MediGence Advisories’ Thoughts On Young Diabetics Published In Deccan Herald

  • May 9, 2018
  • Guneet Bhatia
MediGence Advisories’ Thoughts On Young Diabetics Published In Deccan Herald

The rate of diabetes has almost doubled in the last three decades. This is especially true about type 2 diabetes, which accounts for almost 90 to 95 percent of all the cases of diabetes.

Worryingly, the shift in the percentage of young adults diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in the last few years has been dramatic. Obesity is one of the reasons to blame for this spike in the rates of diabetes among the younger population.

The views of Dr. Rajiv Gupta (Advisory, Critical Care Medicine, MediGence) on the subject was recently published in the Deccan Herald. Highlighting the fact how early onset of diabetes is putting millennials at an increased risk of diabetes-related complications early in life, Dr. Gupta emphasized on the need to bring small changes in life that can help make a big difference.

Even though it is not possible to eliminate certain risk factors such as family history of diabetes, embracing minor changes in lifestyle can help stabilize blood sugar levels and prevent complications. For young adults, Dr. Gupta recommends maintaining a healthy weight as the first step to prevention of diabetes.

Additionally, he recommends including fresh fruits and vegetables, low-fat milk, salads, and grilled food in the daily diet. According to Dr. Gupta, educating children about healthy lifestyle habits and creating awareness about diabetes is essential to help them make their own healthy choices.

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