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TOF Repair in Baskent University Istanbul Hospital : Cost & Doctors

The cardiology team at Baskent University Istanbul Hospital leave no stone unable to deliver the best possible outcome through their in-depth expertise in cardiac procedure.They ensure that the best possible care is provided to the patient. Baskent University Istanbul Hospital has received accreditation from prestigious bodies, ensuring excellence in quality of medical treatment and hospital services. This hospital can handle any cardiac cases during and after the operation. With various medical departments with in-house specialist doctors, Baskent University Istanbul Hospital is equipped with advanced medical equipment and modern infrastructure. It has more than 38 ICUs, 10+ specialties, 100+ inpatient beds. The hospital also offers facilities for international patients, such as Interpreter and translation services, accommodation and airport transfers. Baskent University Istanbul Hospital also boasts 5 operating rooms and high tech Intensive Care Units. TOF repair at the hospital is offered at much affordable costs compared to hospitals in western countries. A large number of international patients visit the hospital for TOF repair every year and return to their country fully satisfied with treatment and care provided by the center.

Hospital Overview

  • 13.000 square meters indoor area
  • Aesthetically designed Inpatient rooms
  • Latest healthcare equipments
  • 105 bed capacity
  • 5 operating rooms
  • 38 bed capacity in the Intensive Care Unit
  • 609 healthcare personnel and healthcare professors
  • Translation services for International patients

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Hospital Address : Altunizade, BAKENT

Costing related to TOF Repair in Baskent University Istanbul Hospital

Types of TOF Repair in Baskent University Istanbul Hospital and its associated cost

Treatment OptionApproximate Cost Range (USD)Approximate Cost Range (TRY)
Complete Intracardiac Repair13767 - 20386413617 - 600682
Transannular Patch Repair14809 - 22520433350 - 685768
Pulmonary Valve-Sparing Repair15582 - 24384465170 - 759118
  • Address: Altunizade, BAKENT
  • Facilities related to Baskent University Istanbul Hospital: SIM, TV inside room, Accommodation, Airport Transfer

** No doctors are currently available for TOF Repair at Baskent University Istanbul Hospital.