christiana Montgomery from Saint Lucia)
  • Patient Name : Christiana Montgomery
  • From Country : Saint Lucia
  • Destination Country : India
  • Procedure : Breast Reconstruction Surgery
  • Hospital :

Cancer treatment is a hard battle to fight, no matter what type it is and how young or old the patient is. It takes

Cancer treatment is a hard battle to fight, no matter what type it is and how young or old the patient is. It takes a lot of courage, strength, and patience to undergo cancer treatment. It is equally hard for the patients and their family members to decide where to get treatment from, especially if the expertise is not available within their own country.Such is the case of Mrs. Christiana Meriam Marcion Montgomery. Just diagnosed with breast cancer, Christiana started looking out for options to get mastectomy done and this is when she and her husband, Mr. Warren Montgomery came across MediGence.


Christiana, 42, is a resident of Saint Lucia. With a family history of the condition, Christiana was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer in early November 2018. This is when her husband, Warren, started to look out for options for mastectomy abroad.

With so many references and options to consider, it was difficult for Christiana and Warren to choose whom to trust and where to go. Having lived in the US for years and because of the fact that Warren’s family is largely based in the US, they initially considered to go there to get the surgery done. However, they were surprised by the fact that the surgery costs a whopping $65000 back there.

This is when Warren came across MediGence and decided to drop an inquiry for her wife. He was immediately contacted by the Patient Care representative, who explained how things work. Warren had initially made up his mind that he would like to explore India for his wife’s surgery but he had still not shared the idea with his wife.

Warren and Christiana had a discussion about traveling to India for the surgery. This left Christiana surprised as she was not even thinking of India as an option for the surgery. However, Warren shared her contact coordinates with the Patient Care Representative from MediGence, who has a fruitful discussion with Christiana and cleared all her doubts regarding the surgery and how other things, including stay, food, medications, and local travel would work out.

The very same day Christiana shared all her medical reports with the team. With a promise to revert within 48 hours, the team kept in touch with Christiana to clear all her doubts about India as a medical tourism destination and the things to expect when she arrives at the hospital.

About Patient’s Medical Condition (Pre-treatment)

Christiana had a small lump in the left breast. However, out of her own wish, she wanted to undergo a double mastectomy with breast reconstruction when she comes to India. At the time of diagnosis, she was completely fine and physically active to undergo complete treatment.

Christiana and Warren had decided to get the surgery done in India, following which they would continue with chemotherapy treatment after their return to Saint Lucia. Apart from the lump, she had no other medical issues at the time of arrival in India.

Treatment Decision

As promised, the Patient Care Team at MediGence provided a comprehensive treatment plan to Christiana and Warren with three different options with respect to hospitals and surgeons to choose from. The very next day, a call was organized for Christiana so that she can ask all her queries about the surgery, the specialist, and the technique used to conduct mastectomy and reconstruction.

She was particularly keen to know whether mastectomy and reconstruction will be a one-step or a two-step procedure. This is because she has a two-year-old baby to whom she had to leave behind if she had to go to any country for the surgery. This is why she wanted to get back to Saint Lucia as soon as possible.

The team at MediGence handled all her queries and she took the decision to travel to BLK Superspecialty Hospital in India to get the treatment done. The hospital was recommended by the team at MediGence and also some of Christiana’s own local references of Indian origin.

Travel Period

Christiana and Warren traveled to India on December 18th, 2018. Her consultation with the surgical oncologist and the plastic surgeon was organized on the same day by the Patient Care Team. She is currently recuperating after the surgery. She is planning to head back to Saint Lucia on January 10th, 2019.

Treatment Details

The next day of the consultation, Christiana was advised to undergo a PET scan to confirm that the cancer is localized. She was also advised by a doctor to undergo a biopsy, however, since she received her biopsy results of the test conducted back in Saint Lucia on the same day, it was not repeated. Additionally, she did undergo a couple of blood tests to confirm the suitability for the surgery. The PET scan reports were reviewed by the surgical oncologist, Dr. Kapil Kumar, and a go-ahead was given for the surgery.

Considering the fact that Warren had to head back to Saint Lucia for a couple of days and then return again later, the Patient Care Team at MediGence made sure that the surgery was done and Christiana was back to her room by the time he leaves. The entire process was seamless and she was admitted on December 20th and the doctors conducted the double mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery on December 21st.

Christiana was shifted to her room on the next day of the surgery, which was conducted successfully. The doctors used MOTIVA progressive gel silicone implants for reconstruction and they used a flap of muscle from Christiana’s back (breast reconstruction with flap) to support the implants.

During her time at the hospital, the doctors noticed a patch of skin getting dark, which they thought could possibly be necrosis. They conducted two debridement sessions to control it and also advised medications so that it heals fast.

Christiana was discharged from the hospital on December 28th after it was realized that she is completely stable and can further recuperate outside the hospital setting.

Patient’s Medical Condition (Post-treatment)

Christiana is currently staying at a hotel near the hospital. She has her follow-up sessions planned with the surgical oncologists and the plastic surgeon as well. She still has swelling left in the areas of operation, which will eventually go away with time. She is planning to return to Saint Lucia on January 10th.

Happy with the overall experience and her decision to travel to India to get the surgery done, Christiana is planning to spend some time exploring the city and its culture. Team MediGence wishes Christiana a healthy and joyful life ahead!

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