Unlocking Affordable Healthcare: Offers on Teleconsultations

Unlocking Affordable Healthcare: Offers on Teleconsultations

Whether it is the hefty cost of treatment or the lack of quality healthcare providers in your area, there can be many hurdles to getting the right care for your condition. According to WHO, half of the world’s population doesn’t have access to standard healthcare. Around 100 million people are facing extreme poverty owing to mounting healthcare expenses. As evident from these statistics, high costs and poor healthcare services can act as barriers to getting proper treatment. However, we wish to help patients cross these barriers and get the care they deserve.

Fulfilling our mission of making healthcare affordable and accessible to all, MediGence is pleased to announce exclusive discounts and offers on our healthcare services including teleconsultations.

Unmatched healthcare offers in store for you

MediGence is one of the most preferred choices for patients who wish to access top healthcare worldwide. We offer a range of services including

These services are now available to you with our discount coupons of up to 25% off. Though we are making healthcare more budget-friendly for you, there will be no compromise on quality. Not only will you get treatment at reasonable costs, but there are also EXTRA benefits given to ensure a positive healthcare experience.

Through our proprietary teleconsultation platform, we have delivered more than 5000 consultations for 100+ conditions successfully to patients from around the globe. Our pool of 500+ board-certified and well-renowned doctors is readily available to provide the best medical opinion via video consultation. Thus, patients do not have to worry about searching for the right doctor as they can connect with our reputed experts with just a click. To ensure that superior healthcare reaches every corner of the world, we are offering FLAT 20% off on our teleconsultations in addition to coupon discounts of up to 25%. Even if you are not tech-savvy, you need not worry as our online consultation platform is extremely easy to navigate. You can access your doctor’s notes and update medical records without facing any issues. We respect our patient’s privacy and all healthcare teleconsultations and records are secured and stored on HIPAA-compliant servers on the cloud.

How to access our discounts?

If you wish to avail attractive offers on any of our healthcare services, you need to follow the given steps:

  • Visit https://medigence.com
  • Click on register
  • Provide the required information to complete your registration
  • After choosing the healthcare service you require, you will be directed to the payment page where you can select the coupon to avail the best care for yourself at reduced prices.

You can also visit the “video consult” page on our website- https://medigence.com/online-video-consultation

Here, you can choose the specialist you wish to connect with and schedule a teleconsultation session at discounted prices.

Why Choose MediGence?

MediGence helps patients connect with the right doctor and hospital for their treatment at the destination of their choice. We are TEMOS certified and have helped more than 100000 patients.

We offer:

  • Excellent services- 24*7 patient assistance
  • Network of top-rated doctors and internationally accredited hospitals in 25+ countries
  • Dedicated help desk for patient counseling and guidance
  • Easy booking of treatment package at just 10% of the cost and traveling anytime
  • Pre-Negotiated pricing for 100+ medical procedures with the assured cost benefits of more than 30%
  • 500+ board-certified doctors


Cost should never be a hurdle when seeking quality healthcare. MediGence is bringing affordable healthcare closer to you so that you can have the best healthcare experience. Get started on your healthcare journey with us.

Reviewed By :- Megha Saxena

Urvi Agrawal

Urvi is an avid reader who is passionate about writing. Having worked in hospital settings like AIIMS, She has experience working as a healthcare writer and has written about many healthcare and medical topics. Besides her role as a content specialist, she likes to spend her time cooking, dancing, and painting. She believes that positive thinking is crucial for being happy.

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