Dr. Nicholas Boyd Gibbins

Dr. Nicholas Boyd Gibbins

Transplant Surgeon - Stem Cells Therapy

  , Bangkok, Thailand

  16 Years of experience


Dr. Nicholas Boyd Gibbins is one of the finest Transplant Surgeon in Thailand. He is an experienced Stem Cells Therapy in the Thailand. The Medical practitioner has been associated with various reputed hospitals in the Thailand. The physician is currently working as a Scientific Director, StemCells 21, Thailand. The doctor is a well-reputed and sought after medical expert and is

  • Ph.D. in sensory neuroscience University College London: 2013-2017
  • Masters in Medical engineering (Meng 4 years) Queen Mary University, London: 2008-2012

qualified. Dr. Nicholas Boyd Gibbins has been associated with many hospitals over the course of his illustrious and experienced career.

The hospitals include:

  • His placements included Queen Mary University in London, University College of London, and CiRA, Kyoto University, Japan trained by noble prize winner Shinya Yamanaka

Dr. Nicholas Boyd Gibbins has more than 16 Years of clinic experience. The Clinician specializes in and performs the following surgeries:

  • Stem Cell Therapy
  • Transplants
  • Developing a high throughput 3D organoid culture screening system for Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) by CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing of human iPS cells to create cancer cell line models.
  • Designed and performed CRISPR-Cas9 RNP knock-out and ssODN knock-in genome editing experiments to develop cancer models by electroporation.
  • Differentiated iPS cells into neural stem cells, OPCs, neurons, oligodendrocytes, and glial cells, with desired brain regional specificityMatthew P Topping, Marta Andres Miguel, Nicholas Boyd-Gibbins, Jason Somers, Joerg Albert Sex and Species Specific Hearing Mechanisms in Mosquito Flagellar Ears Nature Communications 2018 September.
  • Homeostasis and protein turnover in the auditory transducer complex of Drosophila melanogaster.
  • Regulated alternate splicing changes the TRPN channel pore to diversify
  • mechanoreceptor function in insects
Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells are the body's raw materials cells from which all other cells with specific functions are produced. Stem-cell therapy means using the stem cells to treat or stop disease or condition. The most widely used stem cell treatment is called as hematopoietic or blood stem cell transplantation, like bone marrow transplantation which is done to treat blood and immune system ailments or to restore the blood system after treatments for certain types of cancer. The two main ways by which stem cells can be used are as follows:

1) Transplant: The chosen stem cells are collected either from the patient or a donor and cultured or modified in some way prior injecting or grafting into the patient.

2) A target for a drug or other biologic: Here the drug or biologic is planned to activate a required response from the stem cells that are present in the patient’s organs or tissues.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What area of specialization does Dr. Nicholas Boyd Gibbins have?
Dr. Nicholas Boyd Gibbins is specialized in Thailand and of the most sought after doctors in Transplant Surgeon.
Does Dr. Nicholas Boyd Gibbins offer Telemedicine Consultation through Medigence?
No, this doctor dose not offer telemedicine via MediGence
How many years of experience does Dr. Nicholas Boyd Gibbins have?
Dr. Nicholas Boyd Gibbins is one of the most sought after specialists in Thailand and has over 16 Years years of experience.
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