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Patient Testimonial: Prithiviraj Bhurtun for Redo-CABG in India

This is the testimonial of Mr. Prithiviraj Bhurtun, a heart patient from Mauritius. He had already undergone a Heart Bypass surgery. The patient Prithviraj Bhurtun was a diabetic and had undergone his first CABG in 2006. He again developed chest pain last year. Thus he underwent CABG Redo Procedure in Max Hospital under the supervision of Dr. Mani, a world-renowned and national awarding winning Heart Surgeon. Read More: https://goo.gl/Q4HnGU

Prithiviraj Bhurtun, Mauritius

Patient Testimonial: Lobna from Sudan for Open Craniotomy Surgery in India

Lobna (from Sudan) was diagnosed with meningioma, a form of non-cancerous brain tumor. Her family members decided to take her to one of the most prestigious hospitals in India for medical treatment. She got her treatment at BLK Hospital, Delhi. Read More

Mrs. Lobna Salah Hassan, Sudan

Patient Testimonial from USA for Microdiscectomy Treatment

Check out the patient testimonial of our patient from USA , Robinson Trey, who underwent treatment for Microdiscectomy in Medicana International Hospital, Turkey. Read More

Mr. Robinson Trey, United States

Patient Testimonial: Wasi from India underwent Kidney Transplantation in Turkey

Wasi was finding increasingly difficult to find a Donor for Kidney Transplantation over the course of the last 18 months. Check out his story of how he found about MediGence and the complete process of undergoing Kidney Transplantation in a foreign land. His treatment took place in of the most sought-after Treatment facilities across the world: Medicana International.

Wasi Un Nabi Shah, India

Patient Testimonial: Othman Elshekh Ahmed from Sudan

Check out how Othman Elshekh Ahmed from Sudan underwent Brain Tumor Treatment at Artemis Hospital, India. Read More

Mr. Othman Elshekh Ahmed, Sudan