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Cardiac Valve Replacement in Manipal Hospitals Goa, Dona Paula : Cost & Doctors

Manipal Hospitals Goa is one of the most reputed health centers for AVR/MVR. The surgery is performed using the latest surgical techniques. Minimally invasive technique is used along with the latest technology and modern equipment that lead to its huge success in the procedure. Strict medical protocols and safety standards are followed by highly trained and experienced cardiac surgeons who can handle even the most complicated cases with more ease and accuracy. A patient is carefully evaluated before moving ahead with the surgery. Manipal Hospitals Goa is backed by the latest diagnostic facilities that help in assessing the condition of the patients accurately. The emergency care department has modern Intensive Care Units. The hospital offers different facilities to international patients, like flight bookings, airport transfers, accommodation and translation services. Dr Jyotu Kusnur and Dr. Noel Henriques have extensive experience in performing AVR/MVR surgery with a high success rate.

Best doctors for Cardiac Valve Replacement at Manipal Hospitals Goa, Dona Paula:

  • Dr. Sandeep Attawar, Director, 25 Years of Experience
  • Dr. Rakesh Deshmane, Consultant, 14 Years of Experience

Hospital Overview

  • Covers 6 acres of land
  • Manipal hospital Goa is a 235 beds multi-speciality hospital offering world-class services amidst serene Indian beaches
  • Wards & Rooms for patients, ample parking space, availability of round the clock laboratory, radiology, pharmacy and canteen services in the campus have made patients and their relatives stay extremely comfortable
  • 24X7 emergency and trauma services
  • Intensive Care Units (ICU) and NICU
  • State of the Art operation theatres with modern facilities
  • The Orthopaedic Department
  • Manipal Center for Sleep & Breathing
  • Manipal International Patient Care (caters to the specific needs and demands of international patients)

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Hospital Address : Manipal Hospital, Panjim, Goa, India

Costing related to Cardiac Valve Replacement in Manipal Hospitals Goa, Dona Paula

Types of Cardiac Valve Replacement in Manipal Hospitals Goa, Dona Paula and its associated cost

Treatment OptionApproximate Cost Range (USD)Approximate Cost Range (INR)
Cardiac Valve Replacement (Overall)6586 - 14188540700 - 1170073
Aortic Valve Replacement6834 - 11136559574 - 915288
Mitral Valve Replacement7072 - 12140584164 - 1000918
Pulmonary Valve Replacement6578 - 10667539396 - 874706
Ross Procedure9596 - 15198789304 - 1247537
Transcatheter Valve8147 - 13168664067 - 1078535
Double Valve Replacement10648 - 16677870237 - 1375269
Tricuspid Valve Replacement8647 - 14192710054 - 1168939
  • Address: Manipal Hospital, Panjim, Goa, India
  • Facilities related to Manipal Hospitals Goa, Dona Paula: Post operative followup, Mobility Accessible Rooms, Online Doctor Consultation, Air Ambulance, Religious Facilities

** No doctors are currently available for Cardiac Valve Replacement at Manipal Hospitals Goa, Dona Paula.