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Hysterectomy in Cloudnine Hospital : Cost & Doctors

Recognized as the best hospital for hysterectomy in India, Cloudnine Hospital performs several types of hysterectomy, such as Subtotal Hysterectomy, Total Hysterectomy, Laparoscopic Assisted Hysterectomy, Vaginal Hysterectomy, Abdominal Hysterectomy, and Radical Hysterectomy. At Cloudnine, the veteran doctors have successfully performed hundreds of laparoscopic hysterectomies in India, setting a new benchmark in gynaecological care.

Best doctors for Hysterectomy at Cloudnine Hospital:

  • Dr. Pratibha Singhal, Director, 38 Years of Experience
  • Dr. Madhu Srivastava, Senior Consultant, 42 Years of Experience

Hospital Overview

Cloudnine provides you with state-of-the-art facilities, world-class medical expertise, and staff dedicated to holistic well-being. The hospital celebrated over 1 Lac births in India, with a 3000+ strong team, It has expanded its reach to multiple locations across India while maintaining international standards of care. The hospital has top-quality infrastructure and state of art technology.

Infrastructure & Facilities:

  • Reliable intensive care equipped with most advanced equipment
  • All the centres are equipped with an Adult High Dependency Unit, a Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit which is certified by the National
  • Neonatology Forum and labeled as the highest level of intensive care.
  • Best and most experienced doctors
  • Best online doctor video consultation 24/7
  • Uses world-class cosmetology techniques
  • Equipped with advanced technologies, such as ventilation, GE Giraffe incubators, HFOV, Nitric Oxide
  • Provides reliable radiology services like x-rays, CT, nuclear medicine, Ultrasound, MRI
  • Highly experienced nutritionists devoted to caring for each of their patients
  • Cryonine - a world-class stem cell banking service which provides a perfect ecosystem for end-to-end stem cells preservation
  • Some of its centres well-equipped with a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • Fully equipped luxury rooms and suites
  • Booking home vaccination online facility
  • Home care pharmacy service
  • 24-hr consultant-related emergency and specialty services
  • State-of-the-art labor rooms
  • Co-located ward for mother care
  • Total body servo controlled cooling facility for neonatal

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Hospital Address : Cloudnine Hospital - Noida, Hoshiarpur Village, Sector 51, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Costing related to Hysterectomy in Cloudnine Hospital

Types of Hysterectomy in Cloudnine Hospital and its associated cost

Treatment OptionApproximate Cost Range (USD)Approximate Cost Range (INR)
Hysterectomy (Overall)3032 - 6090248861 - 499035
Total Hysterectomy2548 - 5606207979 - 459575
Partial Hysterectomy2239 - 3557183171 - 292291
Radical Hysterectomy2837 - 6078233920 - 500505
Laparoscopic Hysterectomy3052 - 6091249778 - 500772
Robotic Hysterectomy5072 - 8120416292 - 666904
  • Address: Cloudnine Hospital - Noida, Hoshiarpur Village, Sector 51, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Facilities related to Cloudnine Hospital: Post operative followup, Mobility Accessible Rooms, Online Doctor Consultation, Air Ambulance, Religious Facilities

** No doctors are currently available for Hysterectomy at Cloudnine Hospital.