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Penile Implant surgery involves placing devices within the penis so that men get an erection. This is mostly done after several other alternative treatments like medications or a penis pump have not worked for the issue of Erectile Dysfunction have not worked as well as for Peyronie's disease (painful, arched erections). You can also avoid  this treatment method when 

  • Erectile Dysfunction that is suffering from is because of an emergent situation and can be reversed
  • You have a urinary tract or pulmonary infection
  • You have Uncontrollable diabetes

Penile implants are mainly of two kinds although there can be size based variations, as well as coatings of antibiotics for less infection chances.

Inflatable implants: Inflated Implants as the name suggests are inflated so that there is an erection and deflated otherwise. Three-piece inflatable implants and the Two-piece model works in a similar way, with a small variation.

Semi-Rigid Rods: These are actually firm in nature and can only be moved away from the body and towards it, as the need be. Also, being a semi-rigid apparatus, a positionable penile implant has springs towards the ends with a central segment series which improves down and upward movement from other semi-rigid rods.

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Before the Treatment

How it is Performed

Preparing for the Penile Implant Surgery-

The doctor will help you get ready for the surgery and the following steps are important for this process.

  • Reviewing your medical history
  • A physical exam
  • Managing your expectations with actuality
  • Medication specifications
  • Dietary and lifestyle changes

The doctor may give you spinal or general anesthesia for managing pain during surgery. IV antibiotics and part of the body where surgery is to take place will be shaved right before the operation so that infection is prevented.

During the Procedure -

The time period of the surgery is 45 minutes to one hour. An incision is made below the head, at the base, or the lower part of the abdomen. The spongy tissue (within 2 hollow chambers, corpora cavernosa) that is usually filled with blood during an erection is now stretched. The implant of the right size is then placed in the penis. Also, a pump and valve are put in the scrotum if a 2 piece device is being implanted and a fluid reservoir if it is a 3 piece device. The incisions are then closed by sewing them back.


Postoperative Complications and Risks-

Infection - The risk of infection is always there, and other conditions like diabetes or spinal cord injuries may put you more at risk for the same.

Implant Problems - Implants can malfunction and surgical intervention could very well be required so as to replace, remove or repair them.

Internal Erosion or Adhesion - Although rare, both wearing down the skin from within and clinging to the skin inside the penis can happen as there is a possibility of it breaking through.

Benefits of Penile Implants-

The benefits of each kind of penile implant are as follows:

  • A three-piece penile implant has the advantage of forming a strong yet natural erection yet on deflation flaccidity is maintained.
  • A two-piece inflatable penile implant also maintains flaccidity on deflation although the erections are less firm than for a three piece implant.
  • Semir Rigid-Rods will malfunction to a lesser extent because the number of parts is less and is simpler to use.

 Follow-Up Care-

You will be prescribed medications for the pain and to avoid infection. Resuming physical and sexual activities can take up to 4 to 6 weeks and the stitches are usually removed after 2 weeks. There will also be specific instructions from the doctor regarding the position of the penis post-surgery during the initial recovery period to avoid downward curvature and for practicing using the inflatable penile implants after two weeks.

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