Ms. Adaeze Latifu Underwent Sleeve Gastrectomy at NMC Royal Hospital, DIP, Dubai, UAE

Ms. Adaeze Latifu Underwent Sleeve Gastrectomy at NMC Royal Hospital, DIP, Dubai, UAE
  • Patient Name : Ms. Adaeze Latifu
  • From Country : Nigeria
  • Destination Country : UAE
  • Procedure : Sleeve Gastrectomy
  • Hospital : NMC Royal Hospital, DIP, Dubai

The procedure went incredibly well, and I am grateful to the NMC Royal Hospital medical personnel for everything they did. I also want to thank MediGence for supporting me all along the way, assisting me in selecting the best doctor, scheduling my consultation, the tests, and the procedure, as well as helping me book a hotel, schedule hospital visits, and arrange transportation to and from the airport.

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Ms. Adaeze Latifu, a 50-year-old Nigerian woman, desired a Sleeve Gastrectomy for cosmetic reasons. When she searched online for the finest information on the procedure, a recommendation pointed her toward MediGence, which had an enticing Sleeve Gastrectomy package. She contacted them by submitting a question to their website. She was happy with how fast they responded to her inquiry; it only took a few minutes, despite the fact that the website already contained all of the instructions.

She continued by going into great detail about her predicament. The patient advising team offered the best options that could be discovered in this price range. This meant that the treatment was only provided globally by a small handful of the greatest facilities and medical specialists. The patient subsequently decided to travel to Dubai’s NMC Royal Hospital to have treatment from Dr Nikunj Gupta, an expert in bariatric surgery.

Expert gastrointestinal surgeon Dr. Nikunj Gupta has about 10 years of experience in his area of expertise. He is well known for having exceptional manual dexterity and eye-to-hand synchronization. He can execute surgeries like bariatric ones with great accuracy thanks to his abilities. He supports the use of minimally invasive techniques to help his patients heal more quickly and with fewer consequences. Dr. Nikunj Gupta has successfully treated a variety of gastrointestinal cancers and benign diseases using both advanced and fundamental laparoscopic methods. He is skilled at treating a variety of gastrointestinal conditions completely. He is one of Dubai’s most in-demand gastrointestinal surgeons.

The major hospital serving this region of Dubai is the NMC Hospital Dubai Investments Park (DIP), which is situated just across from the Green Community in DIP. 17,695 square meters in total make up the hospital’s footprint. NMC Hospital DIP is a multispecialty hospital with 25 medical specialties, including, among others, cancer, orthopedics, spine surgery, dermatology, ophthalmology, reproductive medicine, and plastic surgery. The facility has a pharmacy, nursery, and laundromat among its amenities. In July 2014, the NMC pharmacy in DIP was established. It is a full-service pharmacy that provides outpatients at the NMC Hospital with prescription services.

Pre-Treatment and Surgical Procedure

Mrs. Adaeze Latifu arrived in the UAE on 12 August 2022. She was greeted at the airport by the MediGence Patient Care Coordinator. The team made certain that the patient received the best housing options. Thanks to the assigned care manager, the patient had access to the greatest hotel amenities. The following day, a MediGence employee drove the patient to the hospital for a specialist consultation. NMC Royal Hospital instructed her to perform a few tests after her physical in order to determine the state of her health. To ensure that all of the patient’s tests were finished, MediGence and the diagnostic division worked together.

The patient made the decision to proceed with the surgery after fully comprehending the procedure. The treatment was administered with excellent care and precision, therefore there were no issues. Modern infrastructure and the newest amenities are present in the facility. Ms. Adaeze Latifu had the treatment without any significant difficulties and recovered swiftly thanks to the specialist’s substantial training and experience. She received excellent care from the hospital’s qualified staff. She was released from the hospital after a post-operative review and additional monitoring. She was given a choice of lodging options, and she ultimately picked a hotel that fit within her budget.

Post Treatment

Ms. Adaeze Latifu expressed their gratitude to MediGence for providing such wonderful services and ensuring the success of her treatment. She received assistance from MediGence not just throughout her hospital stay but also with her hospital transfer, airport pickup, and appointment scheduling. MediGence also scheduled Ms.Adaeze Latifu’s follow-up appointments to guarantee her speedy recovery. The patient spent seven to ten days in Dubai, receiving excellent care while taking in the variety of the country’s cultures. She conveyed her gratitude for the doctor’s efforts and the outcomes of the treatment. The counsel they received from the NMC Royal Hospital was much appreciated by her.


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