Dr. Kittisak Suthamjariya

Dr. Kittisak Suthamjariya

Plastic Surgeon - Cosmetic Surgeon

  Radiance Skin Clinic , Bangkok, Thailand

  6 Years of experience


Dr. Kittisak Suthamjariya is one of the finest Plastic Surgeon in Thailand. He is an experienced Cosmetic Surgeon in the Thailand. The Medical practitioner has been associated with various reputed hospitals in the Thailand. The physician is currently working as a Cosmetic surgeon, Radiance Skin Clinic , Thailand. The doctor is a well-reputed and sought after medical expert and is

  • Diplomat Board in Dermatology

qualified. Dr. Kittisak Suthamjariya has been associated with many hospitals over the course of his illustrious and experienced career.

The hospitals include:

  • Consultant & Lecturer at Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University (Thailand)

Dr. Kittisak Suthamjariya has more than 6 Years of clinic experience. The Clinician specializes in and performs the following surgeries:

  • Cosmetic Rhinoplasty
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Certificate in Dermatologic Oncology (Tokyo)
  • Fellow in Dermatologic Pharmacology (London)
  • Research Fellow in Laser Surgery (Harvard Medical School, USA)
  • Fellow in Dermatologic Surgery (San Diego, USA)
  • Mechanisms of Microvascular Response to Laser Pulses
  • Treatment of telangiectases and reticular veins of lower extremities with long-pulsed Nd : YAG laser
  • Topical ALA-Photodynamic Therapy for the Treatment of Acne Vulgaris
Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

Nose plays a very important role in defining one’s personality. The entire contour of the face changes with a well-defined nose in place. Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure performed on the nose to enhance its appearance. It is also known as rhinoplasty or nose reshaping. The shape and size of the nose can be changed drastically to improve the features of the face.

Rhinoplasty surgery is mainly performed for aesthetic reasons. An accident or too big or too small appearance of the nose can be given a proper shape with the help of rhinoplasty surgery. A nose can get mutilated or crooked due to some injury or accident which can be corrected through a surgery. Minor problems in breathing can also be attended.

People with abrupt or deformed shape of the nose may experience problems in breathing and subsequent problem in talking normally. Rhinoplasty surgery can help provide great relief to such people.

Nose plastic surgery is commonly performed on both men and women. In fact, it ranks third in the list of most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries. The shape of the nose can be altered through rhinoplasty by addition or removal of bones, cartilage, and tissues or by performing grafting.

Frequently Asked Questions
What area of specialization does Dr. Kittisak Suthamjariya have?
Dr. Kittisak Suthamjariya is specialized in Thailand and of the most sought after doctors in Plastic Surgeon.
Does Dr. Kittisak Suthamjariya offer Telemedicine Consultation through Medigence?
No, this doctor dose not offer telemedicine via MediGence
How many years of experience does Dr. Kittisak Suthamjariya have?
Dr. Kittisak Suthamjariya is one of the most sought after specialists in Thailand and has over 6 Years years of experience.
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