7 Clear Benefits of Opting for Dental Implant

7 Clear Benefits of Opting for Dental Implant

Teeth may loosen up, break or get damaged or chipped because of many reasons. Most of these minor reasons can get corrected with the help of minimal intervention. On the other hand, severe damage such as loss of complete tooth requires serious treatment.That’s where dental implant play an important role in Dental Care today.

One such treatment involves the use of dental implants. It is a long-lasting option used to replace the extracted or missing tooth. These implants are a type of metal frames made from different material. These frames are placed into the jawbone present below gums.


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Once a dental implant is in place, the frame can be used by the dentist as a reference to place an artificial tooth above it. Thus, a dental implant is a stable frame used to provide support to an artificial tooth.

Even though patients may feel a little anxious to bear dental implants cost and undergo an oral surgery to get it fitted, they should be rest assured about the benefits associated with it. The cost of dental implant depends on the country where you get it, the type of material that the implant is made of and the number of implant required by the patient.

The following Chart compares the cost of dental implant in India and other countries:

[visualizer id=”2776″]

The Following are the Seven Clear Benefits of Getting a Dental Implant:

#1: Maintains Oral Health

Dental implant helps maintain oral health by not affecting the surrounding teeth, unlike other options such as dental bridge. It is meticulously placed into the jawbone below the gum area where a teeth is missing or has been extracted.

#2: Comforts The Candidate

It fits into the natural space of missing teeth and becomes a permanent part of it, thus preventing any uncomfortable movement of the teeth or implant. The artificial teeth fits perfectly above the implant placed into the jawbone.

#3: Restores Dental Functioning

Dental implant covered with a dental crown functions just like the tooth lost or extracted by taking over its role completely, including biting and chewing.

#4: Preserves Natural Smile

A dental implant with crown is designed to look just like the original tooth and thus, helps restore natural smile, dental structure and looks.

#5: Prevents Denture Pitfalls

People with implant do not feel uncomfortable  while eating or speaking in public as the implant remain in place, unlike dentures that may become loose and eventually leave their place.

#6: Ensures long-lasting results

A dental implant can last for more than 20 years or over a lifetime of an individual because of its strong attachment to the jawbone.

#7: Eliminates Maintenance Needs

Apart from initial tooth implant cost, dental implants do not involve any maintenance costs, unlike dentures. A tooth implant with crown can be treated like a natural teeth, which only requires brushing and flossing.

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