Dr. Ramadan Altintas is one of the finest Urinary Specialist in Turkey. He is an experienced Urologist in the Turkey. The Medical practitioner has been associated with various reputed hospitals in the Turkey. The physician is currently working as a Urologist, Istinye University LIV Hospital, Turkey. The doctor is a well-reputed and sought after medical expert and is

  • Faculty of Medicine (English) Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine , Urology AD - Specialization

qualified. Dr. Ramadan Altintas has been associated with many hospitals over the course of his illustrious and experienced career.

The hospitals include:

  • Van State Hospital
  • Van Private Akdamar Hospital
  • Inonu University Turgut Afzal Medical Center, Urology AD
  • Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University Ataturk Education and Research Center (Urooncology and Robotic Surgery Education)
  • Cleveland Clinic (USA) (Urooncology and Robotic Surgery Education)

Dr. Ramadan Altintas has more than of clinic experience. The Clinician specializes in and performs the following surgeries:

  • More than 40 articles published abroad
Frequently Asked Questions
What area of specialization does Dr. Ramadan Altintas have?
Dr. Ramadan Altintas is specialized in Turkey and of the most sought after doctors in Urinary Specialist.
Does Dr. Ramadan Altintas offer Telemedicine Consultation through Medigence?
No, this doctor dose not offer telemedicine via MediGence
How many years of experience does Dr. Ramadan Altintas have?
Dr. Ramadan Altintas is one of the most sought after specialists in Turkey and has over years of experience.
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