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Kidney Cancer Treatment in Fortis Hiranandani Hospital : Cost & Doctors

The Fortis Hiranandani Hospital’s team of oncologists, surgeons, and a nephrologist will review your case information, including a history of past illnesses, any prescription medications, and comorbidities, and then develop the best treatment plan for you. The best treatment option for cancer in its later stages is surgery, but if it is discovered early, there are other therapy choices that may be less intrusive and easily treatable. The doctors might advise a combination of radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and surgery if the cancer is more aggressive. The oncology center at the Fortis Hiranandani Hospital has the primary objective to safeguard kidney function while assisting patients in returning to normal life after undergoing treatment for kidney cancer.

Hospital Overview

  • The hospital has a bed capacity of 138.
  • The healthcare organisation is present on a 1, 20,000 sq. ft. area.
  • A super ICU enables healthcare delivery to critically conditions.
  • Fortis Hiranandani Hospital, Mumbai possesses world class diagnostic equipment.
  • Attractive healthcare packages are available.
  • Over 5 lakh patients have been treated till date.
  • Over 13 years of experience in healthcare delivery.
  • There are more than 38 health departments.
  • 150 plus beds are available in the hospital.
  • The hospital has many specialty areas, some of the important ones are Cardiology & Cardiac Surgery, Gastroenterology & Gastrointestinal Surgery, Gynecology & Obstetrics, Neurology & Neurosurgery etc.

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Hospital Address : Fortis Hiranandani Hospital Vashi, Sector 10A, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Costing related to Kidney Cancer Treatment in Fortis Hiranandani Hospital

Types of Kidney Cancer Treatment in Fortis Hiranandani Hospital and its associated cost

Treatment OptionApproximate Cost Range (USD)Approximate Cost Range (INR)
Kidney Cancer Treatment (Overall)6094 - 12182501793 - 998604
Surgery2023 - 4582166576 - 376284
Radical Nephrectomy2032 - 4057166461 - 331782
Partial Nephrectomy2546 - 4553207936 - 373949
Laparoscopic Nephrectomy2033 - 4566167035 - 375980
Targeted Therapy1016 - 305583034 - 250340
Immunotherapy4060 - 5078332418 - 415766
Radiation Therapy1016 - 304583358 - 250688
Chemotherapy509 - 254241775 - 208340
Ablation Therapies2034 - 4058166507 - 331429
Embolization1526 - 3039124942 - 249224
  • Address: Fortis Hiranandani Hospital Vashi, Sector 10A, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Facilities related to Fortis Hiranandani Hospital: Choice of Meals, Interpreter, SIM, TV inside room, Accommodation

** No doctors are currently available for Kidney Cancer Treatment at Fortis Hiranandani Hospital.