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Patient Testimonial: Abdul Majid from Pakistan underwent Liver Transplantation in India

Patient from Pakistan Mr. Abdul Majid underwent Liver Transplantation in Max Hospital in India.

Mr. Abdul Majid, Pakistan

Patient Story for Mrs Iseoluwa Ejide Obagade from Nigeria

31-year-old Mrs. Iseoluwa Ejide Obagade, from Nigeria, was not able to conceive and she was also experiencing heaviness in the abdomen and had digestion problems. She was planned to undergo IVF, however, during the test, she was found to have a fibroid. Read More

Iseoluwa Ejide Obagade, Nigeria

Nigerian patient underwent Blepharoplasty in India | MediGence

Mrs Sumi Dinatu Adamu, a 47-year-old patient from Nigeria met with an accident and experienced eye injury and drooping eyelid. The patient was rushed to the hospital and she had problems in opening the affected eye and experienced headache and swelling. Upon further examination, excess skin drooped low enough covering a portion of the pupil, thus limiting the actual sight-line. Reconstructive surgery was advised in order to restore a more natural appearance to the eyelid as well as restore impaired vision. Read More

Mrs. Sumi Dinatu Adamu, Nigeria

Patient Testimonial: Kisagero Rhobi from Tanzania underwent Kidney Transplantation in India

This is the journey of Kisagero Rhobi and how MediGence helped him to undergo Kidney Transplantation in India, after searching far and. beyond. Relieve his journey from the eyes of his daughter Bahadi. Read more

Kisagero Rhobi , Tanzania

Patient Testimonial: Silim Shabani for Ovarian Cancer Treatment in Turkey

Nasrin (Sister of the patient ) explains the journey of how MediGence helped for the treatment of Silim Shabani for Ovarian Cancer Treatment in Turkey.

Silim Shabani, Iran