Guide to Kidney Transplant Packages: Costs, Benefits, and Procedures

Guide to Kidney Transplant Packages: Costs, Benefits, and Procedures

The cost of the kidney transplant surgery package starts from $13,000. The cost may vary depending on numerous factors, such as the age of the patient, pre-existing condition, services offered, type of hospital, etc.

Kidney Transplant Surgery

  • Complimentary Stay for 2 in a Hotel for 30 Nights
  • Free Room Upgrade from Economy to Private
  • MORE

Kidney Transplant Surgery

  • Complimentary Stay for 2 in a Hotel for 25 Nights
  • Free Room Upgrade from Economy to Private
  • MORE

Kidney Transplant Surgery

  • Complimentary Stay for the Patient in a Hotel for 10 Nights
  • Free Room Upgrade from Economy to Private
  • MORE

When should I buy a Kidney Transplant Package?

Once your doctor recommends a kidney transplant after evaluating your kidney health, you should look for a suitable kidney transplant package according to your budget. There are several things to look for before choosing a package, such as number of benefits offered, the cost of the package, discounts being given, facilities offered, etc. If you want to have a smooth treatment journey at an affordable rate, it is always suggested to go for a package.

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How Can a Kidney Transplant Package Smooth Your Procedure?

A kidney transplant surgery package from MediGence offers outstanding benefits at an affordable price. These packages come with significant discounts, enabling you to save substantially. Benefits include a complimentary room upgrade from economy to private, a 25-night stay for two in a quality hotel, a $100 drug voucher, airport transfers, a city tour for two, priority appointments, a full refund upon cancellation, and round-the-clock patient care and support services. Throughout your treatment journey, a dedicated team at MediGence ensures that every aspect is carefully managed, aiming for a seamless experience. You’ll receive treatment from top doctors at world-class hospitals.

What’s the first step after booking a kidney transplant package?

Once you have booked a kidney transplant package, you will need to send all your medical records to the assigned case manager at MediGence who will review your case. You will get to know the doctor and the hospital where you will get the treatment. Your visa will be arranged. You need to arrange for a donor and complete the legal formalities. After reaching the country, your appointment with the doctor will be scheduled. Your medical condition will be evaluated after conducting a few tests and the date of the surgery is given.

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What is not covered in the Kidney Transplant Package?

The following things are not covered in the Kidney Transplant Package:

  • Post-Discharge mediations
  • Complex Lab tests
  • Ethical Committee Documentation
  • Additional Pharmaceutical Medicine or Antibiotics
  • Double J Stent After Transplantation removal
  • Fee of other Cross Consultation
  • Expenses for Hospital/Hotel Stay Beyond the Package Period
  • Services such as Telephone, Laundry
  • Medications as well as Treatment for any Non-Procedure Related or Pre-Existing Conditions not related to kidney

Which countries offer affordable kidney transplant packages?

Below are some countries where you can purchase affordable Kidney Transplant Packages. These countries have world-class hospitals and highly experienced kidney transplant doctors. The hospitals are equipped with the best infrastructure and amenities, modern diagnostic labs, and modern equipment.

Package Name Starting Cost in USD
Kidney Transplant Surgery in Turkey $18000
Kidney Transplant in India $13000

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Is it possible to donate a kidney more than once?

An emerging practice in transplantation allows the successful transplantation of a kidney in more than one recipient, which means a recipient may be an organ donor. In the case of many recipients, a healthy kidney, even one that was transplanted before, can make a lifesaving impact. About 20-25 percent of patients with a kidney transplant generally die with a functioning kidney that could save other people.

People who are not allowed to donate their Kidney for a Transplant

A person cannot donate a kidney for transplant if she/she is suffering from some medical conditions, such as diabetes, cancer, HIV, hepatitis, uncontrolled high blood pressure, or acute infections. Suffering from serious mental health conditions requiring treatment might also prevent them from being a donor. Individuals below 18 years of age are also not allowed to donate a kidney. A donor whose organ does not match a recipient is not eligible to be a donor.

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What are the risks if I decline a transplant even after being advised?

If the kidneys lose their ability to function properly, waste products may build-up, which can be life-threatening. This gradual loss of kidney function called end-stage chronic kidney disease and kidney failure makes a kidney transplant necessary. The loss of kidney function is irreversible and symptoms may worsen with time. A doctor will evaluate your condition and may refer you to a kidney transplant surgeon depending on the extent of kidney damage. If a person does not get a kidney transplant even after being advised, the life of the patient may be at risk. Signs of kidney failure, such as abdominal pain, swelling, bloody urine, and frequent urinary tract infections, may worsen with time.

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