Recovering From Stroke: How Rehab Helps

Recovering From Stroke: How Rehab Helps

A stroke also referred to as a “brain attack” is a medical emergency that needs immediate attention. Once the stroke has passed, the amount of time it takes to recover from it can vary from one person to another. Most people are able to regain their independence with rehabilitation as it helps in adjusting to irreparable damage and regaining lost abilities after a stroke.

Read below to know more about stroke rehabilitation.

What Happens In Stroke Rehabilitation?

Stroke can lead to many complications which can compromise the quality of life for several patients. It can impact speech, strength, movement, and the ability of the patient to perform daily activities. Thus, rehabilitation programs are generally recommended as these focus on the holistic recovery of the patient. These typically involve helping the patient cope with emotional, physical, spiritual, and social changes because of a stroke.

Researchers have noted that patients who received rehab after a stroke could perform better as compared to patients who didn’t participate in a stroke rehabilitation program.

The aim of a stroke rehabilitation program is to:

  • Help the patient and family adjust to lifestyle changes by educating them
  • Provide treatments for the underlying illness and avoid the risks and complications
  • Modify the surroundings and also supply tools to the patients to help them adapt to their new lifestyle
  • Conduct psychological testing and provide pain management for enhancing the performance of the patient

In a rehabilitation program, you will receive:

  • Physiotherapy sessions:  These would involve exercises to improve your coordination and muscle strength.
  • Sessions with occupational therapists: During these, you will be taught how to use walking aids such as a wheelchair or a walker to regain your mobility.
  • Psychotherapy: You might receive counseling from a psychologist who will monitor your mental health and also help you in overcoming the emotional challenges faced during the recovery period.
  • Sessions with speech and language therapists: Some patients also experience speech and language impairments after a stroke. Therapy can help with a speech disability and restore functions such as writing, listening, and speaking.

A successful stroke rehabilitation program would require a team of highly -qualified and well-trained experts such as rehabilitation experts, neurologists, physical therapists, rehab nurses, occupational therapists, and dietitians. With the support of these professionals and your family, making a fast recovery from a stroke is possible.

Where Can You Receive Rehabilitation After A Stroke?

If you are considering undergoing rehabilitation after a stroke, there are many different settings where you can avail of stroke rehabilitation. Some of these are:

  • Outpatient rehabilitation: In this type of rehab, you will have to go to the rehab center about 2-3 times a week.
  • Home rehabilitation: Patients who have been advised to stay at home and are facing mild issues after a stroke can go for home rehabilitation. In this, the rehab team can provide about 2-3 hours of sessions at home. Nowadays, patients also have the option to receive quality rehab services online from rehabilitation experts via telerehabilitation.
  • Hospital rehabilitation: This is a kind of long-term care that starts immediately after the stroke in the hospital.  It is an integral component of stroke recovery

What Is The Success Rate Of Stroke Rehabilitation?

Studies suggest that around 10% of stroke patients could make a complete recovery after receiving rehab. Simultaneously, around 25% of patients recovered though with some minor impairments. Additionally, 40% of patients still experienced some moderate impairments that needed special attention after receiving stroke rehabilitation.

How Long Is Stroke Rehabilitation Required?

It can take some time before you begin to see the effects of rehabilitation. For patients who are receiving rehab at a hospital, the treatment may typically last for about 2-4 weeks. Once discharged, patients can opt for rehabilitation services at home for months till they make a significant improvement. The outcomes of rehabilitation are influenced by factors such as:

  • The extent of the impact of stroke on your physical and cognitive skills
  • Your psychological health such as your motivation to stick to the rehab program
  • Support from your family and friends
  • Skills and experience of your rehabilitation experts

How To Opt For A Stroke Rehabilitation Service?

Since there are different options available for stroke patients when it comes to rehab, you need to consider various factors while opting for a rehabilitation service.

These are:

  • The cost of rehabilitation service and if your insurance will cover it.
  • The location of the rehab center, if you wish to receive rehab in an outpatient setting.
  • The credentials of the rehabilitation team
  • The duration of therapy sessions.
  • The experience of the center in providing rehab for your particular condition.
  • Whether the rehab center will allow your family and friends to visit you
  • The expertise of the rehab center in handling emergencies.

Choosing MediGence For Your Post-Stroke Rehab

MediGence connects stroke patients with expert rehabilitation experts that can provide the best guidance for making a complete recovery. Our rehabilitation services can be availed at an affordable price from our platform conveniently. With just a click, you can consult our experts for availing of stroke rehabilitation.

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Enrolling in a rehabilitation program after experiencing a stroke could help you become independent again. If you are considering rehabilitation, it is important to talk to your doctor and discuss several factors before choosing a rehab program.

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