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  • Hospital Price $4500

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Booking Amount: 415 USD . Pay Remaining 90% at the hospital.

You Save : $350

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Some of the key inclusions which we provide as additional benefits of the package are:
  • City Tour for 2
  • Airport Transfers
  • Cancel Anytime with Full Refund
  • Room Upgrade from Economy to Private
  • Free Telemedicine Consultation worth 60 USD
  • Free Water Bottle for the Patient and the Companion in a Hotel
  • Complimentary Stay for 2 in a Hotel for 3 Nights and 4 Days
  • Priority Appointments

We provide numerous services for your medical journey, including:

  1. Complimentary Stay for 2 in a Hotel for 3 Nights and 4 Days
  2. City Tour for 2
  3. Airport Transfers
  4. Room Upgrade from Economy to Private
  5. Cancel Anytime with Full Refund
  6. Priority Appointments
  7. Free Water Bottle for the Patient and the Companion in a Hotel
  8. Free Telemedicine Consultation worth 60 USD

Costing Details

We provide packages at economical prices with a number of additional benefits which make it a better opportunity than spending actual hospital costs with singular benefits. PDA stands for Patent Ductus Arteriosus, which is a minimally invasive procedure to close or block the ductus arteriosus. Specialized cardiac doctors (Paediatric cardiac) use a procedure known as cardiac catheterization to place a small device in the vessel that closes the PDA., We have outstanding options with all kinds of benefits for you to get the PDA Device closure surgery done in Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, India.

Information related to Treatment

PDA- A ductus arteriosus is present in every newborn. The opening is no longer required after delivery, and it normally narrows and closes within a few days. The ductus does not always shut after delivery. The failure of the ductus to shut is common in premature babies, although it is uncommon in full-term babies. The cause of PDA in most children is unknown. Along with the PDA, some children may have other cardiac issues.

PDA, also known as PDA occlusion, is a minimally invasive procedure. As a result, it is a risk-free and low-risk technique. Transcatheter and Surgical Closure are two procedures that can be used. Which technique a patient is eligible for varies from patient to patient. If the hole in the heart is tiny, it can be corrected using a non-surgical device (transcatheter), but if it is too large, surgery is required.

Heart catheterization is a relatively low-risk technique in general, although it is not without risk. The following are the most common risks associated with PDA closure:

  • Break through a blood vessel or the heart wall
  • Small leak through the closure device
  • Inflammation
  • Pain for sometime
  • Heart infection

After the procedure, the patient is transferred to the NICU or ICU, where they will be intensively monitored for the next 24-48 hours. Following the surgery, circulation, respiration, and feeding should all improve quickly. The great majority of patients have a PDA device closed, spend one night in the hospital before being discharged the next day. Within a week, they are usually back to full activity.

It's critical to have regular follow-up treatment for the rest of your life, especially if you or your baby had the surgical closure surgery-

  • Patients who have a PDA that requires surgery or device closure must take antibiotics before any dental or surgical treatments for at least 6 months after the procedure. This measure is used to reduce the chances of a bacterial infection arising in the cardiac tissue
  • This follow-up care could be as easy as frequent appointments with your doctor, or it could include regular problems screenings. The most important thing is to talk to your doctor about your treatment plan and make sure you follow all of his or her suggestions
  • Even after successful treatment, people and parents of children with congenital heart abnormalities are concerned about the risks of strenuous activity and rough play. Although some children and adults with patent ductus arteriosus may need to limit the quantity or type of exercise they do, the majority of people with patent ductus arteriosus will lead normal lives. Your doctor, or the doctor of your child, can advise you on which activities are safe

The PDA closure device is placed in the heart permanently. The body's natural healing process will eventually cover the device in tissue. With the implant, your baby's heart will continue to expand. Six months after the procedure, schedule a follow-up appointment with your cardiologists to confirm that the PDA is properly closed.

It is a very common misconception that purchasing a package will lower the quality of treatment received at the chosen hospital. This is not the case. MediGence provides pre-bundled packages featuring decreased rates as well as some incredible added services for having the procedure performed at the patient's preferred facility. Patients will receive the most effective treatment from world-renowned specialists at world-class hospitals.

By paying online using's safe payment system, you can book the package. This can be done with only 10% of the discounted price, or US$ 415. The remaining 90% of the fees, totaling US$ 3735, can be paid in cash, credit card, debit card, or wire transfer at the time of the patient's hospital admission.

Package Details

Days in Hospital
2 to 3 Days

Days in Hotel *
14 Days

Room Type

* Including Complimentary Hotel Stay for 3 nights for 2 (Patient and 1 Companion)

  • Consultation Charges
  • Tests Related to the Surgery (routine blood work & lab studies, etc.)
  • Hospital Room Charges for the Specified Period
  • Cost of Closure Device Implant
  • Surgeon Fees and Nursing Care
  • Hospital Surgery Suite Charges
  • Anesthesia Charges
  • Routine Medicines and Routine Consumables (bandages, dressings, etc.)
  • Food and Beverages (Patient and 1 Companion) During the Hospital Stay

  • Other Complex Lab /Radiology Investigations
  • Professional Charges of Other Consultants/Cross Consultation
  • Expenses for Hospital or Hotel Stay Beyond the Package Period
  • Other Requested Services such as Laundry and Telephone, etc.
  • Additional Implant(s) will be Charged Extra Above the Package Cost
  • Additional Antibiotics or Pharmaceutical Medicine after Discharge

  • Destination Tour Options Available
  • Hotel Room Upgrade Options Available
  • Hospital Room Upgrade from Private to Suite Available
  • Additional Health Checkups and Procedures for the Companion is Available on Request

  • It is mandatory to carry a COVID-19 negative report for the PCR test done within 72 hours before arrival in India.
  • Mandatory PCR test on arrival, irrespective of COVID-19 status.
  • COVID-19 negative patients can continue with treatment immediately.
  • COVID-19 positive patients have to self-quarantine in a hotel for 14 days.
Muthu Jothi

Treating Doctor

Dr. Muthu Jothi

Heart Specialist - Pediatric Cardiologist

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital , New Delhi, India
21 Years of experience

  • It is mandatory to carry a COVID-19 negative report for the PCR test done within 72 hours before arrival in India.
  • Mandatory PCR test on arrival, irrespective of COVID-19 status.
  • COVID-19 negative patients can continue with treatment immediately.
  • COVID-19 positive patients have to self-quarantine in a hotel for 14 days.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Your treatment will cost around USD 4500 in Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi

You need to pay 10% of the package amount to reserve the additional benefits and offer pricing. PDA Closure Package costs is USD 415.The rest of the amount will have to be paid once treatment is completed at the hospital.

While having PDA Closure, you have stay in the Hospital for 3 day/s

When you wish to get PDA Closure in the country, kindly plan a 18 day/s stay.

We provide services for your medical travel, under our package- Consultation Fees, Surgery-Related Tests (regular blood work & lab investigations, etc. ), Hospital Room Charges for the Specified Period, Surgeon fees and nursing care, charges for the hospital surgery suite, anaesthesia charges, routine medicines and consumables (bandages, dressings, etc. ), food and beverage for the patient, and one copay

Checks, Cash, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Electronic bank transfers as well as Mobile payments are all payment methods available for Booking PDA Closure.

Yes, you have the option to cancel the package, and once you do, you will receive a full refund in your account within 7 working days.

Yes, that is allowed. It is per the requirement of the medical traveller that the modifications to the package can be done.

Once you book the package online, you will be assigned the case manager shortly for which you will get the email notification. The case manager will contact you to help you start planning. You do not have to do anything. Just sit back and relax and we will do the rest

You can avail your free Teleconsultation post booking PDA Closure as per doctor’s availability.

Dr. Muthu Jothi will be your treating surgeon, and will be in charge of your whole therapy

Several tempting packages associated with PDA Closure, are available in India. such as:

Package NamePackage Cost
PDA Device Closure in Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, New DelhiUSD 4100

Yes, we do take care your Visa process for your medical travel

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