Alarming Signs & Symptoms of Liver Disease

Alarming Signs & Symptoms of Liver Disease


Unlike other organs, the liver is not very aggressive while sending out signals for discomfort. Because of this, many people around the world do not even realize that they are living with liver disease. We may experience some symptoms of poor liver health but we often ignore them as general problems that will go away on their own. Most people are detected with liver disease when they undergo diagnostic tests for some other reasons.

Though it may be difficult to pinpoint the symptoms of liver disease in the beginning, the signs become more prominent as liver inflammation increases. The early stage of liver disease called fibrosis can even be reversed if caught at the right time.  If you are short on time, then you can even avail of telemedicine or an online consultation session with a liver specialist. Because, if neglected,  liver disease can progress to cirrhosis, and in case your liver stops working, you may need a liver transplant.  Thus, it is important that you don’t take any signs lightly.

7 Alarming Symptoms of Liver Disease

Signs & Symptoms of Liver Disease - Abdominal Pain

Some people experience persistent pain in the upper right part of the abdomen. This may be because of the swelling of the liver.

Signs & Symptoms of Liver Disease - Fluid Retention

Cirrhosis causes the accumulation of scar tissue in the liver. This blocks the blood flow to the liver and retains the fluid in the abdomen or even legs. Fluid retention is found in 50 percent of patients with cirrhosis.

Signs & Symptoms of Liver Disease - Itchy Skin

If you are experiencing itchy skin, then this could be a sign of obstructive jaundice. It could occur because of high bilirubin levels which may be explained by bile stones, bile duct cancer, and primary biliary cirrhosis. Though there are no lesions or rashes associated with liver disease, excessive scratching may lead to redness and irritation.

Signs & Symptoms of Liver Disease - Feeling Tired, Weak, Nauseous, and Losing Appetite

Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms observed in people with liver damage. Since the liver is unable to remove toxins from the body, you begin to feel nauseous and low in energy. As your condition worsens, you may also experience weight loss and loss of appetite.

Signs & Symptoms of Liver Disease - Bleeding and Bruising Easily

Again, this is something which we may not pay close attention to. But, bruising or bleeding easily after an injury is a clear indication that something is amiss with our liver as it produces proteins required for blood clotting.

Signs & Symptoms of Liver Disease - Jaundice

The build-up of bilirubin in the blood leads to the yellowing of the eyes and skin. This condition is known as jaundice. A healthy liver usually converts bilirubin into bile which is then excreted in the stool. Jaundice is a serious indication of liver damage. It may also lead to the darkening of urine and pale stools.

Signs & Symptoms of Liver Disease - Confusion, Memory Loss, and Poor Concentration

some of the personality changes observed in patients with liver disease. These occur because of the buildup of toxins in the blood which then travel to the brain.

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We recommend you seek medical help if you have been experiencing symptoms like severe abdominal pain for a long time. By contacting a liver specialist, you can protect your liver from further damage. Whatever may be the case, It is essential to beware of the warning signs of liver damage and consult a doctor so that you can get timely treatment.

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