World Physical Therapy Day 2022

World Physical Therapy Day 2022


Whether it is dancing to our favorite tunes or playing our favorite sport,  these small activities fill our hearts with joy. But, certain conditions can rob us of these delightful experiences in life. Several injuries or illnesses such as stroke and osteoarthritis limit the body’s ability to function and move. As a result, you may find it difficult to perform daily activities like before.

This can become disheartening, to say the least. But, here’s where physical therapy can help you get back on track. Physical therapists focus on improving the patient’s movement, protect from further injuries and eventually improve quality of life.

To acknowledge the remarkable contributions made by physiotherapists in keeping us active and injury-free, world physical therapy day is celebrated every year.

The Journey of World Physical Therapy Day

The origin of world physical therapy day can be traced back to September 8th, 1996. The World Confederation for Physical Therapy instituted this day to celebrate the togetherness of the physical therapy community and acknowledge the contributions of physical therapists to their patients and our community. This day also provides an opportunity to advance the field and raise awareness for the need for physical therapy in our society.

Physical therapy has come a long way since it was used for the first time by Hippocrates in 460 B.C At that time, he used manual manipulation for treating pain. But, now, we can see the impact of physical therapy in our community in many ways. It has helped patients with  Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, osteoarthritis, stroke, bursitis, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, muscular strains, balance disorders, burns, wounds, fibromyalgia, and Guillain -Barre syndrome.

Why is World Physical Therapy Day Important?

Though the importance of physical therapy in our society cannot be overstated, its contributions can often go unnoticed because of a lack of awareness. Thus, the

World Physical Therapy day provides the perfect opportunity to inform people about the benefits physical therapy has to offer.

“World Physical Therapy day makes me immensely proud of the fact that physical medicine and rehabilitation are being recognized across the world for their role in improving the lives of people and it is also raising awareness of the crucial contributions that Physiotherapists make to society”, voices Dr. Vijita Jayan, Director of Rehabilitation Services at MediGence. Indeed, physical therapists play an instrumental role in helping patients recover from the pain and maximize their movement post-surgery or illness.

Their efforts should be praised and recognized as physical therapy helps to make the dream of living an independent life after a debilitating disease achievable.

How Can We Observe World Physical Therapy Day?

By being a part of the world physical therapy day celebration, you can pay respect to the contributions made by our physical therapists. You will also become an integral part of generating awareness about the field and how it can benefit many patients struggling with chronic pain. You can:

  • Express gratitude to physical therapists: If you or your loved ones have received assistance from physical therapists in recovering from pain or injury, you can show appreciation for their efforts.
  • Join events scheduled on world physical therapy day: There may be many events set up in your area to celebrate this day. Exercise clinics, physiotherapy lectures, bicycle tours, walk-a-thons, and outdoor exercises are some of the activities you can participate in. You can also tune in to your radio to see if there are talk shows organized for this day.
  • Spread the word on social media: You can also share posts on social media about world physical therapy day. In fact, you can even share images of yourself partaking in physical therapy activities on various social media platforms. This can encourage others to participate as well.

How Can Physical Therapy Change Your Life?

Physical therapy can boost your overall health in the following ways:

  • Total healing: Physical therapists enhance body mechanics to reduce pain, decrease and prevent headaches, improve blood flow and reduce blood pressure. By using a holistic approach, physical therapy works with both your mind and body to fasten healing and recovery.
  • Decreasing the need for surgery: There are certain situations where physical therapy is a better solution than surgery. For instance, with knee pain, you may want to go for surgery. But, by using a combination of exercises, physiotherapy can provide relief. If you are considering surgery for something that can be managed with physical therapy, then why not give it a shot?
  • Improves mobility: By using active and passive treatments, physical therapists can improve flexibility and mobility. This will enable you to be healthy and enjoy your life.
  • Managing age-related disorders:  With age, there is a reduction in muscle strength, bone density, and balance. This can lead to osteoporotic fractures in older people. Falling can be a common issue that physiotherapists aim to manage with exercises to improve balance.
  • First-line of defense for osteoarthritis: The symptoms of osteoarthritis can be managed with physical therapy. This condition can cause your knees to become weak and stiff. Physical therapy reduces stiffness, swelling, and pain. Thereby, improving knee joint function. This will make it easier for you to perform daily activities like getting out of bed and walking.

“ Physiotherapists bring back the miracles of mobility and help patients get back to community living. We add life to years not years to life”, says Dr. Jayan. 

5 Interesting Facts about Physical Therapy

  • The profession started in world war I when nurses gave therapy to injured soldiers so that they could return to the battlefield.
  • It has mainly five practice areas such as pediatric, neurological, orthopedic, cardiopulmonary,  and geriatric.
  • It uses a drug-free and exercise-based approach for managing ailments.
  • It may eliminate the need to go for surgery.
  • Physical therapy can also be used to improve mood and cognitive function.

Availing Physical Therapy for Rehabilitation

Your recovery doesn’t stop at the hospital. Once you have been discharged, you may need rehabilitation to get back to your normal life. Physical therapy can help you in recovering faster. Not only this, but if you are a patient with neurological conditions like Parkinson’s and stroke, physical therapy can be beneficial for managing the movement issues that come with your condition. MediGence realizes the benefits offered by physical therapy and offers outcome-based telerehabilitation with:

  • A network of 100+ qualified rehabilitation experts
  • Hybrid mode of delivering care
  • Physical therapy, speech therapy, Cognitive behavioral therapy & Occupational therapy to ensure holistic recovery
  • Targeted approach to maximize independence and quality of life

Best Rehabilitation Specialist for Physical Therapy

Dr. Vijita Jayan

Designation: Rehabilitation Specialist
Experience: 15 years


Dr. Vijita Jayan | Best Physiotherapist in Delhi, India

Qualification: B.P.T | M.P.T (Neuro Physiotherapy)

Dr. Vijita Jayan has more than a decade of experience in providing rehabilitation services to patients. She is a highly qualified, skilled, self-motivated, and organized professional. After completing her bachelor’s and master’s in physiotherapy from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore, India, in 2009, she practiced in a popular rehab center.

Subsequently, she started her private practice called “Vian Clinic” with the aim to improve the quality of life of her patients. She has expertise in managing mobility-dependent patients and crafting the most suitable protocols for their recovery.

Dr. Vijita Jayan has received prestigious awards for her contributions. She has been honored with the “ Best Clinician Award” at the National Sports Physiotherapy Conference. Besides her achievements, she has also published research papers in many national and international journals. Dr. Jayan is also an esteemed member of the Indian Association of Physiotherapists.


Physical therapy has had a life-changing impact on many people’s lives. On this World Physical therapy day, let’s strive to acknowledge the contributions of our physiotherapists and propagate the importance of physical therapy in rebuilding lives.

“Our job is to lift the fallen
To restore the broken
And to heal the pain”, adds Dr. Jayan

FAQs for Physical Therapy

Initially, you need to complete a bachelor’s in physiotherapy. This is followed by a master’s, after which you become eligible to practice as a physical therapist. However, in some countries like the United States, you need to complete a doctorate in physical therapy which is a three-year course. After completing your education, you need to pass the licensing exam in your country.

Physical therapists can work in different settings such as rehab facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, and outpatient clinics.

Physical therapy is not supposed to be painful. But, you can experience mild soreness after your sessions.

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