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Patient Testimonial: Kisagero Rhobi from Tanzania underwent Kidney Transplantation in India

This is the journey of Kisagero Rhobi and how MediGence helped him to undergo Kidney Transplantation in India, after searching far and. beyond. Relieve his journey from the eyes of his daughter Bahadi. Read more

Kisagero Rhobi , Tanzania

Patient Testimonial: Silim Shabani for Ovarian Cancer Treatment in Turkey

Nasrin (Sister of the patient ) explains the journey of how MediGence helped for the treatment of Silim Shabani for Ovarian Cancer Treatment in Turkey.

Silim Shabani, Iran

Patient Testimonial: Mrs Henshaw from Nigeria underwent Cervical Cancer Treatment in India

This was the case with a 60-year-old cervical cancer patient from Nigeria, Mrs. Affiong Uko Henshaw. She was diagnosed with locally advanced cervical cancer. Because of the unavailability of quality treatment back in Nigeria, her son and daughter-in-law, who are based out of UK, decided to send her to India for further medical management. Read More

Mrs. Affiong Uko Henshaw, Nigeria

Patient Story: Asmina Kauser Shuntoo from India underwent Complicated Spine Surgery

This is the story of how a Patient from Kashmir Region of India, underwent a complicated Spine Surgery at BLK Hospital, India. She earlier had tried to undergo treatment at multiple facilities in Kashmir and Delhi before eventually contacting MediGence.

Mrs. Asmina Kauser Shuntoo, India

Patient Testimonial: Mohammud Rabiu from Nigeria underwent Brain Tumor Treatment in India

This is the journey of Mohammud Rabia from Nigeria who had to undergo Medical Management for his Brain Stroke which he had suffered earlier in the year.

Mr. Mohammud Rabiu, Nigeria