What is The Success Rate of VP Shunt

What is The Success Rate of VP Shunt

A ventriculoperitoneal shunt is placed to treat conditions such as hydrocephalus. It drains out the extra fluid from your brain and prevents the pressure inside the brain from getting too high. If you are considering having a VP shunt surgery, you should know the benefits and risks of the procedure. The high success rate of the VP shunt is one of the major advantages of this procedure. Read on below to find out the success rate of VP shunt surgery.

The Success Rate of VP Shunt in Different Countries Around the World

The success rate of VP shunt surgery can depend on several factors such as the reason behind receiving the VP shunt and the age of the patient. Additionally, since the quality of healthcare services and availability of expert neurosurgeons varies among countries, the success rate for VP shunt surgery can also differ from one place to another.

For instance, studies in the US have reported that VP shunt has a success rate of around 80%. Whereas in countries like India, the success rate is 70%. In Turkey, the success rate of VP shunt surgery is around 50-60%.

How to Ensure that You have a Successful VP Shunt Surgery?

In order to ensure that you have a successful experience with a VP shunt surgery, there are certain steps you can take. These involve:

  • Check the credibility and experience of your neurosurgeon before having the surgery. You should choose a board-certified and skilled surgeon for performing your surgery to get the best results.
  • Ensure that the hospital where you undergo the VP shunt surgery is well-equipped and internationally accredited.
  • Before the surgery, you should share all information about your health such as your medical history.
  • You should also pay heed to the instructions given by your neurosurgeon before the surgery such as putting certain medicines on hold and taking care of your health in general.
  • Follow proper post-operative care as advised by your doctor. This involves taking your pain medicines on time, skipping alcohol, and taking care of yourself physically and mentally.

Avail VP Shunt Treatment Across the World


Knowing the success rate of treatments like VP shunt surgery is important in evaluating if the procedure is fruitful for you in the long run. Usually, VP shunt malfunctioning can impact the results of the treatment. Thus, to prevent this from happening, you should receive your VP shunt surgery from a skilled neurosurgeon at a reputed medical facility.

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