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Kyphoplasty in Canadian Specialist Hospital : Cost & Doctors

Canadian Specialist Hospital is one of the best kyphoplasty hospitals in the UAE, which provides unparalleled patient care for the procedure. The hospital has top-notch specialists and cutting- edge technology to ensure quality treatment to patients. Kyphoplasty is a minimally invasive procedure performed to cure spinal compression fracture. The hospital’s excellence is based on multidisciplinary teams, a focus on clinical quality and the most advanced clinical facilities. Canadian Specialist Hospital has become a global name for neurological and spine surgeries due to its global standards, internationally trained physicians, patient-centric approach, cutting edge technology, world-class facilities, and superior clinical outcomes.The hospital boasts state of the art technology and offers a wide range of facilities, such as next generation laminar air flow operation theaters, 24X7 emergency and high spatial resolution MR imaging. Canadian Specialist Hospital has performed the most successful Kyphoplasty surgery. It has an excellent team of neurosurgeons, orthopedics, interventional radiologists and interventional neuroradiologists. Canadian Specialist Hospital offers end-to-end care for its patients and provides the best solution to ease their discomfort and pain.

Hospital Overview

  • A multispecialty hospital which is based in 7 stories of a building.
  • More than 30 specialised centres
  • It has over 35 specialties and 40 plus OPD clinics with 200 beds
  • 6 Operating Theatres as well as ICU, CCU, HDU, NICU
  • The most advanced lab & Imaging services
  • International patient care services
  • Option for Telemedicine to connect with the specialists

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Hospital Address : Canadian Specialist Hospital - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Costing related to Kyphoplasty in Canadian Specialist Hospital

Types of Kyphoplasty in Canadian Specialist Hospital and its associated cost

Treatment OptionApproximate Cost Range (USD)Approximate Cost Range (AED)
Kyphoplasty (Overall)11386 - 1779241162 - 64967
Balloon Kyphoplasty8648 - 1354831612 - 51481
Vertebroplasty11102 - 1721041658 - 64244
  • Address: Canadian Specialist Hospital - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
  • Facilities related to Canadian Specialist Hospital: Choice of Meals, Interpreter, SIM, TV inside room, Accommodation

** No doctors are currently available for Kyphoplasty at Canadian Specialist Hospital.