Should You Really Visit A Doctor To Monitor Heart Health?

Should You Really Visit A Doctor To Monitor Heart Health?
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Cardiologists are a boon and play an important role in a hospital setting. This is especially true when it comes to treatment and diagnosis of heart ailments. However, the question is whether you actually need to visit a doctor to keep your heart health under check.

Technological advances have tremendously improved access to health care. It is now possible to track your vital health stats with the help of portable machines, smartphone, and wearable technology.


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What are these advances?

The advances made in the field of virtual reality, wearable sensing and artificial intelligence have changed the future of healthcare. These technologies allow patients to monitor their heart health, thus eliminating the need to visit a doctor personally.

Apart from setting sleep patterns and fitness goals, the latest wearable technology-enabled in devices such as Apple Watch and Fitbit allows monitoring of heart rhythm and rates. An experienced cardiologist uses this information to check for irregular heart rhythms. It usually indicates a serious underlying heart condition such as atrial fibrillation.

Moreover, the heart measurement apps available for smartphones are nearly 97 percent accurate in detecting the irregular heart rhythm. Even though these apps are based on an artificial intelligence-based algorithm, these should not be replaced with conventional methods used to monitor heart health.


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