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Turkey is a popular destination for cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures. One among them which is sought after is the Brazilian Butt Lift. Thousands of patients travel to Turkey each year for effective treatment, including those from the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, and several other countries.

Brazilian buttock lift surgery, often known as BBL surgery, is an option for people who are unhappy with the size or curve of their buttocks. This procedure commonly enhances the size of the buttocks area as well as the curvature, resulting in a more visually acceptable result because the surgeon may inject the accumulated fat in a precise manner.

We understand how tough it can be to choose a Brazilian Butt Lift from abroad. You must consider reading this entire informative section, as it will enable you to make the right decisions for your butt lift.

Let’s read on…

Top 10 Brazilian Butt Lift Surgeons in Turkey

Yasemin Aydinli

Plastic Surgeon - Cosmetic Surgeon

Istinye University Bahcesehir - LIV Hospital , Istanbul,Turkey

18 Years of experience

Qualification and Experience

Dr. Yasemin Aydinli is a popular & specialist Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic surgeon, currently working at ISU Liv Hospital Bahcesehir, Turkey. She perceived her education- Faculty of Medicine (English) from Hacettepe University (2006-2012), and 

Faculty of Medicine - Specialization from Ankara University (2013-2019). In her entire career, she attended many cour... View bio

Ozkan Ergin

Plastic Surgeon - Cosmetic Surgeon

, Istanbul,Turkey

7 of experience

Overview of Dr. Ozkan Ergin

With more than 8 years of experience, Dr, Ozkan Ergin is a well-trained and competent hair transplant specialist. He is well-versed in the different methods for hair transplantation such as follicular unit extraction (FUE) and follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS). He has performed several successful hair transplantations over the course of his career. Dr. Ergin has the necessary s... View bio

Hasan ?eli̇k

Plastic Surgeon - Cosmetic Surgeon

Estecapelli Medical Solutions , Istanbul,Turkey

12 of experience

Qualification and Experience

  • Dr. Hasan Celik is a distinguished Plastic Surgeon certified by the European Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. He obtained his medical degree from Istanbul University, Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty, in 2011. Subsequently, in 2018, he completed his Residency in Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery at Istanbul Medipol University.
  • With nearly 13 years of comprehensive e... View bio

Mehmet Palali

Plastic Surgeon - Cosmetic Surgeon

Estecapelli Medical Solutions , Istanbul,Turkey

11 of experience

Qualification and Experience

  • Dr. Mehmet Palali born on January 11, 1984, in Manisa, is a renowned ENT specialist and cosmetic surgeon with a focus on Rhinoplasty, He graduated from Istanbul University Cerraphasa Medical School in 2007.
  • Later, He embarked on his specialization in Otolaryngology at Ankara Numune Training and Research Hospital from 2008 to 2013.
  • With nearly 11 years of comprehensive experience; Dr. ... View bio

Yasin Canbaz

Plastic Surgeon - Cosmetic Surgeon

MediPunto Clinic , Istanbul,Turkey

13 of experience

Overview of Dr. Yasin Canbaz

A leading plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Yasin Canbaz is well-known for his excellent surgical skills and for delivering comprehensive care to his patients. He has a solution-driven approach and provides effective treatments for maxillofacial traumas, finger injuries, crush hand injuries, congenital hand anomalies such as polydactyly and syndactyly, vascular hand injurie... View bio

Emre Kocman

Plastic Surgeon - Cosmetic Surgeon

MediPunto Clinic , Istanbul,Turkey

2 of experience

Overview of Dr. Emre Kocman

With more than 16 years of experience, Dr. Emre Kocman is a renowned plastic, reconstructive, and aesthetic surgeon in Turkey. Over the years, he has gained expertise in a range of advanced cosmetic and reconstructive procedures such as scar treatment, neck lift, rhinoplasty, and breast augmentation. Dr. Kocman employs a patient-centric approach and always focuses on ensuring that... View bio

Utku Nacak

Plastic Surgeon - Cosmetic Surgeon

Can Hospital , Izmir,Turkey

15 of experience

Overview of Dr. Utku Nacak

An eminent plastic, reconstructive, and aesthetic surgeon, Dr. Utku Nacak has 15 years of experience in the field. Dr. Nacak is proficient in performing a range of procedures such as abdominoplasty, nasal septum deviation, otoplasty, body lift surgery, and mommy makeover procedures. Over the years, he has worked at numerous reputed organizations and possesses the requisite training... View bio

Arif Aydin

Plastic Surgeon - Cosmetic Surgeon

Ekol Hospital , Izmir,Turkey

15 of experience

Qualification and Experience

  • Dr.Arif Aydin graduated from Eskişehir Osmangazi University Faculty of Medicine in 2008.During the year 2007 to 2008, he got an apprenticeship from Kaunas Medical Faculty.
  • Following his path, Dr. Aydin finished his training at Afyon Kocatepe University in Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery from 2009 to 2014.
  • Based on this foundation, he went on to get additional training... View bio

Cenk Sen

Plastic Surgeon - Cosmetic Surgeon

Estetik International , Istanbul,Turkey

25 Years of experience

Qualification and Experience

Dr Cenk Sen is a distinguished plastic surgeon with over 25 years of experience. He is currently working at the Estetik International, Istanbul, Turkey. He obtained his medical degree from Hacettepe University Medical School. He then went on to specialise in plastic surgery at the Kocaeli University Medical School and Uluda? University Medical School. He specialises in ... View bio

Omer Refik Ozerdem

Plastic Surgeon - Cosmetic Surgeon

Baskent University Istanbul Hospital , Istanbul,Turkey

25 Years of experience

Conditions Treated by Dr. Omer Refik Ozerdem

Some of the conditions treated by cosmetic surgeon Dr Omer Refik Ozerdem include:

  • Upper Eyelids
  • Irregular Shape and Size of the Ear
  • Small Breast
  • Varicose and Spider Veins
  • Scar
  • Facial Wrinkles
  • Ptosis
  • Excess Fat Accumulation in Certain Body Parts
  • Loose Facial Skin
  • Breast Sagging
  • Gynecomastia ... View bio


What is Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery?

Brazilian butt-lifting, often known as BBL or butt aesthetics, is mostly used for cosmetic reasons. These days, this is a common aesthetic procedure among women. When there is a lack of tissue in the buttocks and hips, the buttocks appear low, the tissue hangs on the leg, and the overall appearance is unpleasant, then women often request this procedure. Furthermore, the feminine lines fade when there is fat on the waist and back.

You must be wondering ‘How is it performed?’ Well, BBL surgery is a technique for increasing the size of your buttocks by transferring fat from other parts of your body. It seems as if you’re transferring fat from high-fat sections of your body to low-fat ones. Liposuction is utilized to remove fat from the waist and back, and then particular cannulas are used to inject it back into the buttocks, primarily in the upper area. As a result, your butt will appear beautiful and lifted.

A Brazilian Buttock Lift is performed without the use of implants and using your own natural fat. In a nutshell, a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL operation) in Turkey helps patients to reverse aging symptoms while also improving their overall appearance.

Have a quick look at its summary-

  • 3-4 hours of duration based on the amount of fat transfer
  • General anesthesia is preferred
  • Moderate level pain for about 2-3 days
  • 1-2 days hospital stay (based on the fat transferred or implants used)
  • 7-10 days country stay (based on the improvement)
  • 3-5 recovery days
  • Success rate is high in Turkey
  • Pressured Garment for a couple of days, and anti-inflammatory medications intake to get the finer results

Brazilian Butt Lift Before and After

Brazilian Butt Lift Before and After

What is the difference between a Brazilian Butt Lift and a Traditional Butt lift?

Traditional implants and the Brazilian Butt Lift are the two most common treatments for augmenting the buttocks. The Brazilian technique is gaining favor since it is less prone to infection than implants. It also gives the impression of being more natural. Liposuction from other areas slims the body and shapes the patient’s complete profile, which is another advantage of a Brazilian lift.  In other words, Buttock augmentation, commonly known as a buttock lift, is a surgical procedure that improves the shape and volume of the buttocks. It’s a sculpting and modeling approach that incorporates one or more of the following methods:

  • Butt Implant with Excisional Butt Lift
  • Brazil’s butt-lifting (BBL surgery)

A Brazilian Butt Lift shapes the buttocks utilizing the patient’s own natural fat rather than silicone implants. While some patients prefer an excisional Butt Lift, others prefer a Brazilian Butt Lift to soften the appearance of their buttocks.

Brazilian Butt Lift vs Traditional Butt lift

Brazilian Butt Lift vs Traditional Butt lift

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Cost City Wise in Turkey

Turkey is a good choice, mostly for the affordability of Butt lift. Turkey is well-known as a popular location for healthcare and medical tourism. The Average Cost of a Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey is $3,700. If you’re looking for an estimate for a Butt lift in various Turkish cities, keep in mind that prices vary widely depending on location, hospital, and a variety of other criteria.

For your reference, we have mentioned some city-wise prices for a Butt lift in Turkey:

City Name Average Cost in USD
Ankara 3500
Istanbul 4200
Antalya 3500
Izmir 3600
Bursa 3800
Adana 4000
Gaziantep 4200
Konya 4000

Brazilian Butt Lift price varies based on multiple factors.


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Why Choose Turkey for Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery?

Turkey is one of the most popular medical tourism destinations, with cosmetic procedures ranking second in Europe and eighth worldwide. Patients from all over the world are flocking to Turkey for high-quality, more affordable cosmetic surgery treatment from a variety of facilities and experts specializing in aesthetic medicine. The Brazilian Butt Lift is the most common cosmetic treatment in Turkey.

You may have been surprised by the expenses in the EU, UK, or US if you’ve been considering Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) applications.

When the costs and quality of care in Istanbul and Turkey clinics are compared, it’s evident that Istanbul and Turkey clinics are the most cost-effective and practical options.

To avail BBL surgery in Turkey is a viable choice for the obvious reasons listed below-:

  • Turkey is a popular destination for plastic surgery due to its high number of well-educated, professional, and experienced plastic surgeons, as well as the reduced cost of these procedures.

  • Turkish hospitals are famous for having surgeons who are well-trained and experienced. While working at renowned plastic and cosmetic surgery clinics around the world, the majority of Turkish doctors continue to enhance their skills. Furthermore, some of them are members of prestigious cosmetic medical organizations, allowing them to stay abreast of the most recent developments in the field.

  • Furthermore, Turkey is a credible country for cosmetic procedures; for example, in cosmetic surgery facilities, patients are screened before surgery and pharmacological therapy is administered to prevent complications.

  • In Turkey, on the other hand, many plastic surgery procedures are carried out using minimally invasive techniques, which reduce invasiveness and the number of scars left behind.

  • Plastic and cosmetic surgery advancements are constantly being developed & launched, and Turkish professionals are fast applying them in clinics.

  • Patients from all over the world can travel to Turkey to receive the best BBL surgery at a reasonable cost. This is one of the most significant benefits of visiting the country for treatment. Brazilian buttock lift packages start at $3000 in BBL facilities in Turkey, whereas they cost $8,000 in areas like the United States. Even after taking into account travel, hotel, and living expenses, the Brazilian buttock lift pricing in Turkey saves a patient a lot of money.

  • Medical institutes use cutting-edge plastic surgery technologies to ensure treatment safety and quality.

  • You will receive natural-looking results in Turkey. Only the patient’s fat and tissue are used in the Brazilian buttocks lift, resulting in a more attractive buttocks contour that feels and looks natural. The procedure is beneficial since the patients’ curves appear natural.

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery in Turkey has a lot of additional benefits. It is, without a doubt, one of today’s most popular cosmetic procedures.  Despite the fact that the BBL is a permanent procedure, how you care for yourself afterward is crucial to getting the best and longest-lasting results.

Many international people prefer to have Brazilian buttlift surgery in Istanbul for the following reasons:

  • Flight schedules for international travel
  • Many Brazilian Butt Lift surgeons and Aesthetic Surgery centers can be found in Istanbul.
  • In Istanbul, the cost of a Brazilian Butt Lift is reasonable.
  • In Istanbul, the Brazilian Butt Lift has received an excellent response.

The Right Candidate For BBL in Turkey

Candidates for the Brazilian Butt Lift have the following characteristics in common:

  • The body parts have enough fat to be removed and transplanted.
  • A patient’s medical history does not make him or her a surgical candidate.
  • Having a desire to enlarge the size of your buttocks
  • Also, wish to get a smaller waistline.
  • Those who want to alter and contour their bodies

Technologies used in Turkey for Butt Lift

When doing Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, the BBL surgeon may employ a variety of procedures. The surgeon will undoubtedly choose the most appropriate procedure based on the patient’s needs. In Turkey, three main BBL approaches are now in use:

  • Vaser Liposuction: Vaser Liposuction is utilized in conjunction with lipo modeling and fat transfer to the buttocks to create a beautifully shaped physique with flawless lipofilling, which is known as Brazilian Butt Lift.
  • Fat Grafting: It’s a surgical procedure in which a doctor takes the patient’s biological fat from other regions of the body, isolates it from its chemical components, and injects it into the buttocks through small incisions. Brazilian buttlifts with fat grafting are a safer option than butt implants in Turkey, and they produce the most natural BBL results.
  • Traditional Butt Lift: Fat grafting may not help in the first place if the buttocks are severely saggy. The physician makes an incision around the lower back to remove extra skin from the buttocks during a standard butt lift. As a result of this operation, the buttocks appear firmer and younger. After recovery, BBL surgery using a fat grafting technique can be used to improve the outcomes.

Best Hospitals for Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery (BBL) in Turkey

  • ISO 9001
  • Joint Commission International, or JCI

Bayindir Group established in 1992 has been improving health standards of people for over 18 years now. The group has over time acquired an enviable reputation for providing excellent medical and surgical facilities with state of the art equipment, highly qualified staff and hospitals with world class amenities and comfortable surroundings.Being JCI accredited Bayindir Healthcare Group is a multi-specialty facility covering a broad range of medical and surgical treatments. The group is commi... Read More




DOCTORS in 11 Specialties


Facilities & Amenities

  • Joint Commission International, or JCI

Situated in Istanbul, Turkey & largest city, the International Hospital is a multi-specialty medical center offering the treatment and care in several healthcare specialties. The 118-bed hospital was recognized in 1989 and it is part of the Acibadem Healthcare Group, which holds 11 hospitals in Turkey.

Medical services and treatment vary from cardiology to neurosurgery, cosmetic surgery, oncology, orthopedics and many more. The hospital was modernized in 2006 and now has comforta... Read More




DOCTORS in 11 Specialties


Facilities & Amenities

  • Joint Commission International, or JCI

Acibadem started its journey into healthcare services as a small vicinity hospital in a district of Turkey. Currently, Acibadem is a great brand, which has taken its correct place amongst the global healthcare leaders. It has 21 hospitals, 16 outpatient clinics and subsidiary service companies. The newest connection in the chain is Acibadem Atakent University Hospital, sited as a general-purpose hospital. Atakent Hospital practises the Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation stand... Read More




DOCTORS in 11 Specialties


Facilities & Amenities

Eregli Anadolu Hospital



Ereğli Anadolu Hospital was established in 2007. In 2019, the hospital was operated under the Medical Park Hospital Group as Medical Park Ereğli Hospital. The hospital is situated at a prime location making the connectivity easy for patients and their relatives. The hospital is equipped with advanced therapies and diagnostic equipment along with highly experienced and trained medical and paramedical staff. The hospital is situated in district Ergeli of... Read More




DOCTORS in 10 Specialties


Facilities & Amenities

Bestify Group


  • Joint Commission International, or JCI


The Bestify group is one of the most sought-after companies for plastic surgery in Turkey. The company provides quality treatment with a high success rate. The company has gained expertise in providing treatment related to hair transplants, plastic surgery, and dentistry. The patient has excellent experience through JCI certified and internationally accredited hospitals. The group caters thousands of patients coming to form vario... Read More




DOCTORS in 2 Specialties


Facilities & Amenities

Choosing the best clinic in Turkey for a Brazilian buttlift, especially in another country, is one of the most challenging tasks. A lot of Turkish medical centers provide this elective surgery. When choosing the finest BBL facility in Turkey for your treatment, it’s a good idea to examine the following things. –

  • Location
  • Accreditation
  • Doctor’s experience
  • Before and After Photos
  • Patients Feedback

Package for Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery in Turkey

Brazilian Butt Lift

  • City Tour for 2
  • Airport Transfers
  • MORE

What could be better than a cosmetic procedure that offers both convenience and cost savings? MediGence has created ‘Healthcare Packages‘ that are one-of-a-kind and offer incredible value!

Our package also includes a number of other benefits-

  • You can avail Brazilian Butt lift in Lithuania & Turkey (as they are considered as one of the best destinations for the lift) via our package and in 8+ countries with our treatment overseas service.

  • Your case will be handled by board-certified plastic & cosmetic surgeons

  • Inclusive in our package, you can access a Teleconsultation with the renowned specialists from your home before you begin your treatment

  • You do not only save up to 30% on the treatment cost but also avail unmatchable benefits with our 24/7 patient-concierge services- Free hotel stay, Free room Upgrades, City Tours, Airport Transfers, Teleconsultation with the expert, follow-up consultations, and much more

  • We give you the special benefit of BOOK NOW & TRAVEL ANYTIME. Just book by paying 10% cost online via our secured payment gateway & lock your benefits

  • You will also be given  the post-operative care for a speedy recovery with value-added benefits like  sessions with Physiotherapists, Nutritionists & other specialists, health check-ups, and much more

  • Not only this- We will assign you a dedicated CASE MANAGER to handle your entire medical journey!

We ensure that you feel confident about your quality treatment to get what you deserve.

Currently, we have three packages available for the Brazilian Butt lift-

  • Brazilian Butt lift at Asya Hospital, Turkey- $3900

  • Brazilian Butt lift at DBest Clinic, Turkey- $5000

  • Brazilian Butt lift at Kardiolita Hospital, Lithuania- $3100

All-inclusive services are available

Most plastic surgery centers in Turkey provide package deals that include airport pickup, hotel accommodations, entry, and language support in addition to the cost of a Brazilian buttlift. This both relieves the patient’s anxiety and saves money.

If you have any further questions or would want to understand more about the benefits, please contact our healthcare specialists at the number listed below.

(+1) 424 283 4838

Or you can mail us at [email protected]


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