Fighting Cancer is Now Easier for Canadians with Low Cost Chemotherapy in India

Fighting Cancer is Now Easier for Canadians with Low Cost Chemotherapy in India

With cancer, your life becomes a broken crayon with faded color. But, it’s not the end. With strong will power and good ongoing treatment like Chemotherapy, you can beat this monster and edit the chapters of your life.Chemotherapy is a systematic treatment. Cancer causes the splitting of body cells and Chemotherapy eradicates those cells avoiding the splitting of the cells. The major types of cancer include –

  • Leukemia
  • Lymphoma
  • Carcinoma
  • Sarcoma
  • Myeloma

If cancer is detected in its early stage, it can be treated and chemotherapy plays a major role in cancer treatment. There has been seen a revolution in cancer care in India in a decade. The Indian oncology hospitals have not only evolved in terms of advanced cancer care but brought down the expenses significantly with innovative equipment and highly effective medicines.

What Makes Cancer an Expensive Disease?

Cancer is a lethal disease which doesn’t offer a decent amount of time to get ready and slow its pace through diet changes and medication. It can even kill a person in a few months. Immediate care is needed in this case. In the U.S, millions of new cases related to cancer are detected annually. It is one of the Top 5 expensive diseases in the world. There are many substantial direct and hidden costs related to cancer treatment. The direct costs include –

  • Consultation
  • Medication
  • Transport
  • Hospital Stays
  • Tests like MRI and X-Ray
  • Surgery
  • FNAC
  • Biopsy
  • Chemotherapy sessions

The indirect costs include for low cost chemotherapy in India include :

  • Loss of earnings
  • Caregiving
  • Long-term home care
  • Running out of money for family and kids

The cancer care costs vary with country. Every country has a different economy and healthcare costs. In India, transportation, hospital stays, doctor’s consultation fees and homecare expenses are way lesser than U.S and Canada. A fast and advanced cancer care can be expected along with short waiting time for tests and treatments in India.

Chemotherapy in Canada is quite expensive and the waiting time for consultation, tests and treatments is also very long that often add to the inconveniences. In the U.S, a significant amount of cancer patients say NO to treatment due to the sky-high costs of the treatments. Chemotherapy is recommended by the doctors in cycles. Every cycle lasts 2 to 4 weeks long, sometimes 6 weeks long. In the U.S, Canada, and some other countries, the cost of every chemotherapy cycle is very expensive and everybody can bear it.

The flight connectivity from Canada and many other countries to India are very impressive nowadays. Not only the tourists enjoy the India trips but a broad spectrum of cancer patients visits here as well every year for the sake of affordable and advanced chemotherapy sessions. There is a plenty of hospitals in India offering cutting-edge cancer treatment without breaking the bank. The cancer treatment in India is about 2 to 5 times cheaper than countries like the U.S and Canada.

India’s Advantage: Affordable Cancer Care

Low cost chemotherapy in India

According to last year statistics by National Cancer Institute, brain cancer is the costliest form of cancer which can make one cough up a huge amount of money between $100,000 and $115,000 every year plus medication costs and homecare expenses in the US.

The advanced precision and innovative treatment approaches have made cancer care easier, faster and cheaper in India. The primary cancers getting detected every year in India are breast cancer, lung cancer, oral cancer, lip cancer, neck cancer, cervix cancer, and ovary cancer. The elderly people mostly suffer from kidney, intestine, and prostate-related cancers. Apollo and Fortis hospitals are one of the most chosen cancer care hospitals in India for overseas patients.

Various diagnostics including MRI, X-rays, FNAC and Biopsy for a critical cancer case costs around 1,00,000 INR while the chemotherapy sessions cost a minimum of 40,000 to 50,000 INR. Some cancer patients are prescribed with radiation sessions and every radiation sessions cost between 70,000 INR and 1,20,000 INR. Post cancer treatment, a patient requires expensive medicines every month. Some costly medicines are also needed along with the chemotherapy cycles that make the total expenditure on a cancer treatment approximately 7,00, 000 INR.

Comparative Low Cost of Chemotherapy in India with the World

Ranging from the doctor’s fees to post-treatment medication, Indian cancer care is very affordable in comparison to the countries like Canada and US where one has to be ready to splurge approximately $30,000 or 18,00,000 INR which is about 2.5 times costlier than India.


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There is a myth that foreign countries like the US and Canada offer a better treatment for cancer than India but the fact is quality of Medical Treatment in India is at par with Developed Nations in terms of healthcare, especially cancer care, be it the accuracy, diagnosis, availability of rare medicines and advanced tests like MRI and Biopsy – India is a better choice for cancer care from all the perspectives.

Thousands of international patients have so far leveraged the early detection of cancer and an affordable treatment along with cheap post-cancer care. Medical tourism in India for cancer care is in an era of prosperity. The awareness programs related to early detection of first-time cancers and recurrent cancers are pretty active and benefiting the native and international patients.

Article By: – India’s Medical Tourism Portal.

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