Tips On Providing Mental Support To Others Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Tips On Providing Mental Support To Others Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Your little act of kindness can provide the much needed mental health support to those suffering from depression, loneliness, stress, and negative thinking amid the COVID19 pandemic.

Fear, stress, and worry are considered a normal reaction in humans to real of perceived threats. Now that the entire world is battling COVID-19 and is scared for its health and that of its loved ones, people are all the more likely to experience fear in context to the pandemic.

To the fear, add changes to the daily schedule, loss of employment, partial loss of income, inability to meet or visit family, ongoing health crisis, and added responsibility of home-schooling children. People have a lot on their plates at the moment and therefore, they have occupied physically ad well as mentally, which may lead to a point where they feel completely exhausted.

Everyone reacts differently to a stressful situation. While some may be able to handle the situation better while maintaining a positive outlook, others may find it tough and challenging to cope up with the changes in life.

Therefore, there is an additional need to take care of such people and maintain a constant touch with each other to support each other in the time of crisis.

Some of the warning signs that indicate that the other person, whether a child or an adult, could be suffering from excessive stress and anxiety include the following:

  • Excessive irritation or crying
  • Unhealthy eating or sleeping habits
  • Difficulty concentrating on things
  • Excessive worry or sadness
  • Avoiding a hobby or another favorite activity
  • Excessive use of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco
  • General avoidance concerning normal conversations


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Guneet Bhatia

Guneet Bhatia is an avid reader, healthcare writer, and is currently Director of Patient Care Department, MediGence. She has also been featured on many prominent Healthcare portals such as IBTimes, HCIT Expert, Clinician Today.


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