Mr. Wilson Travelled for Spinal Steroid Injection in NP Istanbul Hospital, Turkey

Mr. Wilson Travelled for Spinal Steroid Injection in NP Istanbul Hospital, Turkey
  • Patient Name : Tuebi Wilson
  • From Country : Nigeria
  • Destination Country : Turkey
  • Procedure : Steroids injections for back pain
  • Hospital : NP Istanbul Hospital, Turkey

I am quite content with the treatment plan and outcome offered by Dr. Akin. I am grateful to the medical staff at NP Istanbul Hospital and my treating doctor.
I thank MediGence from the bottom of my heart as they have helped me from the very beginning, and managed everything for me so that I could focus on the treatment itself.
This included finding the hospital, arranging my consultation, and fixing the appointment dates for the test, hotel stay, managing hospital visits, and airport transfers.


Tuebi Wilson, 75, a resident of Nigeria, was suffering from serious back pain which affected his mobility. His options to lead a normal daily life were limited and he felt that he was dependent. The patient had been searching for a solution regarding his condition for a while. This was when he came to know about MediGence and approached them to get treated for the pain issues. The organization supported the patient all through the treatment journey right from the first consultation with the doctor, planning the treatment process, travel to Turkey, through the time in Turkey for the procedure, and post-treatment follow-up consultations. Tuebi Wilson accompanied by his son traveled from Nigeria to Turkey for a definite reduction in back pain on 12th November 2021.

He chose to get the procedure performed at NPIstanbul Hospital, Turkey. This is a leading healthcare facility with world-class infrastructure and the most technologically advanced diagnostic and surgical equipment. The hospital’s healthcare experts are not only well-educated but also have a wealth of experience and are highly skilled. Dr. Akin Akakin who was striving to get the patient healthy and back on his feet is a smart and competent doctor who is much sought after by patients due to his excellent work. The procedures performed by a good doctor have a high success rate, a low risk of complications, and a low risk of failure.

Pre-Treatment & Process

The preparation for the surgery including the presurgical evaluation began a few weeks before the surgery. When the patient reached Turkey, he underwent tests and treatment via daycare visits to the hospital. Dr. Akin Akakin and his team conferred with the patient and his son and gave them the counseling required to be strong for the procedure.

The medical history of the patient was reviewed, diagnostic tests were prescribed and the results were discussed in detail with Tuebi Wilson and his son. A thorough diagnostic and physical examination followed so as to evaluate the overall health parameters of the patient. Every factor was considered from the allergies, patient’s sensitivity to various medications, list of medications, supplements that Tuebi Wilson had been taking, any other health conditions that the patient was suffering from, his family history, his history of alcohol as well as tobacco usage, and details regarding any procedures that he may have had prior to this surgery. Parameters related to his Neurological and Orthopedic as well as Cardiac system were evaluated.
The aim of this entire pre-treatment checkup and evaluation was complications and risk assessment for the patient regarding the procedure. Also, it helped in guiding Dr. Akin Akakin and his healthcare team towards a seamless procedure with all elements taken into consideration at the optimum time such as Anesthesia, Preoperative medical treatment, management during surgery, post-operative pain management, and follow up care.

Steroids injections for back pain were given by Dr. Akin Akakin with a lot of skill and finesse which brought about a significant reduction in the back pain. Tuebi Wilson went for multiple visits to the specialist and his team for counseling, tests, treatment, and post-treatment evaluation. He was kept under observation and advised regular follow-ups and post-treatment care directions were given by the specialist. The patient started feeling immediate relief from the pressure and pain he was feeling in his back which was the goal of the treatment process as sought by the specialist and his team.

Post Treatment

The patient stayed in the country for 10 days for treatment and consultations. The follow-up consultations for the patient were organized by MediGence. All in all, it can be safely said that the treatment was successfully completed without any complications.

The stay of the patient was also arranged by MediGence. The organization shared a few stay options with the patient near the hospital and Tuebi Wilson and his son chose the best among them as per his budget. There were several other additional services that were provided by MediGence to the patient and his son and these were coordinating for Hospital Transfer, arranging for and ensuring a smooth and well-coordinated Airport Pick-up, and managing Hospital Appointments for the patient.


Guneet Bhatia

Guneet Bhatia is an avid reader, healthcare writer, and is currently Director of Patient Care Department, MediGence. She has also been featured on many prominent Healthcare portals such as IBTimes, HCIT Expert, Clinician Today.


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