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TOF Repair in Medanta - The Medicity : Cost & Doctors

It is quite a world-class heart hospital in Gurugram, especially for pediatric cardiac procedures. Tetralogy of Fallot repair is commonly performed by highly renowned & trained specialists in the hospital for infants and children of all ages. It is a congenital heart disease that hampers the normal flow of blood through the heart. People worldwide seeking quality, most effective, and affordable TOF repair procedures; come to Medanta. The Heart Institute at Medanta is an integrated healthcare center with an experienced and skilled team of heart surgeons.

Usually, the highly trained cardiac specialists at Medanta perform TOF repair using open-heart surgery approach (Intracardiac repair), and sometimes a temporary procedure (pre-surgery to intracardiac) that uses a shunt. Initially, doctors start with medications for the babies/children while waiting for surgery to maintain blood flow from the heart to the lungs. The hospital has a comprehensive range of therapeutic and diagnostic technology to ensure accurate diagnosis, effective treatment, and the best possible outcomes. TOF repair at Medanta-The Medicity is performed by certain strict medical protocols and safety standards. The hospital has some highly renowned & experienced pediatric cardiac specialists Dr. Amit Misri, Dr. Anil Bhan (Chairman-Cardiac Surgery), and Dr. Pankaj Bajpai.

Hospital Overview

  • 1250 beds facility
  • 800+ professionally trained & experienced Doctors
  • Patient Support Services Team in International Patients Department, assists patients from different nation during their medical travel journey
  • Hotels and Lodging Arrangements
  • International Lounge
  • Medantas own Air-ambulance service can reach you in any part of the world (fully functional ICU at 30,000 feet above the ground)

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Hospital Address : Medanta The Medicity, Medicity, Islampur Colony, Sector 38, Gurugram, Haryana, India

Costing related to TOF Repair in Medanta - The Medicity

Types of TOF Repair in Medanta - The Medicity and its associated cost

Treatment OptionApproximate Cost Range (USD)Approximate Cost Range (INR)
Complete Intracardiac Repair6600 - 11412550456 - 940122
Transannular Patch Repair7915 - 13437637208 - 1126885
Pulmonary Valve-Sparing Repair8828 - 15545740949 - 1315504
  • Address: Medanta The Medicity, Medicity, Islampur Colony, Sector 38, Gurugram, Haryana, India
  • Facilities related to Medanta - The Medicity: Mobility Accessible Rooms, TV in room, Religious Facilities, Health Insurance Coordination, Cafe

** No doctors are currently available for TOF Repair at Medanta - The Medicity.